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haha! yeah, it's not an issue on the gun level (although i didn't realize that until after i reset level 4) but it is an issue here.

Well it's better than my game, it's too easy! haha

Thank you so much for your feedback! I understand, I wish we would of placed the icon much closer to the pit, we placed it there originally so that the player would have to regenerate his torch to full light in order to see it. We're going to take measure to make it closer so it's much easier to see. Thank you so much for playing our game!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I totally agree that the game overall was made too easy by low enemy damage and overplacement of wall torches. and yes, the bottomless pit glitch is something we know about, it happens you run into a wall over a pit. we're working on a fix now. Thank you so much for playing our game!
Have you played this before?

This game was extremely unique! The management between getting water, putting out fires, and planting trees was really cool. However, I felt like I was just trying to put out fires the entire time. Every time 1 goes out 3 more start up. I just didn't have enough time to get water or plant trees. (maybe that's just cause I suck). To make the game feel better I think I would have large clouds kind of fly through the map periodically, instead of being off static and off to the side, it would kind of be like a breathe of fresh air to the player instead of scrambling off to the the side. Also, if the fires were bigger (or harder to put out) and less frequent I think that would also help the game feel a lot better. That way the player could plant trees more, then struggle to put out 2-3 big fires. instead of 20(+3 every 10 seconds) little ones. Also, I think if you added some kind of visual or audio que that the player was running out of water, that would help a lot. Since the water bar is tucked away in the upper right hand corner it's really hard to keep an eye on it. Moving it to the bottom left of the screen or bottom middle would help a lot. But also adding some kind of beeping sound when he player gets to 25% or something to let them know they're almost out. 

Unfortunately I didn't really get to experience the game. It just felt really punishing, and I didn't understand why. I didn't understand how much health I had. The controls just felt unresponsive to me. Jumping felt like  a waste of time since it was barely high enough to go anywhere. Also, I fell in the pit a lot, and would just die. It would make more since, and would add a little more strategy if falling in the pit looped me back up to the top of the screen. It's probably just cause I suck at video games, but I think with some fine tuning, this game would feel a lot better to me. 

This game felt very unique from many of the other entries, and it even started off very relaxing. However, as the end of the 1st week came and all throughout the 2nd week, it just felt like one giant wack-a-mole game. To make this game feel it's absolute best, I would slow everything down, the time it takes for plants to need water, the length of the week. However, I think if you left the amount of time it takes for a plant to wither the same, or maybe just a few seconds longer, and changed everything else, it would feel a lot better. I think the best "feel" for this game would be relaxing, yet slightly punishing. Even with a slower game, it would still be really easy to overlook 1-3 plants when a  bunch of them go dry/grow fruit at the same time. And you could always adjust prices to match the speed of the game. Overall, I enjoyed the experience until it just felt like a hectic wack-a-mole. But good job making a game! :D

This game is very much inspired by downwell in aesthetic and name and overall gameplay. However, i suck at games like these. I was also constantly looking for ammo drops and didn't realize you had to get hit by oncoming fire in order to reload. Personally, I hate that mechanic. I understand that it's a risk/reward mechanic here, gain ammo/lose health. However, I didn't find it very rewarding since most of the time when i would get hit I would just die. If the health bar was more 1 hit (from anything) = 1 dmg then that would of been better. However, the ticks on the health bar don't seem to mean anything. When you get hit by a small meteor you lose 3/4ths of your health bar and if you get hit by a bullet you lose almost half. Maybe it's just cause I suck at games like this, but Some balancing to the risk/reward system would  help this game go a long way. Thank you so much for making a game :D

This game is a very interesting puzzle game that definitely builds onto itself very well. The addition of a different ways to use and manipulate your hearts is really cool. The level design is also put together well for the most part. I enjoy how each level made me think in a different way. It was very stimulating. However, there were several instances where the level design felt more punishing than rewarding. My particular problem is with level 2. There was a section with 2 rows of spikes and a small cap in the middle (featured in the bottom left of the screenshot). Until I figured out I could run over both without being damaged by both, I constantly would stop in the middle, and would have a tiny pixel on one of the spikes and would keep dying. If you were to make the "invulnerability frames" more noticeable (the player flashes) and extend the invulnerability frames a half a second, then that experience wouldn't of been so grueling. I think I played level 2 10 times. Also, in the screenshot, if the player picks up a key before he gets to this key in the locked room, it becomes impossible for the player to pick up that key. It may have been intentional or just an oversight, but either way, it's really annoying to be forced to play a level completely over again (especially this one since i found level 2 to be the most frustrating) just because he picked up a key in the wrong order. Other than those complaints, this was a really well designed puzzle game, good job!

I'm really glad to hear you guys plan to further develop this idea. I definitely can't wait to play this one again! 

Very impressive artwork and game mechanics. The use of the dash to push stuff and deal damage. Although i'm sure it wasn't intentional (glitch or feature?) I really enjoyed when the enemies went flying 1000 miles away haha.  The puzzles gradually became more intricate which was great. I also enjoyed the death screen text haha very funny! The boss battle was also very enjoyable with it's different forms of attack. Overall it was a very good game!

There are however some things I think could be improved (all of us could obviously make 1 million improvements, but we have to be told our weaknesses to learn for the future). The movement was a little slippery, which was ok because this isn't a platformer, but I always like to feel like i'm in control of the character unless there's a meaningful reason to lose control (i.e. i'm sliding around on ice :D). Also the top/down perspective with the changes in height made me feel a little nauseous The combat also felt unfair, although the enemies flying away was satisfying, it didn't feel like a real fight. Also, there were instances where I was injured but didn't understand why. I saw that the enemies had an attack animation, but sometimes I would lose health when they were standing still and not lose health when they would swing at me. Those were my biggest issues. Some minor improvements would be to have the boss attacks come faster, and also to decrease his health by about 1/3 or 1/4. Since his attacks come out so slowly (and half of them are floating in the air) and you can only attack him right before or right after his attacks (if his hand is on the ground) the fight just drags on for a very long time. 

Although that was a long critique, I very much enjoyed your game, and i'm sure with time and practice you guys could make a very fun and enjoyable puzzle/combat game that feels like the old timey classics, such as Mario 64, banjo kazoie, and Super Smash Bro's (yes I just compared your game to some of the best N64 games of all time, because I genuinely believe it's true.) Very impressive game for just 48 hrs

Thank you so much for your feedback! I have learned a lot from this experience and hope to use it in the future. Thank you so much for playing our game!

Thank you so much for your feedback! Changes to the combat are definitely needed to make a better experience. This has definitely been a learning experience to bring into future projects or further developments of this one. Thank you so much for playing our game!

Thank you so much for your feedback! Changes to the combat are definitely needed to make a better experience. This has definitely been a learning experience to bring into future projects or further developments of this one. Thank you so much for playing our game!

Thank you so much for your feedback! Initially I did want to have a very minimal story in the game. Unfortunately, we simply didn't have enough time to implement it. I would still love to develop a story around these mechanics for sure!

Thank  you so much for the feedback! Yeah the level design can be a bit confusing, and the lack of a clear "ending" isn't very good either. The biggest room you come to at the end is the end of the level. I wish we would of added a credits for getting there, but we ran out of time. And thank you for the feedback with the combat. Combat and the amount of torches placed in the game seem to be it's two weakest points, which rests on my shoulders, so all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and I will learn a ton from this experience in any future projects or developments on this one. Thank you so much for playing our game!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I totally agree with you on the game being too easy. As the game's level designer, only after we submitted our game did I realize that too many torches were scattered throughout the dungeon, making them less valuable and needed, while also making each combat encounter far too easy. This is definitely something I will take with me and remember for any future projects. Thank you so much for playing our game!

Thank you so much for your awesome compliments and feedback on the game! I really enjoyed the process of weaving all the mechanics together and how interrelated they are to one another! And I couldn't agree with you more, as the game's level designer, I realized afterward that there needed to be far fewer torches scattered throughout the map. In playtesting (after publishing the game) I found out that if you stand by a wall-torch that you'll literally never die (unless you agroed like 5 enemies). So definitely something I will take away from this experience to use in future projects! And if I continue to work on this project after the judging is over I'll definitely make the appropriate changes. Thank you so much for playing our game!

Hey, Thank you so much for submitting this game! It's a really fun platformer, and discovering all the different ways you could move felt really rewarding. I wish there would of been some enemies I could of blasted and super punched, but I understand the time constraints :( Good job with what you have though :)

Thank you so much for your feedback! Yeah we really thought that idea was pretty novel and unique, however, the gaining and losing light is pretty subtle at first. Thank you so much for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I could of spent more time making the combat feel heavy, it just feels really flimsy right now, but that's the point of this game jam, to learn. Now I know a better direction to go for the next one! Thank you for playing.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Yeah the bottomless pit glitch is something we know about, it happens when you dash into a wall over a pit. Not sure what's causing it, but if you avoid the walls before dashing over a pit then you're golden! Thank you for playing

I like all the mechanics used by just shooting, however, if you simply fly backwards the entire time you'll never loose, you'll be hit by a stray square or two from behind, but other than that you'll have a large mass of squares following you because they move slower than you. Even with the stray squares that will pop up behind you as you run into them, they aren't nearly enough to counter your fast health regen. Nice concept, just needs some balancing to encourage the player to fight more.

1. make a successful kill worth points (right now the game just gives points by how long you survive)
2. Make the blocks faster
2. Make more blocks spawn 
3. Make the shots bigger

This game is a mini masterpiece, it's subtle, yet direct humor along with funky, old-timey saloon music perfectly encapsulates the visual theme the team was going for. Along with having 1 mechanic do everything in the game, and then turning around to subvert that very mechanic is amazing. Good job :)