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Glad you liked it *-*
You can credit me with my Twitter and / or my Soundcloud page(s)

Of course I can make more music! You guys just need to wait I finish the Edgy's.
Please post some GIF of the boss battle, I will really help me out!

We are still working on the boss, but will send a gif your way as soon as it's done. We're super happy you can help us out!!

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We have finally finished the boss, took a lot longer than we expected though...


The setting is going to be in a castle, but we are still working on the art for that... so...

Looks awesome!!!! ASAP I will compose something!!!!!

Sorry for the delay. I will be creating something for the boss today!


There you are friend https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw9GrHkP052hQnds...
Same folder, "Boss.ogg" file
Hope you enjoy ;)

Once again you've created something great!! I can't begin to thank you enough for all you've done!!


Hahaha no problem friend! ;)
Your art inspires me greatly.

I want to play it when it's done, could you send me the game logo when u do it?
Would love to post it on soundcloud with the game soundtrack.

Stay Awesome!