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Oleg Klaus

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Thank you very much. I am quite satisfied with the result :) Good luck to you too!

Hey, thanks a lot! Still in progress. Reworking some parts and adding new things. I have Twitter: @bioboosterpixel

I am posting new updates almost daily.😁

Wow, thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it :) Yes, it can be depressing if you think too much about it. But you can also win, if you score in every category at least once. It's very rare though. but that's how it is I guess:)

thank you! 👍🏻

Hey, good job! First, I was confused why should I cut myself. but it's very useful when you get too long. Cool 'Idea!

Awesome!, it's really fun to explore what's eatable :D very atmospheric and cool art style

Hey, sorry for giving you feedback so late. I like the concept and the minimal style. I feel the collision is not 100% accurate all the time. or too sensitive sometimes. Maybe you should make use of the different colored background from the beginning. For example, if you jump on one color, only the blocks with the same color will disappear. Anyway, good job!

Thank you very much for the feedback. I will work on the camera post jam and add new things :)

Thank you! Your right, camera is terrible, i will fix that in the future. And i will try navigation with the Keyboard. Thank you for playing and the feedback!

Cool game, cute art. the difficulty curve is also smooth and challenging. Collect and jumping sound would make a huge difference. very good job anyway!

Beatiful! love the art style and the colors. Nice music, especially the one that sounds like 80 aerobic training :) The jump could be a bit faster though. It's also really hard to see where are you jumping. But the worldbuilding is really cool.

Really awesome. I think this is my favorite! Really atmospheric. That's so nice you gave the player a motivation. Different fight mechanics... love it. the Ice axe is freaking "cool" :) The roll doesn't allways work. The Scene with the water reflexion was beautiful. Super Game! 

Hey, sorry can't play it, do you have a downloadable version?

Cool strategy game. Very clear design. Love the minimalistic art. I feel it was a bit too easy. Please make some gory death animation or something. That might let the player feel for his mistake when a soldier gets murdered, or satisfaction when you kill some nasty orks :) A simple celebration animation of the king or all of the soldiers from reaching the goal could also feel quite satisfying. Could also profit from a action driven or epic music tune. Really nice work!

Haha, the struggle is real! :) nice idea, would also be a nice fit for the meta game jam. Like how everything becomes very chaotic and you just try to finish something before time runs out. I was not quite sure what some symbols meant, that might be something to improve. However, nicely done.

Really cool! Pretty Artstyle, like it. Killed one ship with the canon, was a bit challenging, and the other by boarding it. The second time it was really fast so I lost :) The dueling silhouettes could use some animations, that would give it more action. And some nice music would work wonders. great job!

oh wow, thank you so much for your constructive and detailed review. Yes i am aware if the problems and will fix them in an updated version. And thank you for mentioning the issue with the "pupa". I will work on that :) Glad you could get some enjoyment out of my game.

Cute game. I like the idea of a Camelion tamagochi. :) It's also fun to see them grabbing the flies. I must say I was not sure when to feed them or give them water. Is there a particular goal in this game? Nevertheless, good job!

Really creative idea. I like the difficulty progression with every level. so you have to play the same level again in some cases. At the beginning I was not quite sure how to play. Maybe you should make something like an intro where a dude falls to death and turn into color. So that you see, that you can harvest the ink from them. Good job anyway!

Cool idea, cool sound and style. Maybe you can expand different mechanics like with the mushroom. Maybe you could have other plants that grants you other powers, maybe wall jump for a short time or instant teleport... :) Nicely done!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback.  Yes the camera is an issue. I will fix it somehow. Hope to add more things in general. Thanks. :)

Thank you so much for the feedback. I think I will tacke some time to improve the jam build for something more solid. 

Yes your right about the camera, i dont like it eather. Arrow keys is a good idea. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, definetly camera is something to work on. I will try different thing in the future for a proper version with more features and improvements. 

Great game! Cute art, awesome music, fluent, and responsive. really like the mechanic, you actually have to think where and how to join. Awesome!

Very cool! found 245 out of 332 :) makes you really want to play more. That's really cool you made some secrets as well. good job!

Very cute! nice sound and music, kinda relaxing. Agree with the comment below, there should be a speed increase with progression. Good job!

Thank you so much ! Yes, i agree, there should be a better solution for the UI.

Thank you so much!

HEY HEY! This is a game I made for the LOWREZJAM. It's not perfect, but I learned a lot. Please check it out!

Match a pair of identical beetles to create an exploding larva. Kill as many beetles as possible before every tile is full of bugs. Use berries to boost the beetles explosion range.

Hey Neo, i uploaded a Browser playable version, give it another try if you like. Thank you!

Hey sorry this a Clickteam Fusion issue. My antivirus scans it every time for viruses, this is annoying, just start it as admin. sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you! I used Clickteam Fusion and beepbox for the music.

KOCHI DOCHI is an action puzzle Highscore clicker testing your coordination and reaction to the limit.Be fast and focused my friends. Use the left and right mouse buttons to shoot the balls in the right direction and get the highest score possible.


Hey everyone. This is my first ever finished and published game. Please give me constructive feedback on what you like and what can be improved! Thank you!