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Echo ChamberView game page

Wizard roguelike made for 7DRL
Submitted by Jon Topielski (@jontopielski), mafgar (@mafgar_online) — 6 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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The music really adds to the overall experience and the art is simply stunning. It's evident that a lot of care and attention to detail went into creating it.


A polished and fun entry here. The cycling of the weapons quickly becomes tactical, and the learning process with the weapon types and enemy paths feels very roguelikey. Choosing the spawn point is a neat twist, and it has me thinking several moves ahead before the game begins. Love the palette and pixel art, 8x8 and bouncy two frame animations look great. Great job.


I could definitely see how the different sequences would lead to different playstyles, really fun!

Submitted (2 edits)

Nice game. I like the planning mechanic, even though I it stopped just before becoming truly interesting (The curse of most 7DRL games ^^). The strategy to stay in a corner and TARATATATA works a bit to well :p I liked the boss fight, though, because I actually had to plan things.

Graphics and sounds are nice. Good work :)


The planning for comboing several upcoming spells feels great. Nice design!


I think we coincidentally made a very similar game. I really love the music and the tileset is hilarious. The gameplay itself is easy to understand and hard to master. Great game!

Looks good and plays good. I love the forced rotation, but I'm one of those full-keyboad nuts. Having said that, the overall design is very applicable for a great mobile RL.


It's hard but nice and great looking !

very rewarding


Very polished entry. I only got one time to the last level ... and then I died. xD
The only enemy attack I found most painful was the archers arrows.
Freezing was one of my favorite attacks because it blocks enemies.
My basic tactic was always hide in a corner and defeat all opponents one by one.


Really pleasant and clear aesthetic. I was wondering how multiple spells would work in the interface, and liked the alternating spell list implementation. Nice job.


really fun game, love the whole aesthetic and omg the snakes so are deadly!

Loved it

Deleted post

Amazing Jam! Very addicting gameplay. I like picking your spawn point and the powerups. The teleport powerup is such a cool idea. The music was also very pleasant.


I usually disable music on start, but yours was an exception, really loved it. It is very polished so attacking on the mouse was unexpected, but not really a problem after knowing it.


Nice graphics! Very roguelike.

One little thing: Having to switch between mouse and keyboard did not feel good. Just mouse or just keyboard would be nice.


I love the pixel art on this one. The sprites and the details all around the level really make the whole screen alive.


Super solid entry here. Aesthetics are great. The powerups are perfect and gameplay is addicting. Really really nice work.


Awesome music and sound effects! I like that you can pick the starting point of your run. It took me some time to figure out the right use of the spells and the meaning of the symbols. Nice entry!