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Clever concept and very cute design!! By the way, first thing I did was going to the abyss xDD Controls could be more refined but not bad at all considering its a game jam. Also for that difficulty not so sure about the time though.

Thanks for playing the game! I totally agree with you, I know the camera should be smoother and dont bug after first death, and also I had in mind to make a cd for the disk and a sensitivity option, but as you said not much time xD

First, thanks for playing the game! The pull option is very useful to escape, create a golden disk anywhere with space bar and pull, so you can move around the scene avoiding the enemies.

Thank you! I totally agree with you, and other people also gave me feedback about the same problem at the end game so probably I would probably tweak some variables like fire respawning or something like that. In theory the goal is to protect as many individual trees as you can, but as you say there are fires everywhere and you all just trying to extinguish non-stop without strategy so I would tweak it. Thank you for your feedback! :D

Thank you for your feedback! I agree there are too many fires at the end game, I will look into that. I thought about large clouds also moving but the problem is they will cover too much relevant elements to be in the middle of the screen. Ill consider have less fires and more difficult to extinguish (it used to be like that but I changed it for other reasons). I also thought about an audio-hint for run out of water but didnt find anything i like. Now the rain sound is less and less audible near the end but I see its not enough. Also thought about moving to the bottom but at the bottom there are more relevant information, I would test it anyway. Thank you for your valueble advices! I really appreciate it :D

Thank you! Sadly I didnt get enough time to do it for the Jam but yesterday I uploaded a version with audio, music and some tweaks to the gameplay. You can test it downloading if you want :D

hahah absolutely true! Almost the same concept with different implementation :D

hahaha no problem, and thank you! :D

Why not? Its just a .rar :(