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Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

The controls are not really standard, but I thought they worked quite well, so I kept them like that. Obviously, I should really just add gamepad support though. ;)

Thanks for checking out the Linux version. Good to know that it works ok. :)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I totally agree that adding more movement options would be better. It's something I'll definitely look into if I decide to do a post-jam thing with it. :)

Thanks! Really glad you liked it. :)

Thank you! :D

Thanks! Glad you liked it. :)

Cool game! The gameplay is quite addictive. And I loved the looks and audio. :)

Nice job! Gameplay is good and it looks nice. :)

Looks great. Sounds amazing! :)

I wasn't able to test the Linux build, sorry if it doesn't work correctly!

Thanks! :)

You're right that the game is unfair at times. I've got some ideas on how to fix that if I decide to spend some more time on this game. :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Hey Joshua, thanks for playing my game and the feedback. :)

Totally agree with your points, especially that a highscore would have made a big difference. Unfortunately, that feature (among others) fell victim to my poor time management this time around. ;)

Good job! The difficulty feels a bit unfair at times though (or maybe I just suck :D). I really like the graphics, they're simple but very charming. :)

Yeah, that needs a little work. ;)

Thanks for playing!

Lovely game. It's really simple, but works really well, especially the two player mode is fun. :) The graphics are great!

The graphics are quite charming, especially the manta rays! The music felt a bit hectic for the game though.

Nice game! Reminds me of one finger death punch. :)

I don't really understand how I was supposed to shoot the bad guy, but I like the black and white graphics. :)

Very nice! The graphics are awesome! The gameplay is good, I didn't really have a big issue with the control scheme as some people seem to have. Only thing I had a bit of a problem with was with the enemies that fly really low, I felt it you'd have to hold LMB so short that I shot over them half of the time. Other than that, really awesome job!

Very nice concept. If you add some more levels it could become a nice addictive little puzzle game. The minimalistic graphics work really well, it would be nice to add some small effects like a smooth rotation animation, but other than that I wouldn't change to much about that. :) Good job!

Very nice! Great gameplay mechanic. The visuals are charming, especially the particle effects are a nice touch. I think the pick-up hearts should be triggers though, so that they don't affect the trajectory of the characters. I like that it's challenging, but it might be a just bit too much (I kind of ragequit on the second level ;)). I don't feel the music (theme) fits the game very well, but really great job overall!

Nice job! The jumping feels very satisfying, especially with the power ups. I agree with the other comments that it needs a bit more challenge.

Yeah, I didn't have enough time to balance the difficulty, so it's a bit unfair sometimes. Visibility is part of the problem I think, maybe I should've made less steep slopes so you can better see where you're going. :)

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! :)

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Very nice! The graphics are awesome and the sound is great. The only gripe I have is that shooting feels a bit off to me (but it's entirely possible that I just suck ;D). Really nice job!

Nice game! The graphics look nice, and I especially like the particle and moving floor effects. I would have liked it if you'd have to aim yourself when shooting though, I think that would make the combat feel a bit more active. The audio really helps the dark atmosphere! :)

Thanks for playing and your feedback! :)

Thanks! Good advice about the falling thing, I'll think about that if I decide to do something more with this. :)

Thanks for playing my game and thanks for the your feedback! :)

Thanks for your extensive feedback!

I'm sorry you had issues with jumping. I'm not really sure what you mean by the character not moving when he's jumping though. The character should move up a little and the sprite should change from the running animation to a jumping position. It's not really clear to me if it's not working right for you for some reason (is it a bug?) or if it's not pronounced enough?

To explain the rhythm part of the game: the mines are placed so that you have to jump to the beat (although you could probably do that on vision alone, as I tried to not make that too unforgiving). Also, (not sure how far you got, but) if you go a little further into the level, enemy drones start moving into screen that you have to aim at, at the right time  so they will be shot down in sync with the music.

The music does change a bit, some synth arpeggios come in a bit later, and melody after that. But I'm no musician so I had to keep it simple. ;)

Do you mean the text only becomes legible once all of it is typed? If so, that's a bug, because that doesn't happen for me. :(

Nice game! I really enjoy this kind of turn-based combat and you did a really good job on that. I'm not a huge fan of the music. I would have preferred some nice sound effects instead. But I do really like the artstyle. :)

Nice job! The gameplay is nice, you have the mechanics in place for this to become a great puzzle game! But I have to agree with SpareWizard that levels are very trail-and-error, which I found a bit frustrating and not as rewarding. The graphics are simple, but nice and the audio is good, though I think the sounds don't really match up with the artstyle. 

While it's obviously lacking in gameplay, the art and music are really nice. Also the intro is cool. :)

I wasn't able to finish the game, because unfortunately I'm terrible at maze games. ;) From what I saw though, I think you did a great job! The audio creates a really ominous, creepy vibe. The ticking of the clock really started to piss me off in a good way! ;-) This is really helped by the camera effect that happens when you're close to dying. It maybe would help if there were a bit more points of recognition though, but again that might just because I suck at these type of games. :)

I had a blast playing this! The mechanics feel really satisfying and you did a excellent job on the level design and how you introduce new mechanics. The graphics are simple but work very well. The audio is good, but the music gets a bit repetitive after a while. I would have preferred an automatic camera system though. Having to use the mouse to move the camera felt a little bit unintuitive to me.

Very impressive! It looks really great and the minimalistic music is very atmospheric. Both the boarding and ship-to-ship combat work well. A detail I liked is that saving costs money, which forces you to be more careful (especially in the earlier part of the game). I do miss that you can't upgrade your hull or something though (or did I miss something?), which became a bit of a problem near the end, where I'd have to return to a port to get my ship fixed after every 1 or 2 fights or so, which became a bit tedious. But other than that I really liked it a lot!

Yeah, I can imagine the controls not feeling very intuitive. I should've probably picked one of the mechanics and stuck with that. :)

I tried a bigger crosshair, but felt it took too much screen space, but I should maybe reevaluate that. ;)

Oh, that's weird! It should open upscaled to a resolution of 384x384. Not really sure what's going on there. :(

I'll look into that if get the chance. Thanks for your feedback!

I don't think it's because you suck. ;) In hindsight I think it may be a bit of a mistake. My thought process was that since it's rhythm-based you won't need to look at the ground all the time, but that turns out to be pretty unintuitive. So I think you're right, I should probably not use both those mechanics at the same time.

Love the artstyle! The music is very solid too. Gameplay works well, though it feels a bit unfair for enemies to spawn beneath you and damaging you without having seen them, but that's just nitpicking. :)