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Untitled Platformer Progress

A topic by rxi created Oct 03, 2016 Views: 724 Replies: 24
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I've decided to post my progress as I go along. Usually I work out a title for a game when I realise I need to put something into the submission box in the final minutes of the jam, so it looks like I'm stuck with a fairly rubbish thread title.

I just realised the palette kind of matches itch.io

Looks great!

Oh wow, this has a lot of wonderful stuff going on it it. Keep up the great work.

I want to play this now!

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We need to get you a title, this is too amazing to just be "Untitled Platformer!

Also, I love how you use the outlines. It's like, a dark outline but sometimes the color runs outside so you get a softer edge. But you still get the benefit of the outline.

Looks AWESOME!!! (^-^)

Looks great. Love how you have to collect your throwing starts. And how the star fell out of the ceiling, nice touch!

Nice tiles and graphics style. Also the gameplay seems quick and responsive, cool.

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Disintegrating platforms, camera transitions and a skull-thing that chases you.

Can't wait to try this. I spent a good chunk of Sunday implementing a similar camera system in my game. Do you mind me asking what you use to create your gifs?

I'm using LICEcap to do the gifs. Windows/OSX and runs great under wine if you're using Linux:


Need a Chiptune Musician?! :D

REALLY FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohhhh do you play as a little ninja dude? Hahaha this whole time I thought you were playing as a bird with ninja stars! Not saying anything bad about the art, I think it's beautiful, I just could have sworn it was a parrot or something (I thought the eye in the shadow part of the character was the beak) and you have a feather item so I just assumed. Cool game though! Excited to play it

Oh it's not a little bird..? I thought the same as well

Nice im not the only one with a ninja hero :)

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Made some progress on the map that will actually be in game. This is the first time I've planned the map out before making the thing and it definitely feels like it'll come out a lot better for it.

What happens if you leave a ninja star behind? Can you go back and get it? Seeing you head towards the door without your third star gave me a little panic attack at first.

The star stays where you left it -- unless it was stuck in the ceiling, in which case it may be below where you left it. When you die and respawn at a savepoint the strays are removed from the world and returned to you.

Some care has to be taken when throwing them to assure you'll be able to get them back without having to die first. They act predictably when they bounce off something, so you should always have a good idea of where they will end up.

Added a couple of palettes to chose from while you play -- you can switch to the next one at any point during the game.

looks great! can't wait to play it.

Boss fight! There's some sound and music in there too, but it's hard to tell with the gif.

I managed to finish in time and submitted my entry. As usual it didn't have a name until the final hours of the jam:


I really hope you end up expanding on this one! Definitely one of my favorite games of the jam.

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