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Nice presentation, should be even better in co-op

Pretty nice, had some slowdowns at the part with the elevating platform though

Simple, but nice.

Very nice and good looking

Cute and decent presentation, good gameboy feel

Yeah, this game really feels gameboy, smooth gameplay with useful ideas, good work.

Really cool gameplay, doesn't feel much like gameboy, but the upgrades and stuff are cool. Maybe you can make the radar be able to see rockets and enemies in early stages, it's a bit difficult.

Good gameboy feel, pleasant graphics and nice gameplay, overall a pretty good game. Also plus for being able to change resolution.

Decent entry, could need some music and maybe more stuff to explore. Good job

You already wrote that stuff like music is missing, but the idea, upgrades and character are neat. So good job.

Works completely fine here, amazing music and visuals, good gameboy feel and fun gameplay. Good job overall!

Just tried your game using VisualBoyAdvance and it runs perfectly. Really good job on making an actual ROM. The game itself is simple like you said but decent, would be even better with music.

Interesting mechanic, but I feel like you can abuse just mashing reload and arrow keys too much.

Pretty solid game overall, would nice to see how much ammo you have.

Cool tech demo, time to use it for a game

Simplistic art, but nice music, and decent puzzle gameplay

Nice game with decent music. Played it a few days ago already, but it got some nice progress!

It's alright. Could need some music.I didn't have the shooting issue, but there is no feedback if you hit something or not.

Very simple but works fine, could need more progression and music

Cool game, I like the music and the humour. Like others said this has potential.

Nice running game, would be even more great with some cool music!

Nice presentation, interesting idea, but it's going a bit too fast for me haha

Not bad, maybe an add AI opponents

Short, but really neat. Would be amazing to make use of that alt fire mechanic in the future.

This one was pretty neat, could need sound and it was a bit too easy overall.

Nice idea, could need some more work, though

Pretty challenging, but cool

Agree with the previous comment. Sound isn't there for me either, so probably just not done.

Simple platformer with nice presentation.

The ending screen made me laugh.

Simple platformer with nice presentation

Good job, interesting mechanic

Simple but nice, pretty difficult.

Simple, not bad.

Interesting, good job. Power ups or something might be nice.

Cool platformer, but I feel like the gravity is too high for it.

Could need some more varying rooms and enemies.

Yep, cool game. I agree with what the others already said.

Very good

Hehe, it's nice for what it is.