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I maxed out as many levels as I could. I will say I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing or why but still felt compelled to continue. I never figured out how to open doors though. It told me I learned the verb 'OPEN' but I only ever seemed to be able to inspect doors. Interesting and unique idea.

Great little point-n-click. Worked really well in 64 pixels as well.

Great overall entry.  Gameplay  was fun and engaging. Though I managed to go into each boss fight with enough health, there didn't appear to be a way to regain health during a boss fight. Maybe some smaller minions you can retreat and pick off for some health gain.

The look and feel are great. Works really well in the 64x64 resolution. The combat "feels" really good - player responds how I expect him to and contacts makes since when hitting or being hit. I would like to see more difficulty, personally. I think in the later levels the AI shouldn't hold-off as much. Would love to see you expand on a great foundation. Needs a boss battle! 

Great entry!

I like the effect and atmosphere created here. I actually think the lowrez makes this more interesting because I'm left with an increased feeling of unsure. Definitely and interesting and unique experience!

Graphics and sound work great. Some animation in the "beam" and maybe some particles/effects when it makes contact would really help make it pop. Your music really compliments your pixels and game style. I would have preferred the gameplay to have been a little faster. Increase the robot's speed and decrease the amount of damage necessary to break though maybe. I think the recharge versus frequency could be balanced a little more. The distance/spacing between them feels more random than scaled with how far you've traveled. Fun little one button mechanic that fits within the resolution limitation well. Good job!

I'm pretty much in full agreement with Team Gormless' comment. The jump felt great. I think bringing the camera out some would greatly help with the fairness. There were some obstacles that I never saw because I managed to keep them out of view and as a result, initially thought there might be some randomization going on. Like Gormless says, it turned into a game of memory for me. I think the game could definitely benefit from some music. Something with a good tempo to compliment your characters quickness. Your base mechanics are great! A really good entry.

I love the retro look and feel. Maybe a more dynamic camera as some others have mentioned or maybe a "danger" indicator if that path will transition to a monkey would help balance the difficulty a little bit.

Nice tribute that scaled down well into the 64x64 limitation. Your music selection fits great. I really liked the look, though would have liked to seen a little more variety between the fighters. I would notice a slowdown after some of the punches. Was this a mechanic (maybe a slow reset after a stronger punch or some unseen stamina system), or was I just having issues in my browser maybe? Nice entry.

Overall good  feeling game. Music choices work really well with the aesthetic you've created and the mood of the game. The platforming felt good, though there were some times I could manage to get my character stuck (swimming up in corner or platform blocks diagonal from each other.) I really liked the look of your pixels. There were definitely times were I would have liked to been able to see more on the screen when planning jumps though, so maybe not the best scale to fit within the 64x64 limitation. Some others already mentioned, but it would have been nice to finish collecting. It was a bit jarring having the game suddenly end when I hit 100. Great job overall. I felt compelled to collect and enjoyed moving through the world to do so. 

Thanks for the feedback! I can't believe I hadn't run into that bug yet. I'll make sure to address in my next build.

Thanks! I think some of the levels could definitely use some more balancing.

Thanks! I didn't get to play test the levels as much as I'd like, so some are a little raw.


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Challenges Accepted:

  • Pacifist - player has no weapons and cannot directly kill enemies 
  • Eco-Friendly - player can temporarily remove platform blocks in the level
  • Mitosis - anytime an enemy dies,  2 more will spawn
  • Freak - the "slime" enemies are completely random in their behavior; new enemy spawn locations are random
(Edited 1 time)
  • 11 new stages (total of 25 now)
  • New save file format - old save file will not work
  • Fixed a bug with spiders getting stuck in blocks and releasing their coins inside of blocks
  • Spider "ambush" has been temporarily disabled
  • Fixed stage wrapping bug that could cause the player to get stuck inside of a block

This is probably my last real update before the deadline. Will see how much free time I can scrounge up tomorrow.

Big bug fix update! And a few changes. Still have about another 11 stages to finish (not sure if I'll get them done). Not sure about getting original music in the game by the deadline either. We will see.

  • fixed "double dig" bug - had flaw in my logic that allowed spamming of the digger tool on the same block that led the game to crash.
  • fixed "dying with coin" bug - enemies only released their carried coins if they reached the bottom of a hole. If they fell in late and were destroyed before reaching the bottom they would die with their coin and the level would be unbeatable. Now if enemies die this way, their coins return to their original spawn location.
  • fixed "stage complete death" bug - glitch with the player/enemies not stopping during the first few frames of stage complete animation which could lead to a death during  the stage complete screen. 
  • Improved movement engine - previously, if you were holding a key to move left or right, movement would stop between player transitions (falling to the ground, ground to the ladder, ladder to ground) and you would have to release and  repress the key to continue movement - no longer the case. Allows for  better/quicker player response.
  • "stage 8 (now stage 12) pathfinding" bug - bug with the pathfind grid that did not allow the enemies at the top of the stage to connect to the rest of the grid. 
  • revamped input controller, include gamepad support - this has only been tested on the Xbox 360 controller and and only briefly - their may be some input bugs that need to be weeded out. No analog stick control though, D-pad only. 
  • fixed "rope drop" bug  - when dropping one grid space from one rope to another, you'd be unable to grab the next rope.
  • select screen now defaults to start at highest stage 
  • allow green enemies to drop from ropes 
  • spiders can now ambush - spiders will jump out of the ground if buried without a coin and stun the player, while also removing a coin (if one is held).
  • spiders dig and wait to ambush when coin they were targeting is picked up. 
  • slugs, now called slimes, vomit randomly instead of leaving trail.

No progress in 6 days :(

Had a really crazy week. I do have some free time today to hope to resolve bugs and get a few more levels in there. Will be traveling this coming week so this is probably my last chance to get any final work in before the deadline.

Main goal is to resolve the double dig bug.

No updates since Sunday (since GoT to be precise). Had to tend to real-life most of yesterday. Ended up taking the night off. Hope to get back to work tonight.


I could only play for second, so I'll give it a more thorough play-thru later. My first comment would be to either have movement snap to grid or do a check to align the player with doors/doorways. Right now, doors that are in the middle of walls can be a pain sometimes since there is no forgiveness - you have to be exactly in line. I like the ambiance of the dungeon as well as how startling it is when enemies appear in your light radius. 

Definitely need a different skin for the player. I actually lost track of who you were controlling for a second in the video. Maybe just give him a different color mustache ;)

In all seriousness though, progress is looking great. What are you using engine/language wise?

I like what I can see so far. I'm very curious about the name "Corner Gun".

Looking forward to seeing more. What kind of game play?

I love the ambiance. 

Can't play test right now. Will have to give it a try later today, but love all the updated screen captures.

I've always wanted to try to make a racer in the vein of original Mario Kart or F-Zero. Looks good so far and looks like it works really well in the 64x64 limitation. Can't wait to see more.

Good post and your game looks good so far.  If I can make a suggestion, don't show use the monster in your devlog. Keep us in suspense  until our first in-game reveal.

As far as the devlog format, I don't really think there is a right or wrong way. Pictures usually get more reaction than text - animated pictures even more. I look forward to feedback but ultimately I just like to be able to go back and see my progression. 

I like the addition of color (sun, bullets).  After watching this latest GIF about 20 times I realized you are missing stationary stars in the background. The stars shouldn't all be moving towards the camera at the same speed. I really like the feel of the ship movements (players and AI).

Character animations are looking great. LOVE the bush mobs! (please call them bush whackers)

(Edited 1 time)

I like the idea of the lighting system, but maybe try using the darker purple from your background instead of black. Because you don't actually use black in your palette it doesn't feel like "darkness" but absence. Adding a flicker to your light halo would add to the torch feel as well (easily achieved by having it bounce between two different sizes).  Great pixels so far and combat looks/sounds promising.

I'd be surprised if the majority didn't, but that's something I would have just taken for granted I suppose. Good question. Now, I'm often not at home when checking in on the JAM or even reviewing games. I usually don't have my gamepad with my laptop when away from home. Though there have been times in the past I regret not having it with me.

Just did another update. Added a "save" feature that basically saves the last stage you made it to. You are then given the option to choose your start level (up to that saved stage) when you reload the game (and the save file is detected). This is really more for testing, but I can see it remaining in the final game. It was a rushed hack job, so it may have added more issues than it's worth, but we will see. The good news, because the data I am saving is incredibly simple, I shouldn't have to worry about save files breaking with each build. ::knocks on wood::

I've had a few other have the same thing. I haven't been able to duplicate the error myself. So far everyone that has reported it has been on a different OS (or version) than myself. I will hopefully track it down.

First build is up!


First build is up!

I've got 10 stages in this build so far. I've got another 6 levels that I've started but aren't quit ready. I'm hoping to have about 25 by the end of the jam. The music in the game is currently a place holder. (If you recognize it, you've got good taste).  I had some slower, "tutorial" levels to help ease the player into the game., but they just felt almost insulting. I may go back and see if I can find a happy medium. Of course I like the old days where you are just thrown in. From watching some others play already, the speed is probably a little too fast. I'm a fan of fast-twitch platformers, and with how "wired" my brain has been it's almost hard for me to notice. I've got one new bug (while typing this), let's see how many more you can find! Thanks for giving it a try and would love your feedback.

Map looks great. Excited to try out the game play. Seeing this is bringing back memories of that "Ski" game for Windows 95 (I'm dating myself a little bit here).

It's really cool that you're using raw OpenGL. Looking forward to seeing more.

Great use of your limited space. A lot of information and it all is readable. I really like your lighting. Can't wait to give it a try.

Love your font. The text reads great in the 64x64 space. Actually all of your pixels do.