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A jam entry

Burning Rose DemakeView game page »

The burning rose is a action shmup game of tense combo chaining and score driven gameplay, remade to be gameboy friendly
Submitted by grandtraindelta (@grandtraindelta) with 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall Gameplay#663.4193.419
Gameboy Feel#1133.5163.516

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Fun, arcade style shmup. At first i didn't think the music went with the game, but the more I played the more I liked it.

Awesome game! Love the arcadey feel of it. Good job!

I enjoyed it, the enemies move in a satisfying way to gun down and the bombs feel great although I often fail to use them since the amount of enemies onscreen is fairly constant. My only realy gripe is that I feel that the chain timeout could be a little more generous.

I mean, I guess I should have read the information before playing, but my realization that I only had as many bullets as there were enemies was an exciting one. This is the tightest shooter I think I've ever seen. And I know the auto-bomb thing is like, training wheels, but I sure appreciate it.


Some have found it too hard and other too easy, seems folk either love and have played this style of game lots or not too keen. Can i ask how far you got? maybe i can balance it a bit better

Looks awesome, but it's quite unforgiving (seriously hard). I love how the plane enters the scene (and I saw it a few times xD) and the music.

Took me a while to catch on to the chain system, but it became very addictive once I did - 167x was my best, I believe, but I never made it to the end, unfortunately.

Great game - tons of style!


Hi all, the boss is a reward for getting over a x150 combo... Some folk have said that's pretty tricky. The key is to start you chain as early as possible and use the bombs to link if you get out of position. Stay low and try to herd the bullets. @delca yes you can play the game quite safe and surviving, but I try to reward riskier play, longer combos with a boss plus your score all adds up. It's certainly supposed to be one you come back to

Graphics and sound were both really good, but I found there was little incentive to do anything but stay at the bottom and spray the incoming missiles with your own. Then again, maybe I just do not know how to play this game :S

The music is really amazing, and has this gameboy feel to it. At first I thought this was an endless shooter because it dragged on like forever without anything changing. No matter what I did I never got to the bossfight, do I need to get like an impossible 500 chain combo?


Thanks alot, really makes me happy to get comments like this and to know people understand what I was going for with the visual feedback. Glad you enjoyed it!

Super fun! Feels great, tense, challenging, and exciting to play; gives great feedback in graphics and audio every time you shoot or hit something, which is the best thing to have in an action game.

cool art, great arcade style sound, great entry

super cool!


Thanks very much and its a very fair point, i can't match the res with pico8 unfortunately! I've added new a boss phase and as folk have mentioned the difficulty i plan on easing people in first.

This was addictive and amazing. I never quite made it to the boss, but got close. Not to sure if this was all made solely for the GBJAM based on your game page descriptions, but it is a great game, nonetheless.

Dinged you a little on Gameboy feel just b/c it isn't in the actual resolution, but whatever, it's a great game!


Thanks Jupiter! I have had an idea how i can ease the difficulty in. Great vid and idea to cover the entries

Challenging, fun game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the GBJam 5 games, if you'd like to take a look :)


Thanks Alot! Try using autobomb, press right at the title screen. Before dying you superbomb and continue playing. You can do this 3 times to get further at a cost to final score. Also if you have a 360 controller or usb controller handy try plugging that in if you prefer pads to keyboard. (Works on chrome/firefox)

AWESOME! (hard as hell, but awesome)
Good music and AMAZING GRAPHICS! Loved it!