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Thank you so much! This is some amazing and helpful feedback!

thank you so much for your feedback! This is definitely something I want to fix in future updates!

I hope you're able to one day!

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Luckily, boxing them in does result in a game over screen! Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you so much for the kind comments! I am working on getting a fix implemented so you can't box the player in. However, I'm fairly new to programming so I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to do this! 

Thank you so much!

The concept here is great! I love the idea of collecting mail and avoiding mines with no means of actually destroying them directly. However, I feel some of the mechanics get in the way. I wish that I could control if I was moving or not. Having the spaceship move on its on was a little confusing, and also prevented me from making tight turns, taking away control. The music was a lot of fun though! Although, in a game jam context, when you don't have time to implement a volume control in game, I'd recommend setting the game volume on the quiet end so as not to immediately deafen the player.

The game was pretty fun to figure out and very punishing at the start. My biggest gripe has to do with the camera more than the core gameplay. Camera responsiveness and maybe being able to move the camera and character independently would be things I"d look into. Other than that, the core gameplay with a nice hide n seek game! Good job!

This game is adorable in concept! Would love to see it fleshed out a bit. It was a fun prototype and I could see it being  a lot of fun after being fleshed out more!

The game was a lot of fun mostly due to how humorous the potatoes were! Thanks for the laughs xD

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This game was very interesting to play! I love the heist idea! There seemed to be some performance issues the longer I played the game, but that might have just been my computer. Also the music was fantastic, but it unfortunately didn't loop for me. Love what you made, keep going! 

One last note: When the player is moving down the camera shifts up and the player's vision cone gets even smaller since the bottom of the screen cuts it off. Having the camera shift further in front of the player might be a little better in that regard instead of lagging behind.

The mechanics in this game are very interesting. Some fine tuning on the feel and visual feedback on the powers seems a little too tight / restrictive. Throwing the dagger felt way too fast and I didn't seem to have full control on where I threw it. The jump and the dash both feel very short. However, those last bits are more subjective. Overall interested to see where these mechanics go! Thanks for the game!

Thank you so much!!! I really hope to flesh it out over the next few weeks!

I really enjoyed being able to run past the enemies and not have to kill them, however, since many of the levels are laid out so the player is going from bottom to top, and the enemy AI seeks the player, it's easy to manipulate the enemies to end up sitting on the ground and that makes it easy to avoid their bullets using the platforms that are now above them. If there was something in the AI programming that said "If you're near a ledge, stop." so the enemy would remain on it's respective platform, it would force the player to have to deal with that enemy once the player made it to that part of the level. As opposed to bunching them all up at the bottom from the beginning and then just breezing through the level. However, the few times the AI did stay on their respective platform, it was really rewarding to zoom past them.

I'm entirely sure what the goal of this game is, but with a bit more direction, this seems like it would be an interesting strategy game!

The hitboxes on the enemies feels way too large, I'm respawning even when I'm nowhere near an enemy, which can be pretty frustrating.

When I try to run the game I end up with an embed error. I unfortunately can't try it out just yet.

The game was really fun and hectic. However, it was pretty easy to run past the enemies. If the enemies on higher obstacles didn't fall to the bottom, they'd have remained more of an obstacle. 

This game was adorable! I probably just missed it, but I wasn't sure when I could and couldn't dash.

Really cute game! Some on screen prompts like "click here" on the string would be nice. Either just on the first 1-2 interactions, or have them set to a timer if the player doesn't do anything after several seconds would be a great touch. Good work!

Thank you for your feedback! The dialogue is meant to emulate small talk with someone you're catching up with. However, there was a lot of dialogue that was cut. Our original idea was to have the conversation shift and change based on how stressed out your character was. However, time got away from us and we had to cut almost all of that out.

Thank you so much for the encouragement and feedback!

Thank you so much for your feedback! The music and sfx are definitely a lot more quiet than most the games in the jam! We'll try to strike a better balance in future updates!

yes! it was fun to make! Thanks for your comments!

This was a cute little puzzle game. Good job! 

Played this game on my stream earlier, fantastic little game! I hope you're able to continue to build on this and add to the iterations!

This game was fantastic! pure chaos. Great job!

I really wanted to play this game more because the concept was really fun, but the very fast timer that forced me to move or restart was pretty frustrating on top of the various different rules in each room. 

This game was extremely enjoyable to play. Great play, great visuals and sfx. Loved it!

This was an absolute chaotic mess of a time. I loved it. The hit boxes feel a little unforgiving, but other than that. You set the tone great. I know this take a lot of time and work, more than the jam allows, but I would love if the music dynamically moved onto the more chaotic parts of the song based on how many cars were "parked / crashed" 

I loved the theme of this game! Great story and a great message underneath! <3 For some kind of feedback, the pacing on the story felt a bit slow, but overall, great writing and art all around!

a really fun and chaotic take on asteroids! Great job!

This game was a delight to play and try to figure out. Thank you for the great game. Being able to "mark" on the map would be great to help you figure out where you are. 

This game was hilarious and fun, but the implications of the setting are pretty strange! xD

Yes!! Thank you so much for your support! <3

As the artists, it's refreshing to get some constructive feedback my side of things! I'll take this into account when updating the game in the future. I'm still fairly new to pixel art and how it translates into the game. Making sure that everything is clear and readable is a good design philosophy for accessibility. Thanks again for the feedback!

Thank you both so much! <3

It was a tricky decision to make because we want to be mindful of people who deal with these things in real life. However, I'm glad we made the decision!

Thank you so much for giving our game a try! The feedback is greatly appreciated. Once the jam is over, and my own anxiety has leveled out from this weekends craziness, I'd love to get back to this game, polish it up and give it the proper ending it deserves!

I agree, in the end we made the stress build too slowly, the triggers don't happen frequently enough, and it's too easy to resolve them. Hopefully we're able to fix that once the jam ends, and implement a proper ending!  Thank you so much for your feedback. It was a Jam to make!