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The lighting is really good, I like the atmosphere it creates. 

The controls are hard to use. I couldnt make the stone move unless I moved the mouse way to much, which destroys any precision. Giving an option to set the sensitivity for the mouse would solve this problem.

Cheers :)

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The graphics are just the standard unity assets. Only in there so you can see whats going on. Im sorry that it was looking that bad, but I really just wanted to play around with the idea itself and not worry about any art for it. 

There is a valid strategy which allows you to dodge everything early on. Later on its about dodging as much as possible. I fear the strategy is to hard to find if only played for a short time, which the game is made for.

Thank you for taking your time to play my game and to give me feedback as well, it means a lot to me!

Nice, then you just have to upload 1 thing. Thats the dream ^^

Intriguing is what mark probably would say about this, and I agree! :D 

It reminds me a lot of the mechanic in celeste. Where you can do an air dash once, and if you hit a gem you can do it again. There is something about this that is really satisfying. Sometimes the game is to random, leaving me optionless. So an option could be "jumping on (some) enemies". Which could be really hard to do, but really usefull (high risk, high reward). Also giving me a bigger dash bar would be really cool, idk when but at some point in the game :D Making me start with 3 out of 5 health feels bad. It feels like your punishing me right of the bat. Maybe dont show how many lives I can have hmmm not sure

Apart from that it was really fun to play it, gave me cool ideas for future games, so thank you a lot for making this game :) Cheers

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You marked the file as windows, mac and linux. But I think your file cant do that (Im just assuming so I might be totally wrong here. If I am please tell me how you made a file for all 3 platforms). I guess its just a windows file, since its a .exe If you're using Unity, you have to change what your building for. One of these options is for windows linux and mac, but in that option you can still pick which one of these 3 your building for. 

I think a flipper always gives you the possibility to get the ball back up, if you react fast enough (unless it goes throguh the middle). 

But thats boring to me. So mechanics that allow me to influence the ball while its up, like you did, are really interesting to me. But if I can influence the ball at all times, I should be able to do something fun with it. "High risk high reward" and "low risk low reward" elements should be in it. That probably means redesigning the flipper though. Maybe the current flipper has that, but I cant really see these. They should be visually distinguished from each other and show how they are low or high risk areas.

I think I spent to much time with your game, but I really enjoyed it. Its really fun to always have a random mechanic that you now have to play with. Would be nice if I have to make the best out of each mechanic. So maybe having 3 lives and each a different mechanic, and at the end you get the score, or the mechanic just switches after a specific timeframe.

Well done :) Cheers

You're definetly right about that. Should have put more effort in that, instead of other less important things. Thank you :)

Did it in 24h XD I wanted to do more with the levels. Like climbing up a slope which has a more than 90° angle D: Ran out of time. I thought the start wasnt to slow paced since players would learn the mechanic still, but I guess it was to slow paced :D 

Thank you!

Generally I like the concept its really fun to run away from the enemies with my towers. Its refreshing since Ive never done something like that! But I think there should be a possibility to kill the enemies. Not with towers! Maybe some enviroments kill them, so I have to bait them into those.

The camera could help me more. Its pretty hard I think, but the camera is never where I need it (because Im occupied with building). It would be better if the camera follows me. Meanwhile I can give it a offset with the WASD movement that you have (which works, but can be expanded upon). Also the camera could be between the enemies and me, so that the camera tells me who Im running away from.

Well done on that entry, cheers :)

Less health on enemies would be nice. Not changing who I am after I beat one, and continue with my health would be a possibility then. => Defeating someone without loosing hp is a high priority (to defeat as many enemies as I can), but you could add something like "if you defeat the enemy within 5 turns, you can reroll one of the cards. Apart from that the its a card game with gambling elements well done on that :)

I think in a shooter you would get more enemies that also move towards you. It felt like a puzzle to me :/ 

But as a puzzle game it was pretty good! You have to understand what to do and then time everything good, or else you will fail. Thats prety good Design!

I would love to go further when I charge up my attack. Well done

Then I did understand the game, but the bug confused me (since it told me gameover when I should have won). I didnt notice the help button ^^

I didnt get the health system. Thats all. The game is to solid to criticise anything else. Well done

Escape should definetly not end the game XD I dont know how far I was, but I wont redo, because I was probably at hte last level. Holy you got a lot of levels! 

I think you could have started out slower with all the different mechanics, I felt a little overwhelmed. I didnt have any problems finishing the levels since you designed them well. But at the same time it was to easy (you just walk through the level basically. Which makes sense for a platformer, but the puzzle part was to simple. Great entry!

You can make the bullets bigger, at least as big as the head of him :D That way its easier to see them and to dodge them

I didnt get it. I dont understand what Im supposed to do. In level 1 I get different results, while doing the exact same thing. First white then grey, gives me a win or a game over- First moving grey then white only gives me game overs. In the following levels I didnt understand why I won or lost. I stopped playing at level 5

I did. I stopped at 1800 so that you can still beat it ;)

Uff wouldnt have had a theme without it thanks a bunch man!

 Now I like the controls, now they really do feel like pedaling ^^ My bad I didnt realize, thats how you control it. Maybe the wrong way to do it (holding  arrow keys) shouldnt be possible at all then.

Oh wait, thats how I lost. I thought its them hitting me, after I throw a bomb at them. XD

Well they just take of with the chest, maybe instead they open it. Also instead of saying "Game Over" you can say "they took your chest, Game Over". And when the explosion kills you, you can write a pun or something ^^

Good job right there! Im just gonna get to the point and count up the things you can do better. Not saying you didnt do good, which you definetly did.

In level 1 I had a hard time finding the path since the paths look like walls do. 
When using the shotgun and railgun, the purple enemies needles are everywhere. I thought the needles could damage me (they should have their color change, like a purple enemy killed by the assault rifle, or they do damage me).
The visuals looked good, but they where all over the place. Especially the boss fight was really messy. What I mean is that I couldnt see the enemy bullets, because of all the visual effects (mainly explosions). And if I cant see the bullets, then I cant dodge them. The visuals look good though, its just to much at the same time.
With the railgun, the best option is to hide behind walls and shoot everyone from afar. Enemies beeing able to destroy walls could solve this.

In a week you made a fun and solid game, well done!

I like everything about the game, apart from the controls. They are really sluggish, and dont feel like riding a bicyle.

I like your game. Heros beeing a threat after beeing bombed is cool, but it took me quite a while to understand that I died to them.

I feel like space would be better for jumping and dropping bombs could be "s", while "w" can still be jumping (if you dont need the key, just give it a mapping that another key has). Since its Unity, you can create buttons. Instead of hard coding "Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space)" you can say Input.GetButtonDown("Jump"). Then you can say what jump is in Unity, and when I dont like it I just change it.

A really good entry it is!

I thought that Im on team Floating points, and now after playing the game for 5 minutes and reading the name I realize I was the dealer o.O and I still dont know what my goal in the game was. Also I dont know how I created troops to sell. The idea is really creative and I like it. The mechanic, just beeing selling units to one side to give them the upper hand is really cool. Maybe it should have a drawback, like the other side gets mad at you and then does idk. 

Anyways you created a fun game there, well done :)

All the things you said are spot on, and help me a lot.

Thank you for the criticsm and kind words, I appreciate them a lot!

Hey there, I made a game for the ludum dare 40. Its called super coin here is the link:
I would love to get some feedback on it! 

The game is a 2D top down shooter. The more health you have the less damage you deal.

It got a global highscore so maybe you just want to be the best? :D

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Hey there,

about the first part you wrote, all that was given birth because of the bad level design. Stopping and returning was supposed to be able in some parts, but that was just if you would be really good.
Running wasnt supposed to be mandatory, it was supposed to be a "too fast" thing, which you use to accelerate. Holding the run button was supposed to be a short thing, of some seconds. I just didnt get the numbers right in time for the runspeed and walkspeed.

Sorry for the inconvenience that all that caused you. I took notes, and I will do better next time. 

Thank you for playing, and even more thank you for taking your time to write all this!

See you at the next game jam :D

No thank you for mentioning it.

Everything I did in this game was new to me, so the time was over before I could start tweeking the numbers and change the movement a little to make it feel better. Your the first that realized how weird the jump is. It would be a lot better with a mario jump ^^

Thanks for playing, and for your feedback :)

Thank you so much for your patience and time! And thank you for playing :)

Now there should be a mac version :)

ya I made a stupid mistake now it should work XD

No its actually vice versa :D You dont have to help me :) I do this, because this wont be the last game I make. And they should definetly work on all platforms that I think they would work on. Thanks for your help!

I now uploaded a Linux version, please tell me if it works.

Yes I sadly didnt think about that :/ At the end I ran out of time a little and didnt test loosing/restarting XD Its possible to win though :D

Thank you! 

Nah I wasnt frustrated, it was a game made in a game jam after all. I dont expect everything to work ^^
Well mine only worked once, because it involves hitting a rock, and ignoring another by just driving over it.
I dont have the commands anymore, I didnt save them since they only worked once :D

I had a lot of fun playing your game well done. The polish makes the slow pace feel good, instead of boring.

2 things I would like to say:

First: Did I get the record  if I did it in 7 steps? A leader board would have been really good.

Second: Just mentioning it if you didnt notice, the little robot is moving a little different everytime.

I'm done with another game Jam now I got time to figure this out. If you have some time on yourself could you help me out?
Can you open the windows version? If not, what kind of file type do you need? Its supposed to work but - I guess Im doing something wrong - I dont know what to look for.

Thanks for playing :)
Wanted to use cinemachine since I really like it ^^ Was my first time doing a 3D game :D
The thing with "where should the character face was confusing :/ She faces the direction, her movement vector is facing. I guess it should face in the direction you want her to move towards instead.

I think the ice should have some visual feedback, to let people know why it goes down so that they anticipate and understand how it goes down.

Thanks for pointing these things out.

Thanks for the criticism. I will keep that in mind for the next one. And I will check out that video :)

The one version should be for windows, linux and mac. I dont have linux or a mac so I cant verify, but it should work on all of them.