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This game is one of the greatest eye candies I have ever seen in the past years! (Music is awesome too)

Love the game idea! Awesome music! Got stuck on level 16 =P

AWESOME! (hard as hell, but awesome)
Good music and AMAZING GRAPHICS! Loved it!

Interesting game. Good graphics. But I haven't felt very challenged by the game. And so, with some slight ability you may move the boxes to any place in some cases

This game is so beautiful I didn't even miss music!

Liked it a lot!! Looks easy but then it shows itself somewhat tricky!


Yep. She is really amazing! Counting the amount of games she is reviewing by video (10 games per video in a total of 400), she may get it finished by part 40! (holy crap)

I saw it when I played! Wish I had more time to do more things for it!
I hope it get a good score!!!

Com certeza!!! Tamos aí!!!!

Wooooow! I want to play it!!
I will take all my forces and boot up windows to play and give some feedback!

Thanks a lot Jub!!! Your art is really inspiring! Keep awesome!

Thanks a lot Rad! It was a great pleasure to work with you guys as well!
I hope work with you in the future as well!!

Thanks for understanding! Same for you!


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I am oficially closing the topic. Couldn't have any more ideas, I am really exhausted.
This is the first time I ever produce this much in one jam. 6 Musics and 17 SFX for several projects. It was a challenging experience.

I would like to apologize myself to Devsagi and SniperNinja564. Though it was better admit I was not going to be able to deliver more songs than make them wait until the last minute only to know the same thing, at least by now they will have enough time to search somewhere else

That's it. Thanks to everyone trusted my work and I hope my music fits well in your game and make it improve the player experience!

I really appreciate all those kind words, Jerry!
I am glad you liked it, hope it fits the game!!! I will anxiously wait to see it in action!

I hope work together more too, you guys rock!

De boa mano!!!
Fico feliz que tenha gostado!!!!!!!!!!!
Ansioso pra jogar o jogo!

Finally finished!!!!!

There you are

P.S: Sorry if it wont fit. I composed it with a serious DEBUFF (my neighbor turn on VERY BAD music out loud)

Eita só tô vendo agora!!!

Rapaz eu tô aguniado, faltando menos de 1 dia pro fim da JAM e tem uns 5 temas ainda pra criar!!!!!! kkkkkkkkk T̶Ô̶ ̶F̶E̶R̶R̶A̶D̶O̶
Eu preciso tentar terminar pelo menos 1 deles pro povo que pediu há um tempinho. Se eu desafogar um tiquinho, eu posso fazer algo, mas a prioridade de agora são as músicas!!!

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I never thought my post would receive too many requests!!! I am really happy with it but I am really full of stuff to compose!!!!
I have to say... I wont take more requests after this post in order to n̶o̶t̶ ̶l̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶m̶i̶n̶d̶ try to complete the previous ones

One more thing. I usually spend one whole day to compose something relevant to our ears so, taking into account the remaining time we got until jam ending I am not sure I will be able to finish the last requests I still have to work into

I will do my best, so wish me luck
EDIT: Try requesting to other composers in this forum

Wow I love shoot'em ups! (even I kinda dont really wrote any music in this style at all)

But please read my comment below

AMAGAD I am drowning!!!! ahaha

Please read my comment below

Hahaha no problem friend! ;)
Your art inspires me greatly.

I want to play it when it's done, could you send me the game logo when u do it?
Would love to post it on soundcloud with the game soundtrack.

Stay Awesome!


There you are friend
Same folder, "Boss.ogg" file
Hope you enjoy ;)

Wow!! Too many inspiring games to work with!!
Really liked it, jub! I will compose something for you, I just have 2 more songs to finish before.
Keep awesome!

Sorry for the delay. I will be creating something for the boss today!

Cool! Lets talk there!!

REALLY FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fico feliz que tenham gostado!!!!
No aguardo!!!

Looks awesome!!!! ASAP I will compose something!!!!!

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Desculpe a demora!!!!!

Se precisar de SFX, faz uma lista aí!

Glad you liked it *-*
You can credit me with my Twitter and / or my Soundcloud page(s)

Of course I can make more music! You guys just need to wait I finish the Edgy's.
Please post some GIF of the boss battle, I will really help me out!

Sou brasileiro não!! Nem sei da onde tu tirou isso!!!!! kkkkkkk

Vou tratar de fazer a sua agora!

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Well, I couldn't wait for you to reply and I did a music more "trick or treat" sounding.
I uploaded both (castlevania and trick) versions for you to choose or use both if you feel it will work

There you are

Cool!! Feel free to do it!

Sure thing, bro!!! I will do it as soon as I finish the radlynn request!

Thanks a lot for the support!!!!!!!!!
I really appeciate that!

Well, I wrote 2 really short music ideas but kinda dont think it would fit into the game world.
The first one is somewhat castlevania alike, and the second sounds more like metal gear

I need to ask... What is the game idea? The music must sound something fast paced once the player need to run and shoot things pursue him? Something evil creepy or the innocent evil of "trick or treating" halloween ?
or maybe I can be free to try something I think it would fit?

Wow! Your game is really eye candy!
It will be a great pleasure to make music for you guys!

Right now is really late where I am, but ASAP i will create some tune for this project!
See you soon!