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Collect 200 coins to escape the warehouse
Submitted by Binary Moon (@binarymoon) — 2 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Really well-made, it does have a NES/GBC feel, in both gameplay and visuals, and I really like some of the level design here, specially the fact that it has secrets! :D

I agree that some SFX would've given the game a better mood, but it's really nice this way too! :P Jumping made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but overall I liked it! :)


Hi there - thanks for the feedback! Really pleased you like the style. I love adding secrets/ tricks to my games - it was always my favorite part of the early Sega and Nintendo games so I like to do the same here.

What about the jumping made you feel uncomfortable? Is it something I can fix?


Nice platformer. The graphics are really good and a lot of thought was given into the background.  

Some sfx would have cheered the game up a little. I think there's maybe too many secrets?


Thanks! But surely you can't have too many secrets? :)


Pros: Very nice color palette. Very well imagined.

Cons: No sound. Controls feel stiff.

Overall: Fun to play... Didn't get all the coins... :(


Thanks for the feedback - ran out of time so didn't get to add sound. Will have to experiment a bit more with the controls since they seem to be a common concern.


What a lovely, adorable little game! I was expecting, the moment I saw "Get 200 coins", for it to be one of those where it expected me to only be able to find 198 and either scour the world top to toe to find the last ones, it was great how much leniency there was - although the taunting message outdoors telling me my ample 268 coins still left 70 or so unanswered for almost made me turn around and do that anyway for completion's sake.

Cute graphics with a gorgeous colour palette, responsive if imperfect controls... it really just needed sound!


Thanks for the feedback :)

I'm at the age now where I just want to enjoy games, and actually be able to finish them, so I don't want to punish people. But some people like a challenge so I hid some extra coins around for them.

What's wrong with the controls? Is it just the speed or is there something else you think I could improve?


Cute little game! Like others have said, the movement seemed slow at first but I think that's just a bit of bias from having played lots of platformers - after a while, you get into the slowness and it does suit the game's vibe. I think there were a few areas where I was able to move through the wall (or at least I thought it was a wall because it was red). I wasn't sure if this was a secret area or a glitch. 

The graphics were very cute and retro - I love the protagonist. I appreciate the amount of polish in the mechanics too, eg. falling from greater heights changed the landing and added dust. 

Great work :) 


Thanks - appreciated! :)

The wall thing was for the secret areas. There's quite a few of them scattered around. I did consider hiding the character when you go through the wall but thought what I did was clearer.


As a completionist, this game was a nightmare. instead of the 5-10 minutes I wanted to give each game, this took me for a half-hour space tour, where I found almost 300 coins. The art is beautiful with unique tilesets for each area, which really helps you navigate. The movement was a bit slow for me, especially at tight parkour sections, but it fit the theme quite nicely


Thanks - I had a feeling it might frustrate some people. I tried to add some clues to show where the secret areas are but they may be  bit subtle and there's a couple that are quite hard to find.


The graphics are delightful, and it definitely gave me the feeling of being in a warehouse in space. Finding caches of coins was really satisfying, and the slower movement added to the atmosphere and lessened the difficulty of the more precise jumps, which is great. Great work!


Thanks - pleased you like it!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great little entry. I was going to say almost exactly what @stuartlangridge said below, so I'll leave it at that. Nice job. I wasn't even bothered by the lack of sound after a while because it almost added to the atmosphere of being alone in some space station/ship. That was killed a bit when I got outside and it appeared I was not in fact in space. So I guess that can be my only real complaint. I found 260 coins. I was shocked to see there were still ~60 left to go. Great job.

EDIT: Oh man, I loved Pixel Peak last year. Glad to see you're back and still doing good work.


Thanks for the feedback. I didn't have enough time to add music and sound effects but if I did I think I would have kept it quite minimal.

Regarding the outdoors section, if I were to turn this into a full game then each level would be a different planet, so the outdoors would be different on each of them.

Great to hear you liked Pixel Peak too :) I started making a full version of that but got a bit carried away and it became bigger than I could handle. I hope to revisit it at some stage cos I enjoyed working on it. But I also want to make a bigger version of this now as well :)


Nicely done, with a very retro feel. At first I was annoyed by the slow movement, but after a while I got quite into it; you are a space explorer, after all, and gravity is weird. I got above 200 coins, and the secret rooms were interesting to find. There seems to be some weirdness with jumping onto platforms above and to the side of oneself; my feet don't reach the platform (although my body does) and I sorta "glitch" onto that platform anyway. This could probably be solved with a tiny little animation, much like the (excellent) one where our little explorer does a three-point "superhero" landing when falling from a height.


Thanks Stuart - appreciate the comment and the feedback. You're right about the glitch - it is a side effect of the collision engine I'm using. I thought it made the platforming more forgiving, and even used it in some areas to have platforms that you shouldn't be able to reach.

I like the idea of adding a little animation to it to show him climbing onto the platform. I shall see if I can work that out.


Very cool! found 245 out of 332 :) makes you really want to play more. That's really cool you made some secrets as well. good job!


Thanks! :) There's quite a few secret rooms - many are relatively easy to find but there's a couple of more difficult ones.


The graphics ares amazing, I found the movement too slow for my taste (specialy the stairs) but the platforming felt great, I got 112 before I quit. I would love to see a more polished version of this with sound and maybe some obstacles/enemies to spice things up a little.


Thanks! My thought is that this is an exploration game where you take your time hunting out all the secrets. I do see what you mean about the ladders though - they can be a bit tiresome going up so I might tweak that.

I'd love to make a full size version with lots of planets to visit and things to unlock. Not sure how much interest there would be in terms of making it commercially viable.


I'm rating everything with 5 except for sound, but don't worry, even without sound, your game is gonna be among the best this year. I played until I got outside, but it seems I missed 97 coins, I knew I missed some of them but not that much, I guess 235 is a good score ahah. Well done I hope this entry is rated enough to be among the top 10.

PS: If you have time, take a look at my entry, it's not compared to yours, but give it a shot ahah,



Thanks, really appreciated. I wish I'd had time to add sound as well but real life got in the way.

I'll check out your game too :)




Simple and clean. Liked the monitor messages


Thanks!  :)


Good game ! 

Too bad there is not sound :(


Thanks! And yeah - I ran out of time unfortunately. Needed another week to add everything I wanted :)