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A jam entry

OttopunkView game page »

A dashing platformer
Submitted by chkkll with 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameboy Feel#214.2754.275
Overall Gameplay#323.7453.745

Ranked from 51 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I also included this game in an article of my favorites here!

Lovely graphics, interesting game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the GBJam 5 games, if you'd like to take a look :)

one of the best game in the jam. Nailed the theme and the art is great. Awesome work!


A big thanks to everyone who played, commented, rated and critted. I've uploaded a post-jam build with small updates and bug fixes. As Sean and benhhopkins suggested, modified the camera to lead according to the direction player faces. Definitely makes the game fairer. Thanks guys. To address the general difficulty, lowered the water consumption rate and modified the dash damage. Still, as Dachshund said, dash feels underpowered, so maybe later i can add a camera shake when you dash-hit to make it feel more powerful ..

Very well done. Easily one of the best looking and most authentic games I've played yet. The dash seems a little underpowered and it's very hard to tell what you are about to run into.

Excellent all around. A shining entry in the GBJAM.

I love the polish on the art and presentation, very impressive for a gamejam! The gameplay is fun too, but I agree with Sean that the big issue holding it back is the camera + dash design. I think having the camera lead further out in the direction you're looking would instantly make it feel easier and fairer. Unless you're going for the truely old-school style where memorizing the level layout is part of the challenge!

Wow, the art is so good in this... I didn't get very far due to the difficulty (I'm just not great with difficult games in general) but what I saw was excellent!

A bit hard but the art is cool ( especially the title screen ) musics are also nice and the general ambiance is really neat

Very nice and good looking

Great game! Amazing art and polishness!

Amazing game. You did a great job.

Hard =o but really cool !!

Can't imagine how those sprites can be drawn in just 10 days, great work, the game is feeling is great as well!

Superb graphics, the dithering is top notch and lots of good animations!

The sprites in this are gorgeous!

One major complaint I have with the gameplay is that it often feels as if it the camera, dash length, and even the platform layouts are working against the player's intuition. I actually didn't manage to beat the game because I got too frustrated with what felt like trial-and-error runs ended by dashing into a hazard just out of view.

The gameboy feel is really there :D

Oh, dude... this is... outstanding! Best gbjam 5 game i've played so far! :D

This game is fantastic! 10/10 would play again.

Art, sounds, gameplay, history (what a plot twist!) everything is great in this game :)

It's just a bit too difficult. I never got to know whats further to the right :/

And the boss.... what a pain in the ass! Hahaha. But I had to defeat it! I'm all about making hard bosses, but yours took me over 20 attempts! (I might or might not be late to work because of this...)

Excellent entry! Perfect score!

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