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love your pixels

Really like the look of your game.  The "mini-games" are well thought out and logically pair with their respective stats. I was not a fan of the control scheme though. 

Can't download, saying virus found. I'm assuming false positive. I downloaded the source, and poked around in Game Maker. When I compile, I just get a black screen. I turned off gml_release_mode to see if had any crash errors. Nothing.

Overall, solid entry. Love your pixels. Would have liked to see the game save so I could come back and resume my adventure.

This is my favorite entry so far. Really clever idea and wonderfully executed. Love your pixels. I jumped right in without reading the instructions and had no real problem figuring out what to do. I just had fun experimenting.

I like your concept, especially the color and pattern combination idea. Adds a lot of character to each fish. The idea of fish (sea creature) beauty pageants made me smile. 

Wonderful idea, and great execution. The terraforming was a really nice touch. Love the visuals and interface. If I had to nitpick anything it would be the sounds.

I've discovered I am very efficient at killing pixels. Much more so than keeping them alive. Love the minimalist approach.


thanks! just added a few quick "emotes" to help  give the player better feedback  on their pet.

Created a new topic WIP - My Pet Niffler
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I'm trying to juggle multiple projects, so I didn't think I'd have time to really create a worthwhile entry. I have been able to whip up a basic virtual pet engine, but am still lacking proper feedback. - i.e., the game isn't communicating all of the necessary information to the player. For example, there is no visual indicator for when your pet is sick even though the mechanic is there for them to get sick.  (UPDATE: your Niffler should show when he's sick now!) Still have a lot of pixel work to do. Animations and flair. I had come up with two mini-games that were going to be ways to "play" with your pet, but haven't really started those. I'm not sure how much more time I'll be able to put into this before the deadline, so I'm going to have to choose my final punch-list items carefully.  

With all that, let me introduce you to "My Pet Niffler". I haven't actually had this play tested by anyone else yet - haven't had the chance to trouble my usual friends and family. So fair warning,  there might be some obvious things I've missed.  Feedback welcome.

There is actual audio. I accidentally uploaded a build that starts the game in the muted state by default. Press the 'M' key at any screen to un-mute.

Yep. I uploaded muted by default <sigh>

Thanks for trying it out and the feedback! Spy Hunter and Bump N Jump were what I immediately thought of when I saw the cartridge and felt I had to go in that direction. There should be sound and music. Maybe 'M' got pressed and muted the sound? When I get home I'll check to make sure I didn't accidentally upload some version without audio. Or possibly I uploaded a version that defaults with Mute on. That seems like something I'd do. 

I'm using Game Maker Studio 1.4 for my engine. Photoshop for my pixels. Bfxr.net + Audacity for most sound effects. Mark Sparling did the music.

Your deformable fruit looks great. Love the distance shader idea. Grub movement looks good.

These really do look great!

Replied to Gonzalo in Shark Blaster

Love the movement on the octopi. Simple yet effective. 

Keep on pushing. Hardly anyone finishes their "first" game. It's just one of the many trials you'll endure on this career/hobby path you've chosen. I love doing jams because I don't have the attention span to stick with a project for more than a week or two.  My hope each time is to add a new trick or bit of knowledge to my toolbox. Maybe someday I'll use those tools to make something "real", but for now I'm creating and having a little fun.

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v1.2 now available

I never get as much work done as I want, but still made a bunch of changes. Had a nice free day yesterday to crunch.

  • update level generation controller - with some new obstacles. Still needs a lot of play testing and tweaking.
  • improved looping in main game music track (still not perfectly seamless but not nearly as noticeable as before)
  • fixed shield bug; shield were supposed to allow you to survive a single bullet hit, but the check forgot to destroy the bullet so it just kept hitting afterwards
  • fixed camera bag; some weird math rounding that could cause the camera to get much further than the player leading to the player no longer being visible on screen.
  • fixed boost bug; boost was increasing all units speed, which was not intended. now only in creases the player.
  • fixed pixel to km conversion. distance traveled was higher than should have been based on actually speed. this is kind of nitpicking, but it did lead to the gradual speed increases which were based on km milestones to come much sooner than intended (this will have greater impact later, when enemy and loot spawns correspond with those milestones)
  • added "hit flash" on enemies to better convey when being shot.
  • added "red car" shimmy; when the red car enemy is in attack mode (shooter hanging out the window), there is a chance that your bullet hits can cause the driver to lose control (causing the shooter to retreat inside).
  •  new "red car" AI; will now try to pass you if the player is blocking their lane
  • consumables! fuel and ammo are now consumed on use and replenished when picked up. ammo and fuel are no longer used as currency for upgrade purchase.
  • HUD changes to display fuel and ammo levels.
  • new "drops" that will act as currency for higher level upgrades. There are three rarities. They are currently a blue, purple, orange (rare, epic, legendary) "part/screw". Plan to replace with 3 unique items (like fuzzy dice or raider ears, something like that).
  • upgrades are no broken into two types - 
    • permanent, progression upgrades (dmg, shields, boost timer, speed) - these are purchased and are saved between rounds/games. 
    • single run power-ups (rapid fire, double shot, flamethrower, mines,etc) - these are based on a powerup level and acquired each time you pickup a power up "star" in the level. They stack and are in order. So get the first star and you get rapid fire. Get the second star and you get rapid fire, double shot. You die, your power up level returns to zero.
  • The items that spawn from destroyed enemies were supposed to fly out forward, giving the player a chance to pick them up. Not sure when this stopped working, but it wasn't working in v1.1. Fixed now.
  • The camera will "catch up" if the player gets ahead but not the reverse. Fixed. This was a clamping issue where I clamped at zero preventing a negative, ie, slowdown.
  • The not an array crash that would sometimes occur with exploding barrels should now be resolved. Haven't been able to get it to occur anymore anyway.
  • Added that barrels and barricades now explode when you jump over them. Just makes ramps even more fun!
  • Made some tweaks to the spawning timers. The helicopter does not spawn before 2km now (turns out my previous math could have them spawn after 1km).

Thanks for trying it out. I'm still trying to find a good balance for the difficulty curve. You are meant to die - just need to find the right speed and amount of deaths. 

Thanks for the kind words and giving it a play. Yeah the difficulty ramp was completely rubbish - no ramp, purely RNG. The original build was me just trying to get something to post before the deadline. The new build is based on progression and the helicopter shouldn't show up before 2km now (though I just finished a play test that had him appear at 1.73 -sigh). A "How to Play" screen is still on my to-do list. It should be so easy to knock out, but then again it never usually works that way.

I went back and forth on the consumables and they kind of were left on the editing room floor when trying to get something built to post for the original deadline. In the latest upload, ammo and fuel are both consumable now. Thanks for trying it out and the feedback!

I stumbled upon the wall stick bug right after I had posted that last build. Should be resolved in the 1.1 build (at least I haven't been able to get stuck in about 100+ play tests). Thanks for trying it out!

Yeah, after I typed my reply I had that realization. It's as if I forgot how to video game. I added a flash and on the red cars there is a chance for the car to "shimmy' which resets the AI ( i.e. The gunman goes back in the window). Haven't uploaded any of the changes yet. Had a few bugs (like shields not working as intended and getting stuck in the walls) that I also fixed. Have a couple more small changes to make and will hopefully  release another public build tomorrow.  Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the gameplay loop is definitely lacking still. I'm working on improving that! 

As far as parts/currency - they are currently just used for upgrades. I was trying to think of items that would be considered valuable and those were the first 3 I thought of. Though I just had the thought of "water" as I was typing this. I considered having ammo as an consumable but decided against it - can't entirely think of why at this moment.

The conveyance issues are always tricky, especially as I keep adding more "flair" to what's going on - some of it intentionally to distract. As far as the hits landing, there should be a "hit splash" as well as a sound effect. I'll see if I can work on the visibility/readability of the hit splash. But in answer to the question, yes you are hitting the helicopter. I think what hurts is you aren't really supposed to be encountering them in the early (weak) state. The helicopter has 25 HP and the starting bullets only deal 1 point of damage initially. Once you increase that damage and add things like "rapid fire" or "double shot" the choppers go down really easily. This in turn helps in conveying they're being hit! Otherwise it just feels like you're hopelessly spamming bullets to no end.

Sorry for the long reply. Thanks for giving it a play! Since they've recently extended the submission deadline a week, I plan to really work on the game loop and hope to have something a little more memorable by the end.

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Thanks! And I hadn't seen that the deadline was extended! Thanks for the heads up.

I'm sorry about not being able to finish. I've been there and completely understand. What you've posted looks absolutely inspired so far and completely does the original cover justice.

Ended up with a chunk of time this morning so was able to clean up a few items and put together a build. You can give it a go here: https://anarbitrarymustache.itch.io/junklanddash (Windows only at the moment. Going to work on an HTML build, but not sure if it will be done before the deadline.)

This has not received any play testing besides myself, so I'm expecting it have a bug or two. Thanks in advance for giving it a try.

Day 2

Feeling a little burnt out. Was really hoping to be a little further a long by end of today. I don't think I'm going to have much time the rest of the week (much less by the deadline) to work on this anymore. Was able to get most of the updated sprites in. Created my upgrades and the necessary systems to support them. Didn't really get to work on the level controller and how it "builds" the level.

My list

  • The level controller right now just randomly spits out stuff in kind of a random location. I'm going to create a series of patterns that it will use so it looks a little more hand-crafted. <-- Didn't get to work on this yet. This impacts enemy spawns as well. Right now they are kind of random, but the harder ones (attack chopper) shouldn't really show up until you are further along.
  • I've got pickups which at the moment are just created by the level controller. Need to add in them dropping after enemies are destroyed. Also something to spend the pickups on! I plan to have an "upgrade" screen after each death so you can spend your scrap/cash you collected to upgrade weapons/car/hats(?)  Complete! Well, mostly. I want to put more effort into the enemy drops so that they aren't just dumped where they died - have them "thrown" further out front to increase the player's odds of being able to pick them up.
  • Make it pretty! Right now I'm only planning to have time to create sprites for the player, the 3 enemies and a single level skin (wasteland desert). If I have time, I'll try for more. As Complete as this is going to get before the deadline.
  • Sound effects. They definitely feel (or sound) rushed. Going to have to do for now.
  • There was other stuff that I've since forgotten since writing this. I'm sure they'll come to me in the far future. <-- Still hasn't come to me.
  • Title screen - I started a title screen (can see a screen grab below). The big empty space was supposed to be for our hero and their car. I envisioned they would just be sitting there and the sun goes down and a fire starts. Just a quite endless loop of day to night and back to day. A nice contrast to the actual game. Of course I probably shouldn't have been wasting time on this but I wouldn't be me otherwise.

I'll probably get my build up tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

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Day 1, cont. (well technically Day 2, but I haven't been to sleep yet)

The night ended up being fairly productive. I went back and forth between being creatively motivated and artist block. I'm happy with the final direction, even if some items are still bothering me. Mockup below. This scene is very crowded, but I was trying to fit in just about everything. Still have a few items to design. Will spend tomorrow (today, after I get some sleep) getting everything game ready and imported into the game.

Day 1

I've got most of the game components roughed-out. The player handling, the basics for the endless-runner controller, basic save system(your pickups (scrap/cash), which are used for upgrades, will carry over. plus record distance is saved as well) 3 enemy types, and ramps! (which takes me back to this old NES game, Bump N Jump. I just had to have ramps). Also, have music almost finished. 

Still to do

  • The level controller right now just randomly spits out stuff in kind of a random location. I'm going to create a series of patterns that it will use so it looks a little more hand-crafted.
  • I've got pickups which at the moment are just created by the level controller. Need to add in them dropping after enemies are destroyed. Also something to spend the pickups on! I plan to have an "upgrade" screen after each death so you can spend your scrap/cash you collected to upgrade weapons/car/hats(?)
  • Make it pretty! Right now I'm only planning to have time to create sprites for the player, the 3 enemies and a single level skin (wasteland desert). If I have time, I'll try for more.
  • Sound effects. 
  • There was other stuff that I've since forgotten since writing this. I'm sure they'll come to me in the far future.

A quick capture of the game so far. Going to spend the rest of the night working on pixels because it's ugly to look at right now (plus most things on the screen do not read well at the moment - especially bullets!)

Created a new topic Gangan! Junkland Dash

I'm a little late joining, so am going to try to throw together something this weekend (so about 48-72 hours). It was incredibly difficult narrowing down to a single choice, but ultimately selected Gangan! Junkland Dash from the 2013 exhibit by Illustrator Zac Zedica. The game's description (translated from Japanese):

2XXX year. Junkland suffers from enemies. The King of the enemy army boss and the gangs led by him occupy the junk land and it becomes a battlefield. To get Junkland back, residents, stand up! Modify the car, wear weapons, fight!

My plan is to do a 2D top-down driver/shooter a-la the old Spy Hunter arcade game. I'm going to make it a procedural generated, endless runner though instead of having to design levels. Hopefully this will keep the scope manageable within the tight window. Will hopefully have a rough prototype put together after lunch. Time to crunch!



Thanks! Yeah, when I started out with the idea I was surprised at how much I still enjoyed the mechanic.


Yeah, I never could decide how to handle the holes under the ladders. It even caught me off guard a few times while testing levels. Because you aren't supposed to "fall" when on a ladder tile, you (both player and enemies) stay put. I thought about making an exception when detecting a "dug" hole, but I didn't like the idea of sending a possible mixed message as far as world physics behave. I thought about just preventing holes under ladder tiles. If I continue to work on this I'll have to play around and see what feels best. Thanks for the feedback!

Great execution on the Qix mechanic and works really well within the confines of the 64x64 resolution. Great entry!

Great overall design. Enjoyable game play. Love the title/logo. Great entry!

There is a lot about this entry that I like and other elements that I wanted to like more. The look and feel of your visuals are fantastic. The music and SE really sell the environment. I loved that you went third-person instead of first-person. Unfortunately, I think the third-person camera may have been a downfall here. There were multiple instances I found myself getting the camera clipped and stuck in the wall when swinging around to find a monsters attacking me. Some of this could have been resolved by not designing the levels so tight and claustrophobic - though I think that element works well for the games atmosphere. The monsters seem to clip into the player when attacking, meaning they aren't always in view of the camera depending on which shoulder it chose to go behind. I think adding audio cues for the monsters would help with the immersion while helping to balance difficulty a little - though having a single monster that has the ability to silently sneak up is nice touch without making them all surprises. Your interface design for the small resolution restrictions works really well and when the camera worked properly the controls felt great.  Overall I still found this to be an enjoyable entry.