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Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I don't make anything on the games I've released. But I am working on a game I plan to sell.

The v1.0.3 update is great, the ability to save a project is something I wanted. And finer control over almost all of the sliders is great. I have some other suggestions.

  • The gravity direction and direction sliders in Fade Out still have a step of 5 instead of 1. And having two sliders on one control is kind of hard to manipulate. It might be better if these were two separate sliders (min direction, max direction) for example.
  • It would be nice if we could render frames at an FPS that isn't a step of 5. I'd like to render frames at 6, 8, or 12 FPS for example.
  • We can move a sprite around by right clicking and dragging. It would be useful if we could also rotate a sprite and scale a sprite as well.
  • To go along with the above suggestion it might be good to have a section for manipulating the sprite's position, rotation, and scale, so it can be set more precisely and be easily reset back to the center. This section could also have controls to change the offset instead of having to left click to set it.
  • Being able to delete a layer. Right now a layer can be turned off, but it would be good if we could delete it, setting the sprite to empty and resetting all the values on that layer.

The game window is a Viewport node, with the game itself added as a child of the viewport. The viewport is set to render at 64x64 pixels and I use a script to draw it as big as possible in the window. The background is just a checkerboard pattern added behind the rendered viewport.

Thank you! You can actually hold down the tool or interact keys and press an arrow key to face that direction before letting go to use the tool or interact. Your suggestion of just tapping a direction to face that direction would be good too. Making the inventory work well at such a low resolution was the hardest part of making this game, so it's got a lot of usability problems.

I used a shader to create the vertex snapping and texture warping effect like a PS1 has. It also has simple cel shading. I lost the exact shader I used in the game, but it was pretty simple to recreate, here's the shader:

Yeah I wasn't sure if I should have still submitted it or not after losing the source code, but I am completely okay with it being disqualified.

Fun game! I like the models and effects.

The Linux export wasn't working for me. I'm using an unstable alpha build of Godot 3.0 right now. But as soon as 3.0 stable releases I'll clean this game up and exporting should work.

You and I had similar ideas for this jam! :D

Fun game, I like the aesthetic.

Very clever puzzle game. It was a lot of fun figuring out the levels in the game!

This is pretty fun! Very fast paced. Yay Godot!

This was a lot of fun. It's a pretty clever twist on the typical harvest moon game, growing crops that you have to fight!

Beautiful art and animations in this game. It's very simple, but challenging. I enjoy it a lot.

I love the graphics, very pretty game. And it was fun collecting the coins!

I have a soft spot for traditional roguelikes, and this game fits that spot well. The graphics are nice. The gameplay is very solid. I've enjoyed playing it a lot. Great work on this game.

I did notice the game was made with Godot. I've been learning this engine for a while now. But roguelikes are something I've struggled with. I was wondering if you would mind releasing the source for this game? I would love to look at it and learn from it. But I understand if you don't want to release it.

The art and animations are great, I love how the game looks. The gameplay is classic and fun. Overall great game.

This is a great game! The mechanics are solid and fun. The level progression felt good, it's a nice learning curve.

Thank you. It was a lot of fun working with Godot!

I'm not sure, it's whatever the default export is in Godot.

I made the game with a 2.2 alpha build, it uses the new astar class, and I think a few other new features in 2.2.

Thank you! You can destroy mushrooms by right clicking them, you get their full cost back, so there's no waste for accidentally placing a mushroom in a wrong spot.

The game is fun! The art and music is lovely. With more block types and mechanics it could be made into a really fun puzzle game.

You can download the whole project, put it in a folder, and then when you launch Godot press the button "Import", you can then browse to the project's folder and open it.

I don't have any tutorials, but I do release the source for my games! You can view the source for this game here. My other games include the source in their downloads, if you want to check those out.