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Game developed for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam (2017)
Submitted by Yandrako (@yandrako) — 9 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
I designed a system where the cycle of water is the main mechanic. As the dual purpose design I will explain how my game works:

The player is a cloud who has to be alive as long as he can in a forest with lots of fire. The only actions are movement and rain.

When the player(cloud) rains several things happens:

- If it rains long enough in a fire thats kill the fire
- As the cloud loose water have less weight so it can move faster
- Rain clouds usually are lower in height, so when it rains it also move upwards
- If it rains on a baby tree(root) for a while a new tree will grow in the place
- But If you rain all your water (you have a water bar) you loose the game

There are two ways of regain water for your cloud:

- There are several big clouds that act like tanks, are quite high so when you are short on water (you are high) you can go fast to a tank an refill yourself quite a lot.

- Each time you rain on a fire and extinguish it you gain some water because the fire evaporates some of your rain.

- While there are trees burning you gain a little bit of water overtime

- If a fire touch a tree it burns it, and creates a new fire, but cant burn the roots.

- Each action have several purposes for the cloud, so it has to choose strategically and with patience when and where to rain, because that act have many consecuences. Usually the player loose because it loose his water trying to do everything as fires grow in number.

- Even the fires burning a tree have good and bad consecuences for them and also the tree becomes a new danger for their fellow trees.

- In general I create a full system where a simple action like rain have lots and complex purposes that the player have to balance.

- I also had another element in mind, a cauldron, that would refill the cloud tanks only when the fires burn their water, but also the cloud-player would have to rain on the cauldron to refill their water. Sadly I didnt have time enough to develop that, maybe in the future :)

Third-party resources
I made all the assets (3D models, scripts, textures, particles, etc) except:

- Projector shader and blob shadow from Standard Assets
- Free Post Processing effects package from Unity
- FontdinerSwanky font from Google Fonts

I only ask for my friend Paula how to use some channels from Adobe Photoshop in the creation of one particle texture. Thats it.

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It's a really cool concept and it's really well executed. It just spirals out of control too quickly and you feel like you're spending all your time putting out fire and getting life.

I think if you added some end goal that is well communicated to the character, it could increase the tension and fun. Maybe you're trying to protect something in the inside of the forest and the fire is encroaching from the outside? Just a thought. Anyway, cool stuff.


Thank you! I totally agree with you, and other people also gave me feedback about the same problem at the end game so probably I would probably tweak some variables like fire respawning or something like that. In theory the goal is to protect as many individual trees as you can, but as you say there are fires everywhere and you all just trying to extinguish non-stop without strategy so I would tweak it. Thank you for your feedback! :D

This game was extremely unique! The management between getting water, putting out fires, and planting trees was really cool. However, I felt like I was just trying to put out fires the entire time. Every time 1 goes out 3 more start up. I just didn't have enough time to get water or plant trees. (maybe that's just cause I suck). To make the game feel better I think I would have large clouds kind of fly through the map periodically, instead of being off static and off to the side, it would kind of be like a breathe of fresh air to the player instead of scrambling off to the the side. Also, if the fires were bigger (or harder to put out) and less frequent I think that would also help the game feel a lot better. That way the player could plant trees more, then struggle to put out 2-3 big fires. instead of 20(+3 every 10 seconds) little ones. Also, I think if you added some kind of visual or audio que that the player was running out of water, that would help a lot. Since the water bar is tucked away in the upper right hand corner it's really hard to keep an eye on it. Moving it to the bottom left of the screen or bottom middle would help a lot. But also adding some kind of beeping sound when he player gets to 25% or something to let them know they're almost out. 


Thank you for your feedback! I agree there are too many fires at the end game, I will look into that. I thought about large clouds also moving but the problem is they will cover too much relevant elements to be in the middle of the screen. Ill consider have less fires and more difficult to extinguish (it used to be like that but I changed it for other reasons). I also thought about an audio-hint for run out of water but didnt find anything i like. Now the rain sound is less and less audible near the end but I see its not enough. Also thought about moving to the bottom but at the bottom there are more relevant information, I would test it anyway. Thank you for your valueble advices! I really appreciate it :D


The music is very good for it, very tense! and the sound effects fit it very nicely and communicate the game mechanics well!

The graphics are also simple but quite nice! brings focus towards the gameplay!

The gameplay is quite challenging, and while I started to get better at managing things as I played, I think it may still be a bit unbalanced. It seems almost impossible to grow lots of trees while also putting out the fires.

It could also benefit from a tutorial as the mechanics take a little bit to figure out.

Good game though! I had fun playing it!


Needs some audio to make it more complete! Nice 3d models!


Thank you! Sadly I didnt get enough time to do it for the Jam but yesterday I uploaded a version with audio, music and some tweaks to the gameplay. You can test it downloading if you want :D


You and I had similar ideas for this jam! :D

Fun game, I like the aesthetic.


hahah absolutely true! Almost the same concept with different implementation :D


Cant open it o.O 


Why not? Its just a .rar :(


my fault, seems winrar is to old for rar o.O I like your game though XD


hahaha no problem, and thank you! :D