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This is such an amazing game. Got through it in 14min and 23 seconds. 


Hi, yeah you can!

That's a good amount of oranges to have killed! I did upload a new version that I hope fixes the crashing issue. 

Mac and Linux build have not been tested. I hope they work :'D

Thanks! Glad you liked it. 
And thanks for letting me know! I'll look into it

hey, my twitter is

Sure, that's fine with me :)

This is amazing . Good job! 

yeah, you can use it for a commercial game

super late reply. yes you can

Just updated the description with the license :) 

sorry for the super late reply. updated the page with the license :)

No problem! I'm glad you like it.

Glad to hear it! Good luck on your project :)

Great entry, I really enjoyed it :)

This is so awesome and beautiful! The color palette. And the everything. Kudos.

I'm normally better with words. I swear.

Fun game. I really like your art style Good Job on the entry :)

This game is fantastic! 10/10 would play again.

To be honest I didn't think I would like this game.
But I ended up playing it all the way through. Great Job!

Very good entry. Keep up the good job!

Great game! It has some minor flaws, but they are only minor.

Awesome game, well done :D

I kept trying and trying over and over again haha. Really hard game, cool concept :)

This is a great concept! Well done.

The cats were pretty funny. But the gameplay felt a bit slow to me.

Nice, this had a really good Game Boy Feel to it.

Nice, this looks really great!

This looks pretty good. Good job :)

I agree with the previous comment from sarary_cow. But I would like to add that I really enjoyed playing it. The music is fantastic as well. Many games that I have played from this jam have been really hard on the ears, but not this one.

You should keep on working on this, because I would definitely like to play some more of it!

I'm Hooked. This game is awesome.

Good job, I love the music :)

Funny game, I really enjoyed playing it :)

This game is awesome! amazing work!

This is a decent game, I enjoyed playing it. Only thing is, that the controls felt a little bit to slow for me.

I liked the graphics and the color palette is pretty good, but the thing that annoyed me the most was the sound. The music was really low, so I turned up the volume, but then when I used my hook, the noise was way too loud.
And it's a nice idea. Good job and good luck :)

Well done Sparrow, I really enjoyed playing this game! I had some trouble at first with the ball, but when I got the hang of it, I enjoyed throwing it around.
The teleportation feature was also pretty cool.

thanks! I'm glad you like it!