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Great, thank you for playing !

I didn't find a documentation about variables, I  figure out how to use variables myself. Those are the informations I was able to learn so far.

Variables are use to store integer or float. I tried with string value, but it didn't worked (it just changed the variable value to null).

  • Change value: Anywhere you can write a dialog line : {a = 1}. You can do some small operations like {a = a + 5} or {a = a * 2}, etc. Float value also works: {a = 1.1}, {a = a + 1.1}.
  • If you use a variable you didn't create in the editor before running the game, the variable will be created, and then removed when you stop the game.

Here's a simple variable use:

Hope that helps!

Sweet! Thank you for the coverage :D

Thank you for your feeback!

You can make small jump and big jump while walking or running, but being able to modulate the height depending of the time you pressed the jump key would be way better, I'll had that in the todo list!

Removing the running key, and fix the moving speed at the current running speed is something I added in the possible gameplay modifications.

I planned to create the levels again, possibly from scratch. That's probably the main issue of the game right now!

Thanks for your comment!

I indeed plan to work on a post-jam update, at least to fix the horrible unfair difficulty :p

That still sound complicated, especially when you have little to no time to explain the mechanics to the player. I would have stick to the matching mechanic. (but that's just my beginner advice ofc :p)

That's one fun little party game :p

Good job, kinda reminds me of Kingdom.

That's one way to realod aha.

really fun game, good job.

Honestly not bad for your first game. Controls are smooth, it makes the game enjoyable. I'm just not sure what items I was supposed to hit (beside avoiding the other truck :p ).

Good job, I like the idea!

(The game froze when I chose "Change" during a battle (I didn't transformed at the start of the battle))

That was fun, nice job !

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Grab your gamepad, the game is now downloadable!


I couldn't fix it, but the problem doesn't show up in standalone builds, so I'll leave it like that for now. Again thank you for your help !

Boss fight!

Also, you can see the time slowing mode in action is this gif.

Thanks, it looks better now!

Although now my UI seems to not follow exactly the position of the camera, always 1-2 pixels behind:

Thanks for this, it helps me a lot.

I have a question: I set my Canvas Scaler of my UI to Scale with screen size, at ref res 64x64. But it seems it does not match the 64x64 resolution. Witch make sense I guess: the UI is rendered in front of the main camera, not on the 64x64texture. Is there a way to render it in the target texture?

How do you handle this?

Question time (its in the title!)

I'm asking because the game I'm making for the jam is kinda hard to play with mouse and keyboard (at least right now), (it's like a twin stick shooter, but in a side-scrolling platformer, with 2 weapons, jump and run key...) so I'm worried if people will be able to play it!

Thank you for your time.

GIF TIME! the first one is a platform level, the second is a battle one!


I'm thinking of doing something like this: you can fire 3 arrows, then you need to go back to normal mode and wait the and of a cooldown (maybe 2 sec) before entering time slowing mode again.

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So here's my project for this wonderful jam. I'll try to describe my idea as best as I can:
This is a action plate-former, you can attack with your sword or with your bow. The controls are similar to a twin stick shooter game.

There is a "slow passing time" mode, so you can easily aim and firing arrow to slain your enemy while the passing time is halved by 2.

But it doesn't mean it will be easy! This will be a die 'n retry game style, so be prepare to be outnumbered by the swarms, fall into trap and .. well, to die a lot!

I hope to create a fast paced, fun to play game!


Day 1 (2 august)

  • Player moves and sword attack

Day 2 (3 august)

  • Player can aim and fire arrow
  • Monster with limited AI
  • "slowing time mode" triggered when aiming
  • Drew some sprites for the player, a monster and some tiles for the map
  • Display level from a XML file (edited with Tiled)
  • So right now you can : play one level, kill a monster or be killed by the monster and retry the level (there's a lot of physic bugs)

Day 3 (4 august)

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Transition between levels
  • Timer
  • Reduced the tile  size from 8x8 to 4x4

Day 4 (5 august)

  • fixed bugs zzz
  • Cooldown added on time slowing mode
  • Various features added...

Day 5 (6 august)

  • Visual feedback
  • Added mob spawners/turret
  • Worked on keyboard and mouse controls

Day 6 (7 august)

  • Added optional bonus to each level
  • some level design
  • I'm finally able to make gifs !!
  • Best time per level is now saved
  • Start menu + level select menu (with best time and % completion)

Day 7 (8 august)

  • Minor fix
  • Drew some levels!
  • I messed up the UI scale. need to fix that D:

Day 8 (9 august)

  • a few fix
  • some new features
  • still struggling with the UI
  • 12 levels and one boss in total

Day 9 (10 august)

  • changed the color theme of the game
  • player animations
  • a lot of bug fixed
  • and level design...

Day 10 (11 august)

  • some fix, as usual. I don't really keep track of what i've make now

Day 11 (12 august)

  • Yay, bugs fix!
  • Add a Pause menu
  • Add sounds
  • aaaaand the game is playable now!

Cool, thanks. How do you use this? You just run autotracker.py alone with no parameter(s)?