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Loved it. This would have been up there with Oregon Trail back in middle school in the computer lab (I'm dating myself a little). I was impressed with how it ramped up as well. Just as I was about to think "this is too repetitive" you throw in other operators and order of operations. My only suggestion is maybe have some sort of life/health that is lost when you get it wrong. To discourage brute forcing it until you get it right. If you were to take it further it would be interesting to have an attack mechanic to pickup the numbers. Lend itself to the dungeon/castle theme. You could then expand to other subjects, like spelling. The level would have a riddle or sentence with a blank and you'd have to solve it by spelling the word out of a bunch of letters. Great job.

@Happy Honu Games Thanks for the feedback. Took me a minute to realize the cause of you problem. The ENTER key acts as the START button which happens pauses the game. When you pressed Alt+Enter it full screened but also paused the game. Which is why you couldn't control the character. Press ENTER again and it will unpause. Of course the pause would have been more obvious if the screen said pause or something ( > . <)

I found Matt's Bracelet! I enjoyed the design on the player character. I'm curious which one came first - him or Matty and is the original player someone other than Matty? Nice overall gameboy look and fell. I would suggest having the music keep playing through level changes. On the shorter levels it was annoying to have the song keep starting over so quickly. That or have more of a transition between rooms - play a "sucess" sound and a wipe or fade and then start the main music. I agree with the comment below about difficulty but puzzle design liek that in such a short period is incredibly difficult. I'm impressed with how many levels you had. This is more subjective, but I wish the player moved faster (esspecially for Matty's maze). He could then slow down when sliding the blocks (like you'd typically find in a Zelda type game).

Loved the pixels. As mentioned in other comments, had a few glitches. Draw multiple sprites for the player for a single action state (like idle with attack) was the most common. The camera follow script felt off as well - almost like it wanted to stay at the top of whatever room I was in.

A fun little "infinite runner". I'm ashamed to admit that it took me a while to realize I could advance down the mountain by pressing down. I just assumed I was stuck with my character up in the top corner of the screen.

I love the main mechanic. It's a creative idea that you executed well and plays well. It would be interesting to see how you could advance the mechanic to make things more interesting through-out the game. Maybe you can't capture certain elements if you are already holding a conflicting type - causes some sort of blow back and damage to the player. If I had to nitpick anything, it would be that it felt like the amount of damage necessary to kill each enemy was random? Some would go down with one return shot, another (of the same enemy type would take 5). Small but something I noticed.

Great Gameboy feel and look. As simple as it was, I really enjoyed the "story" if you want to call it that.

@CowboyColor - I haven't been able to duplicate a crash but have had reports (and been able to duplicate) it hanging or not advancing to the loading screen. I uploaded a "fixed" version that should hopefully resolve that. If you are able to try it, I'd love to hear if it works for you or not.

Nice first effort with Unity.

I'm impressed by the 94%. It's the highest (reported) percentage so far. I know it doesn't bring back your previous progress, but I am working on a save/continue feature in my post jam version. Along with audio fixes, a map, better progress tracking, intro exposition, in-game instructions and a few tweaks to the handling/physics. I've been busier with work/life than usual so it isn't progressing as fast as I'd like. I'm hoping to have an update here soon.

Thanks, Anil! I can't wait to try LURK.

Thanks, man!

Some more new enemies and hazards.

That first enemy is supposed to be a squid like creature. That was his place holder sprite in the above gif. After watching it a few times I was going to be bothered by it all night if I didn't update it. New sprite, that hopefully looks more landsquid-like.

Thanks! The little details are usually my downfall. I try so hard to leave them till the end. I'll be testing some mechanic and then I realize I just spent 8 hours on some dust particle.

Well, I wasn't able to work on this for the past two days, so am planning to dig in this weekend. Played around some with GifCam. My laptop's framerate drops to pathetically low numbers when running this - making it awkward to play while capturing. Made 3 progress gifs though! I updated my main characters sprites and worked out his animations. Started playing around with some of the other sprites, but they still need a bit of work. Working in just the 4 colors is a unique challenge.

I started with this camera transition between rooms/zones but decided it doesn't fit with the game play style I'm looking for.

No transitions in these:

Thanks for the link! I can't wait to give this a try.

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Game is online!


A huge thanks to Mark Sparling for the amazing soundtrack (and in very short notice). Check out his stuff at: https://soundcloud.com/marksparling


Long time fan, first time participant. This will be my forth game jam, with 3 LDs under my belt (though I missed the last two). I always love following all of the progress threads, but I never find the time to do one myself. Figured I'd attempt to change that. Just need a good (easy) workflow for capturing gifs (suggestions welcome).

I got a late start on Saturday and ended up scratching my original idea on Sunday (felt unique, but just wasn't fun to play). I'm now attempting a "metroidvania" platformer. Having an unprecedented 10 days (instead of my usual 2) this seemed more than reasonable. How the eyes are always bigger than the stomach. Anyway, I have the engine > 95% complete (few punch list items, but is currently playable and I like the feel). I threw together some first pass sprites and began work on my game map. Though I'm not surprised, planning out this map is taking so much longer than I'd hoped.

My scratch drawing, planning out the flow. I still have about 23 "rooms" to design. ( 20 rooms x 10 rooms didn't seem all that large at first)

Once I get it figured out, I'll start posting some gifs of gameplay as well. Oh, and since I'm guessing I no longer will have time myself, I'm in search of a musician :)

Can't wait to try this. I spent a good chunk of Sunday implementing a similar camera system in my game. Do you mind me asking what you use to create your gifs?