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That's a feature of the hard mode: you will get more rare items the further you go! And you might encounter items you have never seen before

It does what you would expect: they are harder to come by but are usually stronger. It's indicated by the color of the item / part.

Thank you ^^

One way would be crafting together the parts you don't need into gears and then recycling them for money!

Hey, thanks for your review and great job getting that far! It is indeed endless as you assumed correctly :)

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. 

Boss and Elite Battles are supposed to be the hardest, but it depends on your team composition.

Recycle is mostly useful for the endgame indeed, that's why it's the rarest event to show up.

Your units lose max HP depending on the damage they took during a battle so a valid strategy is taking intentional risks with Elite or Horde Battles to increase your RNG chances, since these give the most gold and items. That way, free repairs can be utilized to gain back the maximum health that was spent on obtaining more items.

Thanks! It's supposed to save, so it might be related to your browser settings, e.g. clearing cookies and browser data on exit. Trying with a different browser might also work 

Thank you! ^^

Great to hear you are having your fun with the rare and broken item combinations! Thank you :)

Nice entry, it reminds me of the Chrome error page dinosaur game! :D

That's really cool and a neat dithering effect. It was a bit hard to see the obstacles at first, but I got used to it after a bit. 

Fun little game, I can imagine a nice retro BGM fitting well here :)

Also the jump SFX is always played even when the character can't jump which is a bit confusing.

Very beautiful and relaxing game 

Some BGM during the first level would have been nice. I like the way hints are presented and am a fan of the unfair labyrinth theme. Also when I pressed CTRL + W to crouch and walk forward my browser tab closed, maybe there is a way to prevent this?

Really cool game, I liked the art!

Thank you!

Hey, thank you for your elaborate comment!  Really good suggestions! I talked about the complexity in the devlog, but sadly there wasn't time for in-game tutorials so we tried our best on the page. Abilities and more character interaction were also in consideration. :)

Thank you so much for your very detailed and nice review! It's great to see that you enjoyed it so much to figure out the entire currently available meta! ^^

Indeed this was done in two weeks for the roguelike game jam and as you noticed correctly, there wasn't enough time to balance the things that require a lot of playtesting, especially the late game. I agree that the "Almost everything scales exponentially to the infinite" (for both enemies and units) approach needs to be a bit adjusted to offer more choices and tactics.

Along with your ideas, more content like boss variety, permanent unlocks/upgrades, more and randomly generated maps are all things we could add for a complete version.

It's like a mix of For The King and Dicey Dungeons, really cool game 

Thanks for playing and for your feedback.  Good remark, there should be a settings for that when there is a main menu.

Very well done game with a super cool innovative puzzle mechanic ^^ 

Very well done entry with sweet art (all backgrounds, character portraits and pixel art parts), great music and a decent amount of content.

As someone with not too much experience with that genre, the multitasking with the camera took a while to get used to. 

Amazing entry, it reminds me of For The King. The 3d environment is really cool and the characters are absolutely adorable. There seems to be a large amount of content and cards already, really well done! The music fits as well. I liked that there are mechanics resolving around refreshing allies and also apparently very powerful cards.

Some suggestions:

  • Make the cards in battle always readable or at least readable on hover before selecting them instead of having to go back and repeat for each hidden card in your hand.
  • Instead of having to look up on the type chart (which is cool to have) make it preview whether an attack is going to be extra effective.
  • Maybe auto-switch (or have a button for that) to the next unit that can act? Or have hotkeys for the characters.
  • Maybe have a drag-and-drop system for cards so you can throw the cards on the enemy directly.

Max C was my favorite reference, please keep it unbanned    ^^

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The graphics are pretty well polished. I like the use of 3D and the effects. 

The music that plays is also pretty nice.

Gameplay-wise you already got feedback about the difficult, additionally I feel like it's a bit hard to keep track at the bar on the top left as well as what happens on the main screen.

The upgrading mechanics were really fun. I also liked the visual change when using transformations. Overall the sprites were really cute. 

I struggled with rotating my units at first so I placed two of them in the wrong direction, maybe making alternative controls for rotating like R or mouse wheel would help. At least I could salvage the mistakes with range cards ^^

Like others said, with a bit more overall polish this could be even greater

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Very well done all around. Already talked to you directly that it reminds me of PvZ, a game that I really liked ^^ Overpowering everything with thousands of energy feels fun. The art and the music are really nice as well. And also an impressive amount of effort went into the CGs and backgrounds.

Small suggestions from me:

  • The bullets could feel a bit more impactful and a cause a more detailed hit effect. 
  • When placing a turret an on-field preview for the attack range / pattern would be helpful. 
  • Numeric 1-9 (0) Hotkey for directly placing a turret from the top list

Seems pretty well done and already fairly polished. Needs some refinement on the gameplay mechanics like others said and I personally think the hitstun when the player punches something is a bit too strong and it makes the game overall a bit difficult.

Wow thank you very much playing and recording a video, I greatly enjoyed that commentary! 

Hello, thanks for trying and your valuable feedback.

Usually the enemies become tougher starting from stage 5-6 where you might have to adjust your build. But before that, I can acknowledge that it's possible to obtain a very powerful early game combo due to the nature of things being randomly generated. Limiting the stronger spells to later stages might be a solution to that.

Thank you for trying and your feedback as well!

I can understand your points and I am glad that these issues could be easily fixed by having in-game settings for the effects and the audio. Sadly there wasn't enough time for it during the jam.

Hello! Thank you for trying our game and your kind words!

Yes, they absolutely stack. The enhancing cards will look for the next projectile card coming up and apply to that, so it doesn't have to be in the immediate next card spot.

We will add some more information to the description.

Having a varied array of projectile cards is as intended as focusing your buffs on a small amount of very powerful shots.

Nice taste picking Odyssey Eurobeat soundtrack. Could be a bit juicier (effects when hitting notes etc) and a way to prevent the player from spamming all 4 directions all the time but still nice entry.

Fun game and pretty good juice

Pretty nice game, seemed simple at first but the juice was really nice and the gameplay is fun

The starter characters are a bit basic because I thought of it like an actual game where you put in a little effort to unlock more and stronger powers.

And the unstoppable cannon was for the additional theme "don't stop" and a nice twist to the original but I can understand and value your feedback.

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Amazing entry, was pretty fun and ran very well overall. There is only a small delay when pressing jump before the character actually jumped. I really liked that artstyle.


Normally this is done by adjusting the animation time by the frame time so it looks the same for every hardware like suggested on the discord.

I am deeply sorry for the inconvience caused by the lack of cat girls. I will keep it in mind for the future.

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Pretty nice game, and decently juicy. You can add more enemies and maybe upgrades if you keep working on it ^^

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Nice simple, but fun entry ^^