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That was not what I was saying. I did understand that the goal was to get as much money as possible. But at one point you have enough money for every card playable. Which takes away making decisions since you can now just play every card.


Hey there,

I like your UI popping in and out and how everything is where it feels right.

I would love there to be more interesting choices with the gameplay though. After 10 rounds I had more money than I can spend. There are no more choices at that point. And the differences in the options is more about guessing and being lucky. 

Well done overall especially on the atmosphere created with the visuals and the music giving it that comfy and casual vibe.  

Not much to say. A lot of levels with different mechanics to progress. Each taught well. I always was curious how to beat this one and never got frustrated since it never took to long to figure out. At the start I felt that some levels had the same mechanic which made the start feel a bit dragged out. Especially since it takes a while to put thought into action. Not sure what leads to that or maybe I just felt that it is that. Im like the wizard right now just thinking with a question mark over my head. Really liked the story and how the powers were introduced! Well done!

Yo that song is a jam! It gets me into a thinking transic vibe. Loops really well too. 

For platforming I personally preferprefer my horizontal velocity not to be slowed that strongly when in air. And my jump to be a bit higher to make platforming feel better and also easier. Since the focus is not on tight platforming.

I had problems figuring out how to move the blocks. Yep I didn't read the wall of text controls :) To make it intuitive you can indicate the direction the block would move if I press lmb, with the mouse becoming an arrow pointing in that direction. 

Once I figured that out it become a lot more fun! Before I was struggling with that while really digging the puzzles that you created with that. They are really smart and have multiple solutions. I really like that for puzzle games. Well done!

That's is really helpful feedback, thank you! I really appreciate you taking your time

Traum! Einfach direkt da, Traum!

Finally had the time to play it :)

First thing I did was eject every passenger in a glorious fashion. I think they are alright. I didn't yet know anything about the game, just felt that was the right thing to do. 

After playing it a good bit I really like it. Pathing around is really hard, you gotta be fast and know where to go. But you also have to be on your toes, because the fastest path might break. I think the breaking was feeling quite random though. It felt out of my control ... I see what you did there. Clever. While it hits the theme it didn't feel great. On the other hand taking care of the whole spaceship was chaos and it felt out of control as well. But that I liked a lot. I assume because it wasn't feeling random. It was so much to do and think about at the same time that it felt out of control but I was in control of being out of control. Often I would fix a pipe, just to see it break instantly afterwards. 

When it comes to ressource management this game and post really helped me out a lot, so I leave this to you for some food for brain:
I think the ressources that are fastly depleting should be accesible more easily and the things that take longer should be harder to access. With the current layout I had a lot of fun and especially for 48h this is amazing!

One thing I didnt understand was the energy of the bus. So when things are broken do they influence it? Or is it just the number of people in it? 

I really enjoyed playing this! It made me go "man I really wanna make a game like this too now". Thank you for making this and sharing it! Well done

I agree, thank you!

Oh no! You don't have to shoot the puppies! You can also jump on them. But don't worry, they just play dead. They come back up once they can't contain their excitment any longer. Thank you for the feedback

Yo I respect this so much! Good job

Dont worry I was planning to do so, just no time today :)

I didn't think about adding "Coyotte time" but I definetly should have. Thank you thats good feedback!

First of all, thank you for your kind words and your thoughts on the game its highly appreciated. So here I am to return the favor.

I like the fact that you just drew / wrote the tutorial down but still "animated" it. I feel like the animation is a bit fast but on the other hand its on the beat! It's really slick.

The game crashed on me when my archer killed an enemy. It happened around fight 7.

The game felt like a roguelike and reminded me a lot of slay the spire. I like the mechanic with getting more people as you progress, but also being able to loose them. That makes every encounter important and every decision count. 

Right clicking to read up what an ability does is important! Without that I would have not understood anything. Which is good and bad. There should be (hard / impossible to do in 48h) some indication for where people will move to, where an attack will hit, etc.

The logic of the dices was only understandable once I read what they do. The controls are meant to feel out of control and that is really cool! I also feel that there is not much that I control with every dice though. Sometimes there been 4 dices that did nothing (for instance no one is in range to attack but I only got attack dices). Which is RNG and also alright, but above that I feel that there could be less dices with more impact. Attack could be linked to the movement dice. Which creates the decision "Do I move everyone forward, which puts someone out of position? If I do that I would also kill someone though". Then I would also be able to kill enemies on my side. At one point an enemy was in my "base". Not sure if you are familiar with shogi, but it felt like shogi at that point. In it most units cant move backwards to much, so I was left with my archer being the only one able to kill him. Which took 5 rolls.

I really like the mechanics in this. I wanted someone to do something like this! Thank you for sharing and letting me see that idea come to live, it was fun to play. Solid game, well done!

Thank you for the feedback, suggestions and positive comments, they are highly appreciated! " ya'll need to get into making games cuz this is adorable" we are :D We work on a long term project right now!

Thank you for the feedback!

Your feedback is helpful and highly appreciated! The suggestion with gusts of wind, instead of constant wind is really interesting! Thank you a lot for taking your time to play our game and giving us your thoughts on it!

Just what I needed after 48h of working hard on makng a game. Just me watching my chicken empire grow. With the way numbers are, chickens are the best and cheapest. Haing more people to collect isnt worth a lot either, since money doesnt disappear over time or becomes less valuable. So just having one in there collecting the money at some point has the same value as 10. Other than the numbers teh game is great. Just me relaxing, I really like the gold sound. Well done

Pressing space for getting to the next text was not obvious. I thought I can move at the start and was wondering why W,A,S,D doesnt work for me. The visuals look good and work well with the music, they definetly set the mood. And having to find the path is cool but the random levels didnt feel great. It felt random where I have to go, with no logic behind it. So I really had to search for it

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Jump is W, changed the how to. thanks for noticing

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Hey there, here are my random thoughts about the game.

TLDR: Nice game

Long Version:

No tutorial. Nonetheless I didnt feel lost. It was easy to find out what I can do. I hate tutorials that tell me what to do, exploring on my own speed is a lot more enjoyable. It would be nice if the "first enemy after 20s" timer, would start once I build the first room. That way I can just explore for a while. Especially since the game loads for a while for me, I might load it in the BG and tab back into it to find my dead crew screaming for help or something like that.

I didnt realize that there is a UI in the bottom right giving me info about the rooms until I played the game a 4th time. (I failed often and miserably)

The story with the whale polluting the world and the jellyfishes fighting it was really cool. I like the artificial whale vs natural jellyfish. Thats some good contrast. And when I played it, I did understand some of this. The pollution becoming more the more you upgrade is a really good tool for the pacing of the game! I think it could be shown with some particle up the whales ... behind. It could reflect how much the whale pollutes and why there are more enemies coming and creates more contrast between the bright world and the whales darkness. Or is it all accumulating until the whale finally has a toilet?

The camera was my worst enemy. Zooming into something to upgrade was hard. Enemies would often come so zooming into a room will make me unable to shoot them. I feel like the camera movement itself wasnt bad but slow.
Allowing me to fastly see where I want to be would be nice. I personally just use cinemachine. I let it follow an object. The Object goes somewhere between the mouse and the center of the action (the whales center). Meaning I can fastly look anywhere with the mousemovement. Right clicking and zooming would be hard though. I guess you would have to repick the center as the room you clicked on. Even though I would prefer not being completly zoomed into one room. That way I can upgrade and shoot at the same time.

The camera gave me flashbacks to super mario 64. As in the game is really good. Getting the camera to show what I want feels bad. Still I want to play the game for the game made me engaged from the start and kept me planning, executing and strategizing with it's fast pace until I died. There are many things to do and they work well. The points I have to spend on upgrades or rooms all make sense. Never did I feel "why is this so cheap" or "why is this so expensive". It actually inspired me a lot to overwork the ressources in the game Im working on right now. Really amazing job on that! It made me come back to beat the game several times as a gamer. And as a Game Designer it gave me some food for my brain, it made me curious, interested and even more important inspired! 

Took me some time to put this in here, but we made a game for the LD Jam 46. The theme was "Keep it alive".

 The game is about a princess that finds a baby dragon. She then takes care of it. In the game you have to find apples and unicorn horns to feed your dragon. It warms you up in return, which is neccessary since it is really cold out there! 

Check the game out if you feel so inclined :) 

Also we got a lot of good feedback! I will sit on the game for another day or two to work on all these things to make it more smooth and good feeling. Change some small things here and there. But if you have more feedback for us, please let us know. We always appreciate criticsm and honesty!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your kind words! I havent heard of the GDWC but Im gonna check it out!

Thank you thats good feedback, I appreciate it!

The lighting is really good, I like the atmosphere it creates. 

The controls are hard to use. I couldnt make the stone move unless I moved the mouse way to much, which destroys any precision. Giving an option to set the sensitivity for the mouse would solve this problem.

Cheers :)

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The graphics are just the standard unity assets. Only in there so you can see whats going on. Im sorry that it was looking that bad, but I really just wanted to play around with the idea itself and not worry about any art for it. 

There is a valid strategy which allows you to dodge everything early on. Later on its about dodging as much as possible. I fear the strategy is to hard to find if only played for a short time, which the game is made for.

Thank you for taking your time to play my game and to give me feedback as well, it means a lot to me!

Nice, then you just have to upload 1 thing. Thats the dream ^^

Intriguing is what mark probably would say about this, and I agree! :D 

It reminds me a lot of the mechanic in celeste. Where you can do an air dash once, and if you hit a gem you can do it again. There is something about this that is really satisfying. Sometimes the game is to random, leaving me optionless. So an option could be "jumping on (some) enemies". Which could be really hard to do, but really usefull (high risk, high reward). Also giving me a bigger dash bar would be really cool, idk when but at some point in the game :D Making me start with 3 out of 5 health feels bad. It feels like your punishing me right of the bat. Maybe dont show how many lives I can have hmmm not sure

Apart from that it was really fun to play it, gave me cool ideas for future games, so thank you a lot for making this game :) Cheers

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You marked the file as windows, mac and linux. But I think your file cant do that (Im just assuming so I might be totally wrong here. If I am please tell me how you made a file for all 3 platforms). I guess its just a windows file, since its a .exe If you're using Unity, you have to change what your building for. One of these options is for windows linux and mac, but in that option you can still pick which one of these 3 your building for. 

I think a flipper always gives you the possibility to get the ball back up, if you react fast enough (unless it goes throguh the middle). 

But thats boring to me. So mechanics that allow me to influence the ball while its up, like you did, are really interesting to me. But if I can influence the ball at all times, I should be able to do something fun with it. "High risk high reward" and "low risk low reward" elements should be in it. That probably means redesigning the flipper though. Maybe the current flipper has that, but I cant really see these. They should be visually distinguished from each other and show how they are low or high risk areas.

I think I spent to much time with your game, but I really enjoyed it. Its really fun to always have a random mechanic that you now have to play with. Would be nice if I have to make the best out of each mechanic. So maybe having 3 lives and each a different mechanic, and at the end you get the score, or the mechanic just switches after a specific timeframe.

Well done :) Cheers

You're definetly right about that. Should have put more effort in that, instead of other less important things. Thank you :)

Did it in 24h XD I wanted to do more with the levels. Like climbing up a slope which has a more than 90° angle D: Ran out of time. I thought the start wasnt to slow paced since players would learn the mechanic still, but I guess it was to slow paced :D 

Thank you!

Generally I like the concept its really fun to run away from the enemies with my towers. Its refreshing since Ive never done something like that! But I think there should be a possibility to kill the enemies. Not with towers! Maybe some enviroments kill them, so I have to bait them into those.

The camera could help me more. Its pretty hard I think, but the camera is never where I need it (because Im occupied with building). It would be better if the camera follows me. Meanwhile I can give it a offset with the WASD movement that you have (which works, but can be expanded upon). Also the camera could be between the enemies and me, so that the camera tells me who Im running away from.

Well done on that entry, cheers :)