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This game was extremely unique! The management between getting water, putting out fires, and planting trees was really cool. However, I felt like I was just trying to put out fires the entire time. Every time 1 goes out 3 more start up. I just didn't have enough time to get water or plant trees. (maybe that's just cause I suck). To make the game feel better I think I would have large clouds kind of fly through the map periodically, instead of being off static and off to the side, it would kind of be like a breathe of fresh air to the player instead of scrambling off to the the side. Also, if the fires were bigger (or harder to put out) and less frequent I think that would also help the game feel a lot better. That way the player could plant trees more, then struggle to put out 2-3 big fires. instead of 20(+3 every 10 seconds) little ones. Also, I think if you added some kind of visual or audio que that the player was running out of water, that would help a lot. Since the water bar is tucked away in the upper right hand corner it's really hard to keep an eye on it. Moving it to the bottom left of the screen or bottom middle would help a lot. But also adding some kind of beeping sound when he player gets to 25% or something to let them know they're almost out. 

Thank you for your feedback! I agree there are too many fires at the end game, I will look into that. I thought about large clouds also moving but the problem is they will cover too much relevant elements to be in the middle of the screen. Ill consider have less fires and more difficult to extinguish (it used to be like that but I changed it for other reasons). I also thought about an audio-hint for run out of water but didnt find anything i like. Now the rain sound is less and less audible near the end but I see its not enough. Also thought about moving to the bottom but at the bottom there are more relevant information, I would test it anyway. Thank you for your valueble advices! I really appreciate it :D