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Farm magical crops!
Submitted by CowThing (@CowThing) — 1 hour, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#724.3604.625

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The game looks great, like other people I had problems understanding the UI and took me a while to get how change tools and then it took a while longer to swap the seeds with a tool. After a couple of days watering the parsnip I got a couple of them after using the sword the first time on the plant monsters and not getting any, but when I went to sell with the old guy in town I didn't like the fact you get the money the next day, in other games like harvest moon make sense because of the chest, but the guy is right there.

With a little bit more polish this game could be a lot of fun, great work.


A great visual game. The best font of all tested games so far. Catchy music!!

A big problem for me is the usability (as already mentioned). 

This is my personal opinion .

game: at the start you get seeds but by default the sword is selected
me: where are the seeds, why is this a fighting game and why can't I plant anything?!?
me: Perhaps I need a hoe to dig.

game: I open menu go to hoe and press space (hoe flash)
me:  cool, I have selected the hoe, lets go out of this menu and dig

game: sword still in the left corner!?
me: why!!

game: It's getting dark. 
me: I need to go to sleep, I should go to my house. Why can't I go in?

For the beginning, I would place the hoe as the first item and the seed as the 2nd and the watering can as the 3rd or as already mentioned two quick switch menu.

The first night should only come when something is planted and everything is watered.

I think that would make the start a lot less jerky. 

Nevertheless a great game!! Congrats!


This game was very hard to figure out. There is nothing to tell you, you had to use the net to catch the “monsters”. Because of that, it was impossible to progress or gain any more money.

I hated the repetitive music and I felt it didn't fit at all.


What a nice game! =D
I'm biased to say this, because I love this style of game, but you did great with all the limitations.
Well done!

I cant figure out how to plan the seeds :(  Someone below said to put them on the item list but I also couldnt do that *sigh* Some help would be nice


This looks great, but how do I plant a seed? Also, how did you add a background outside of the window's viewport? I'd really like to know.


The game window is a Viewport node, with the game itself added as a child of the viewport. The viewport is set to render at 64x64 pixels and I use a script to draw it as big as possible in the window. The background is just a checkerboard pattern added behind the rendered viewport.


Took me a while to understand how to plant a seed (> put the seed in the tool list). I loved the visual and the UI is readable (which is a challenge in 64x64 resolution!)


Another great in this jam. It was funny, I worked so much that I ended up fainting ahahha Great Game!

PS: If you have the time, please try out my entry (don't forget to rate it : ) )



I love your visuals. Everything is readable and looks great at the low resolution. Great overall entry. Two suggestions if I may. Maybe adjust the input controls so that tapping a direction causes your player to look that way, but not move yet. Since direction is important to tool use, I found myself having to do a lot of extra movement to face the tile I wanted to. Another would be the inventory/equipping . Once I got the hang of it, it wasn't bad, but still felt a little clunky. Maybe have a tool equip slot and then maybe a seed slot. So "X" would use your equipped tool, but hold down "X" would bring up your tool change.  Press "S" to use equipped seed, hold down "S" to bring up your seed change. This allows you to do all of your necessary actions without ever needing to enter the menu. Now this wouldn't necessarily scale well if you built on more mechanics/tools, but I think would work in it's current form. Again, great job.


Thank you! You can actually hold down the tool or interact keys and press an arrow key to face that direction before letting go to use the tool or interact. Your suggestion of just tapping a direction to face that direction would be good too. Making the inventory work well at such a low resolution was the hardest part of making this game, so it's got a lot of usability problems.


Can't open the game! The open gl stuff ins't working =(