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Hello. Thank you for this fantastic assets!

Am I allowed to make modifications? I mainly want to add and modify the player animations.

Thank you for playing :D

The blue tile is the water (a lake probably :p)

I actually started i sighlty enhanced version, with better ui, better explaination, and a button to skip set the timer to zero (to indeed speed up the end). never finished it tho.

It freezes after the difficulty rises right? I'm gonna fix that today, sorry. Thanks for playing!

I was playing the webgl version indeed.

Good job. The game plays really well and satisfying. The transition between two floors is a neat addition too.

That was pretty fun! Nice cut-scene and well animated.

A little buggy tho... the dash does not always work as I expected. Also I got stuck in the pit in the screen right after I got the bow.

I didn't encounter any fish,even after walking around the town :( but based on the gifs, the fish design probably add weirdness and unsettling feelings, on top of the sounds design and graphics (which is a good thing for that game! :D )

Thank you for the stream! here's my game :

A charming entry!

Silly indeed! 

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I think you need a restart button after the Game Over.

About the attack, the hitbox is fine, but the sword is very small. So you should make the sword sprite a little bigger. 

The jump physic is a little weird too. The jump force is a little brutal, you should try to smooth the curve.

Still it's rather enjoyable to play. Nice art and music too. (apparently you use license free asset, but still nice!)

I escape the maze!

However I'm afraid the resolution is not the one requested for the jam (64x64). Here's a resource to make 64x64 bitsy game if you want:

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That was an audacious choice to split an already little screen in two "games". Neat GB graphics. Good job.

Neat little puzzle game. Well done.

I like how punchy the game feels. Simple and satisfying to play.

The view controlled by the mouse is a little weird. Maybe reducing the sprites size to display all the level is the screen, and keep the screenshake for the feedback would be better. But that wasn't too bad!

Good entry.

Smooth controls and physics, it feels great to play. I wish my gamepad works with this game!

I didn't find the flashlight (I guess there's one, according to the gif!). 

Nice pixel art and good base for a top down game.

Took me a while to understand how to plant a seed (> put the seed in the tool list). I loved the visual and the UI is readable (which is a challenge in 64x64 resolution!)

Scary! The sounds and the character you encounter make it a good unsettling ambient.

You select them in the turn list. Sorry if it was unclear !

As I said before, nice pixels, good job to the artist! 

I think the camera should be oriented so the character appears in the corner. Because the view is narrow, it's hard to anticipate enemy.

Overall, the controls are pretty smooth and it's fun to play. I also like the message boxes. Readable and their are not stopping the player movement, so it's not breaking the game flow. Good job!

The walking animation is very cute!

I think the room should be a little smaller. Sometimes I had to search for the last enemy. That being said, that also might be a problem with the restricted resolution.

But overall it was fun!

Great graphics. I don't think you could make it more minimalistic. :p

However the physics make the controls very hard. Also I often fell accidentally in the bottom, making me reset the level, which was a little frustrating.

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That's original! I didn't get how to sell my first restoration :(

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The first time I launch the game (linux build) it seems it was detecting the "right" button ad the camera kept rotating. It was fine the second launch!

So there is just dummies and a door?

The wall make it difficult to see whether there a path or not. However, you did a good job fitting the UI in the low resolution (the portraits + the menus).

I enjoyed it.

I think you should had some checkpoints, because it's frustrating to fall all the way down to the beginning and having to start over again.

Thanks! Hack ability switches 2 "actors" places in the turn list.

Nice use of pico8.

However I have a technical issue with the mouse (on firefox). I believe it's a problem with the default html player of pico8. I myself solve the problem by using a custom template:

Clever game mecanisms, and the graphics are candies for the eyes! I like the catchy music too :p Solid entry!

That was hard! I didn't beat the game... There was just one orc on the board, I corned him and then the game froze (probably because he couldn't move). 

Nice minimalist strategy game !

I get some Nuclear Throne vibes on this one! :p I had fun playing it, gg.

I just tried again on Chromium, and the controller worked this time! I'm on Ubuntu and I was playing with Firefox 61.0.1 yesterday. I have a Logitech f510, which is similar to a Xbox gamepad.

That's a charming little game! A little confusing, I gave up the search at $4.75, but I liked the graphics and pixels.

Really fun! It's both fun to play and really good looking.  The character jump and land animation really add a good feedback to the experience. 

I stupidly died at the second boss :D I wish I could play it with my controller (it wasn't detected, I was on the browser version, I don't have windows, ), I would enjoy it even more!

It's out !

Really nice art. Also looks fun :D

Good job on making and finishing it!

Thanks. Stuffing the UI in a 64x64 res was indeed a challenge !

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Dev status: done. Play it here.

This game is a turn based tactical game.

You control 3 spaceships, to complete a mission you need to take down every enemy spaceships. The game is broken down in 12 missions (selected from a list of ~ 40missions), with increasing difficulty.

The final score is equal to : total life points * 100 . To get the highest score, you need to finish the game without taking damage, and also extract the life points from the planets you will occasionally encounter. To achieve that you will take advantage of your squad abilities:

  • Ship 1 : Move fast, has an attack ability
  • Ship 2 : Support. Move slowly, cannot attack but can grant a shield to a friendly unity. A shield prevents any damage once.
  • Ship 3 : Move moderately fast, has an attack ability. Also has Hack ability. Hack allow you to manipulate turn orders by switching two characters places in the turn list.

Planets are also friendly units. They can launch a nuke, which is a powerful attack that strikes at the beginning of their next turn.

Screenshot1: Gameplay
Screenshot2: Reallocating life points between two missions
Screenshot3: Hack skill demo

Looks great. I'm interested in playing it!