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Could you mark the OS of the files (win/linux/mac) so it can be downlaoded through app?

Thank you.

I like how cute your "monsters" are. Both on graphic and sound aspects!

Thank you! I'm adding those bugs to fix in my todo list.

Thank you for your feedback! You're making a really good point. I'll change "weak" to "critical" in post jam update.

Thank you!

Yes you're right, since pico8 is a fantasy console I used the pico8 button glyph, as the player plays it with a pico8 controller :p next time i'll also add "Z".

Thank you for playing!

I think i fixed the infinite keys in a update just before the deadline. Unless i mixed up the uploads...

Thank you for reporting this. I'll fix it in post jam update. You can still run through from this corridor and avoid combat in this area.

Thanks, I located the issue!

Sorry to hear that! Do you remember what was the error?

Thank you!

The first instructions are just about the card swipping, you can always hover the mouse cursor over the Level and your Life/Choco to have more informations. (but basically, you end a fight with at least 1 choco > level up!)

Yes it works now, thank you. I had a lot fun!

Looks fun, but i don't understand why most of the time i'm making very short jump :(

Yeah card are canvases so it was hard to modify the actual damage. I made it that way before implementing the formula, so it was too late to modify aha

the formula is : (damage on card) + (your level) - (your opponent shield)

There was a typo in the script. I fixed it so i could play anyway aha. It's a really good base for a shoot em up game, good job!

(Error: sprite.lua:1: Could not open file spriteSheet.png. Does not exist.)

The resolution is really big (my screen is not lol) so it was hard to play. I beat the easy level tho!

(1 edit)

I have 50/19 chocolates with fridge update, i feel invincible :p . Weirdly addictive, I like it.

Made me chocolate hungry ...

I scored a 8000ish on 48, but i don't think that's really that high (still my highest ahah)

Wario ware x chocolate factory!

Very polished entry. You don't see voice acting in jam game often :p

simple and really fun, good job.

my character move super fast and jump super high, it feels super glitchy. i was able to get out of the world. looking at the gif that wasn't intentional right? i tried both .love files

I'm bad at puzzle games, so i didn't go too far (i stoped just after moving the first "4" block). However i admire the work you put in the design of the world. it's huge for a 2 weeks game!

Could you check the box "windows" for the downloadable file? (so i can download with the app :p )

I'm on linux indeed. It works now, i'll play it tomorow, thank you!

I see what you did there 

Well done, that was adorable

The game is super small for me (both on firefox and chrome). Looks fun tho, i'd like to play it :D

the bug still showed up. maybe because i was trying to put the block on top of another? i'm not sure.

I was able to play the game anyway. Well done!

Very nice! I had to watch the screenshot to understand the axe mecanics. Also i could go to level 2 without reach the door.

I was really fun, nice animations and feedbacks!

I got this bug :p i was carrying a block and tried to put it somewhere (at the start of the game)

Sounds fun, but it looks like i went out of level when i switch to 2d, right after i got the ability. Well basically i was moving right in 2d view and i crossed the wall...

Very nice! I like that the game saves, so i can keep playing in several days :p

what does the yellow things do?

Hello. Thank you for this fantastic assets!

Am I allowed to make modifications? I mainly want to add and modify the player animations.

Thank you for playing :D

The blue tile is the water (a lake probably :p)

I actually started i sighlty enhanced version, with better ui, better explaination, and a button to skip set the timer to zero (to indeed speed up the end). never finished it tho.

It freezes after the difficulty rises right? I'm gonna fix that today, sorry. Thanks for playing!

I was playing the webgl version indeed.

Good job. The game plays really well and satisfying. The transition between two floors is a neat addition too.

That was pretty fun! Nice cut-scene and well animated.

A little buggy tho... the dash does not always work as I expected. Also I got stuck in the pit in the screen right after I got the bow.

I didn't encounter any fish,even after walking around the town :( but based on the gifs, the fish design probably add weirdness and unsettling feelings, on top of the sounds design and graphics (which is a good thing for that game! :D )

Thank you for the stream! here's my game :

A charming entry!

Silly indeed!