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Nice game, the menu navigation is really good and the game is basic but a lot of fun.

Fun little game, the difficulty seems to be too random right now. The first 2 times I didn't get too far and on the third run I got to B27.

The graphics are cute and the music works great. Really solid game overall.

Solid game and very hard, I got to the second boss and on my last try a minion killed me when the boss had almost 0 hp so I decided to rage quit. The first level background felt too noisy for me and make the game hard to read.

The first time I played the game I tried it with a keyboard and I didn't like the controls. Feels way better with a 360 controller but the dash+jump mechanic is kinda weird sometimes. The pixel art is great and its a really big game for a jam. Good job.

The game looks great, like other people I had problems understanding the UI and took me a while to get how change tools and then it took a while longer to swap the seeds with a tool. After a couple of days watering the parsnip I got a couple of them after using the sword the first time on the plant monsters and not getting any, but when I went to sell with the old guy in town I didn't like the fact you get the money the next day, in other games like harvest moon make sense because of the chest, but the guy is right there.

With a little bit more polish this game could be a lot of fun, great work.

Nice little game, I kinda cheated because I abused the placing of blocks and jumped my way trough some of the platforming, but I have a lot of fun timing it :P

The combination of the graphics and the gameboy color palette works great, and the music is really nice.

Wow, that was hard, took me a while to understand how to solve the levels, I was trying to make a quick path to the end to win. Once I understood how the levels worked I god to level 7 before I loose. I had a lot of fun in the end. Good job.

That was a lot fun, I tried a couple of the minigames, I died because I spilled the grog and I killed an enemy captain in a sword fight, the animations were really smooth for a 64x64 game. Like some other said when you travel in the open sea is hard to know whats going on because all the water tiles are the same.

Wow, thanks for playing and the huge feedback. I had an idea about a evolution tree but I really like the idea of giving player feedback in the upgrade window, showing possible paths. I kinda want to keep some of the mystery of the evolutions, so maybe only after you have evolved to that monster at least once.

I'm glad you liked the game and I agree that the resolution get kinda annoying in the long run, I want to keep working on the game because I liked the core mechanics, I will definitively remove the resolution restriction. I laugh a lot with your story about trying to hack the game, the heroes have a soul and time requirement for balancing purpose but I never though about somebody editing the souls.

Thanks for playing and the feedback, that happens a lot, and the wall of text below the game doesn't help with this because everybody gets discouraged when they see it.

Thanks for the feedback, when I started I wanted to make a Dungeon Crawler but implementing the AI/Pathfinding and also all the content was way to much work, so I ended up with this and it was inspired by PvZ.

Nice and simple game, didnt find the bucket on my first run because it blended with the helipad colors, second run I got how the game works and it was a lot of fun keeping the fire under control in all the chaos.

Thanks for the feedback, I agree that the lack of easy to read tutorial is a problem, the main mecanics took me way to much time and I was still finishing them 2 hours before submition. I really like the idea and I will try to iterate on it in the future. Probably without the 64x64 limitation so I can make proper menus/tutorials and interfaces.

Nice menu animation, I found a bug if you go to the options the game turns into window mode again. The graphics are nice and the enemy patters are a lot of fun to play around, I got pass a rush of multiple birds in lanes but then the combination of the octopus shooting ink and sharks got me.

I would prefer if the shooting sound was a bit lower in volume because after a while it got annoying.

The game has potential, with a little bit more work it could be a lot of fun. There area couple of bugs I found while playing. Sometimes the game lets me build the same building on the same tile and the lose money, some of the ui buttons didnt work when I tried to select a diferent building/zone. Also the new game button in the menu sends me to a new map but I had the same money as the last save.

The graphics ares amazing, I found the movement too slow for my taste (specialy the stairs) but the platforming felt great, I got 112 before I quit. I would love to see a more polished version of this with sound and maybe some obstacles/enemies to spice things up a little.

Thanks for playing, yeah, a couple of people had that problem but I never got the time to think how to and then implement something to let the player know they can scroll the map.

Thanks for playing and the feedback, 79 kills is a nice score for a first time, I didnt have enough time to balance it so the game gets a pretty big spike in dificulty after a couple of minutes.  I checked your submition and left a comment. Cheers.

Good game, I tried it a couple of time and my best try was level 4 with a score of 33. I would like to try the game with a calmer or static background to see if I could concentrate more on the boxes. I was a lof of fun to play.

Nice game, the gameplay is simple and easy to get, beat it on the first run. I had a weird bug were an enemy orc was dying and another orc moved and killed my soldier.

Nice game, the first level time is brutal, maybe the player needs to have some time to experiment on the first level. The other two levels were nicer once you understand how the portals work. I would really like to see a version of this game with more levels.

Cool game. I think enemy bullets are too fast and hard to avoid but nice overall.

Great game idea, I would love to see a version of this game with harder puzzles