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I always love when each choice on a menu has it's own musical tone, I just played around with that for quite some time. The games music is also very good. I would have liked the game better if it was not so difficult, being color-blind makes the whole thing rather impossable.

The music in this game is really great! I love the idea for this game and it is fun even though it is less of a puzzle and more about color recognition. Unfortunately, I could not complete the game due to a glitch that occurred during the monster creator on one of the levels.

It's Asteroids but the asteroids keep coming thick and fast and pile up as you die. Kinda sad that the soundtrack wasn't composed of rock and metal.

Very funny game with great music. I enjoyed it immensely.

Insanely hard. But cool.

I really like the way this game looks. Combined with the music and sound effects, it's like having a root canal in your skull.

Fun, arcade style shmup. At first i didn't think the music went with the game, but the more I played the more I liked it.

With a bit more work (and gamepad support) this could be the next Downwell.

This game just doesn't become challenging. It needs to get faster as time goes on or different enemy types should show up.

The story is very funny and the art is great. I did notice that you can sometimes walk over things you should not be able to.

I like that you can shoot yourself with the ricochet.

Nice. Playing OoT is worth getting grounded.

I guess Game Boy games can make you sea-sick. I had a lot of fun with this one, trying to fall on top of the rival racers.

This looks great, and I love the way the ship feels. Wish there were some enemies to fight or something.

I like how the bear does the Mario jump. I don't like how the fire is sometimes unavoidable. Would like if the game was a bit faster.

Pinball just ain't pinball without sound. And the player should decide when to launch a new ball. Still, the game feels like one of the many pinball games released on the Game Boy.

Clever idea that isn't quite realized. Swapping between colors should feel more like a cool superpower than a mild annoyance.

More games should star dogs. I wish that the balls you collected stayed collected after you die. Would make the game much more enjoyable.

Looks nice but the game is a bit slow. Seems to take forever for the enemies to land, and you can't turn fast enough.

Very clever idea that is well executed. Amazing stuff.

There is nothing about this game that is not awesome. Except, maybe the abrupt level transitions. BUT NOTHING ELSE.

Very cool samurai fighting game. Bit more polished than the very similar One Strike.

Like the in between story bits, they really help build a world and make you care for the characters, even those you are fighting against. The fights themselves work as a simple Punch Out type reaction game, but the lack of feedback during the fights is confusing.

Great game. Love the art, especially the character creator. Would like some music. Great job.

I really liked the writing, it was funny and punchy but a little wordy (if that makes sense.) Hated how the story ended just as the plot kicked in. Don't know why the music didn't loop. Looking forward to the exciting conclusion.

Brutally hard platformer, that cries out for gamepad support.

Looks great, but it's much to hard to see where you're going.

This is a great idea and feels like an old GB game would. I like the idea of the day/night cycle, but it ends up making the game harder to see. None of the minigames were much fun except maybe the wood chopping job.

Love the weird faceless (headless?) dudes and how they crumble apart when they die. Nice music too.

This is great. Love the creepy Halloween music and general atmosphere. Very fun.

This game looks great. Unfortunately the instructions flash by so quickly it is hard to know what to do. Good thing you uploaded a picture of them. Real nice animation. Needs an epic soundtrack to go with it.

I really like this one. The music wouldn't be out of place in a Mega Man game and the gameplay has a nice Zelda feel to it. I think the color pallet is a little too dark for such a cute game though. I also have no idea where to go.

The art is very cute and well done. Wish there was music.

Nice overall, but the enemies are ridiculously hard and there is no feedback given for when you take hits.

Very well done. Easily one of the best looking and most authentic games I've played yet. The dash seems a little underpowered and it's very hard to tell what you are about to run into.

Took me awhile to get used to the controls. Very well put together game. Guess Resident Evil can work in first person after all.

Harder than the actual Dark Souls. Wish you could move while blocking.

Very creepy and unsettling mood. Game looks amazing. I have no idea how to solve the laptop number puzzle.

Really cute. I was never quite sure what formation to use though. Not that I could even remember them all. Great job.