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Enter the Hive Starring Bruce BeeView game page

The Beetles have invaded! Help Bruce Bee save the hive!
Submitted by rsvp asap (@rsvpasap1), Omar (@JomarMz) — 7 hours, 42 seconds before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#634.4554.455

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Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you everyone for all the nice comments and constructive criticism! 😄


Beatiful! love the art style and the colors. Nice music, especially the one that sounds like 80 aerobic training :) The jump could be a bit faster though. It's also really hard to see where are you jumping. But the worldbuilding is really cool.


I wanted to play this game instantly when I saw the first mockup, because I love the art style.

But as other says, there are bugs that make it not as fun as it could be... Jump is strange, like in weightlessness, and Bruce Bee is stuck at one tile from the bottom of the screen, so it's difficult to see where we're landing (too many times it was on a spider 😱)

If you make a post-jam build, I'll be happy to play again to see where fate is pushing Bruce Bee ! :3


At the very least I'll do a post-jam fixed camera version since that seems to be the feedback across the board! Thanks a bunch! :)


Hitboxes are very glitchy on this game. It's very hard to see where the platforms are at to jump on. Also as a Bee he can't “fly”.


Great characters. I loved the minimal colors and feel of the background. 

The jumping didn't feel great. The detection with the platforms made it feel like you could "hang" below the ledge for a bit. I would have liked if you had stripped away a lot of the action bits and instead have an adventurey "explore the hive" sorta experience, but that's just me. Cheers!


The art style is really nice and turned the limitations of low-rez into a strength. Also, the sound is fantastic, from the punch soundfx to the music. Really dig the song that plays after the tutorial area is completed. 

I would echo what others are noting about the camera. There were times when it was difficult to anticipate an enemy or the next ledge when jumping. 

Overall, really impressive submission. Great job to both of you!!


As I said before, nice pixels, good job to the artist! 

I think the camera should be oriented so the character appears in the corner. Because the view is narrow, it's hard to anticipate enemy.

Overall, the controls are pretty smooth and it's fun to play. I also like the message boxes. Readable and their are not stopping the player movement, so it's not breaking the game flow. Good job!


Nice entry, very straghtforward, I like it. The color palette is also very cool. Well done

PS: If you have the time please try my entry,



Nice entry. Great graphics and really fun music. Since he's a bee, I liked the fact that the jump had a little hover/float at the top. I found a little bit of wonkyness to the camera, at the end of and beginning of sections/rooms (not sure what to call them), but nothing that ruined the gameplay.  The punch animation wouldn't always play, especially when running but the sound effect always would so I was never sure if the punch would still register. Not sure if it was a result of a long load time or the enter key not registering, but I always seemed to need to press the key quite a bit at the continue screen. Great job though, felt like a very complete entry.


Cool game. The graphics look great and the audio is excellent! Only small issue I had was with not being able to see very far in front of me, but I suppose that's hard to avoid with such a small resolution. Maybe you could solve that somewhat by moving the camera a little so that the character is more on the left side of the screen when moving right (and vice-versa), so you can see just a tad bit better where you're going. :) Other than that little nitpick, awesome work!


The camera does move a little bit but I think you're probably right in that it could use a little more view!

Thank you so much for your feedback! :D