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Ahah well yeah…

I touched it a bit since the jam. But not much ^^. Thanks for playing :)

If I ever update this game, I would certainly post a changelog (if not a devlog) on this page. You can follow it if you’d like :p

Thank you for the ideas :)

I didn’t think of adding passive perks to some triggers. Maybe I didn’t find it “elegant” enough. But for the ember, that makes sense. The alternative can be to give risky triggers a higher power value.

I totally agree that a ton of work can be done through level design. So that different builds can thrive in different regions/biomes/rooms. Maybe having information about the future regions or boss, so that you can adapt your build. Genes that can give you better access to these information…

One other thing that could be improved is that the enemies don’t really use their perks. And most of their build are totally useless. So they feel at the same time very samey, but also force the player to carefully look at their build to avoid being one-shot by a rare loop. I tried to introduce “species” (= enemies that share some genes), but it actually made the game boring ^^ so I don’t know.

Yes I can totally see easily activated genes as a high-value legendary gene ;)

Hey thanks for the commment :) Glad you had fun! It is great to read your experience :D

Ahah yeah, summons can lead to chaotic or completly stuck states ^^’

And you are right, terrain-related triggers (among others) are too rare to be useful. Since some others can easily be activated once per turn in any situation. So no reasons to choose them. Maybe the solution is to only make triggers hard to activate. Or add a power value that would be used by the effect part, to balance the rarity.

Maybe one day I will come back to it to make a new version :p

Oh wow. Very nice game. I feel the Cogmind inspiration and that’s a good thing (for me). I like the feeling of being safe when I have a token, but that accessing a terminal cause an alarm which invalidates it. I also like how different “world” brings different resources. And that each room has its use and its color.

I didn’t get to the late game, but there seem to be interesting stuff there, too. I will watch Kyzrati’s video :p

My favorite 7DRL of this year so far. Congrat!

Got to the end! The skeletons are actually quite cheesable ^^

(I played your game for judging. But the reviews were lost => here’s what I remember of mine)

Nice entry. Actually not a typing game (you need to type but the game doesn’t measure how good you are at it).

Gameplay-wise, I think the balance is a bit hard. I tried several time and died without even running out of any of my letters, I’d just throw the most powerful attacks and still die eventually. It seemed to me the enemies just hit too hard. At the very least, I did not figure out how to come prepared to face the level 3+ foes.

That said, I loved the concept. Using letters as resources is really interesting. I liked the process of infering which spell is the best, depending of the letters it needs. There are common letters and rare letters. Short words and long words. Words that need multiple of the same letters. 26 letters might be a lot to track, though ^^

The UI is very helping at that (remaining uses, proposals of known words => I just missed the auto-complete :p)

Also the fact that the basic commands are not the same between runs is a nice touch for replayability.

I also liked the humour.

Good job :)

(I played your game for judging. But the reviews were lost => here’s what I remember of mine)

Honestly a very fun game. I am impressed with the quality of the UI, it just works how I want it to. Good job on that.

I played both the jam and the updated versions. I’d say that I like all the changes you made. Especially:

  • more weapon variety. Melee weapons!
  • big nerf to shields, they were really OP ^^
  • my favorite: the part that makes you dash

These really targetted the complaint I had with the jam version: the very static gameplay (big shields and pew-pew-pew). Now this is less easy to stay in one place, and I have good (and fun!) reasons to move.

So great entry, and great design decisions for the update (in my opinion). Have a nice day :)

(I played your game for judging. But the reviews were lost => here’s what I remember of mine. )

Nice original entry. UI is readable and visually pleasing. I really liked the idea of two modes, with my actions in one having consequences in the other. On the other hand, the gameplay fell short in my opinion:

  1. The game is easier and easier the more letters I found. The only real time I can die is after a couple of tries if I fail to find enough right letters. If I managed to survive the beginning, then it is impossible to die.
  2. There is no choice apart from the Wordle gameplay. Notably, the dungeon mode is very easy to analyse and find the optimal play.

=> What if the spawning was inverted? The more found letters, the more monsters. But keeping the 6 tries limit. The difficulty would increase instead of decreasing and this could bring some interesting choices. => Another idea: having consumables that can be used in both mode. For example: a hint (Wordle) or healing (dungeon) My intent here is again to add interesting choices: When to use it? A hint is always hepful but maybe I will need it later to heal.

That are only some ideas. I hope this review is constructive and that it will be useful to you :)

I agree with Trashcan’s comment. Is there a end to the game? I got to 250 coins. Also, the game is very generous on oil, I had 2000 oils at the end. Maybe because I found that killing spider is easiest in corridor with only one pool of oil.

Nice game :)

Nice game! I think the optimal play is to have only two offensive elements (since they are basically the same, I just want to alternate between two of them). Maybe if they had different identities, the choice would have been harder. I only played 3 levels, maybe later there are differences.

I really like the Input system. It is so fast to execute the actions! The display is very simple yet very good at presenting all I need to know.

Good job :)

Oh OK. Yeah that’s why once a monster fleed from a gunshot. But it didn’t work with the others ^^

That are actually big and useful differences (at least regardingthe pistol and light).

Maybe having hints on what there are would make them easier to spot (I didn’t see it anywhere). Because for us, players, it is actually even more work than for you, since we also have to guess what are the possible types of monsters.

I managed to go out with the orb, with the strategy of speed running through the level until the north outer wall.

Note: you can see out of your fov thanks to the mouse :p

I like the idea. I didn’t really grasped the identification thing (and that is certainly why I didn’t really know why some of the things followed me, and others, not quite as much). I also found hard to see which cell is in my FoV (not enough contrast between the grey and the black).

The stamina management is interesting, too. The fact that I have to wait to resplenish it forces me to hide, instead of just running/walking/running.

Good work :)

I tried to install it under Manjaro, it failed with undefined reference to 'wl_proxy_marshal_flags'. :(

Also, there is the .git (150 Mo) in the archive, I don’t know if this is necessary (I don’t quite know how git submodules works).

It is true I didn’t quite understand everything, but I think it is really not far off being a success. Maybe with a bit more tips in the description to help understand the Power system (which seems to be important to be able to fight the spirits). I guess maybe the end is not implemented yet, I didn’t manage to get the 5 clues.

Anyway, the presentation is top notch. I want to play it just to see the graphics and animations :)

Thanks for the review :)

Yeah I really didn’t wanted to make another of those “match-3 minigame + X” games.

I also think the moments without timefreeze feel a bit bad and powerless. You’re right in that you can avoid them (I hope ^^) and that it is part of the challenge, but it can feel like a death by thousand cuts.

Glad you like it and I hope you had fun :)

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I won!

I won! It is addictive :p

I settled on having lots of life gain and precise weakness cycles. Then, I tried to always have 3 colors in potions.

But I feel that with the wrong start, the game can’t be beaten (only minuses, or one color doesn’t have minuses). I rerolled quite some times.

(and I cheated a bit: when you pick a + or -, if you quit the level faster than the animation, the modification is not taken into account, it helped to avoid unwanted minuses).

Awesome work! On Pico-8, I am impressed.

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Nice game. I like the planning mechanic, even though I it stopped just before becoming truly interesting (The curse of most 7DRL games ^^). The strategy to stay in a corner and TARATATATA works a bit to well :p I liked the boss fight, though, because I actually had to plan things.

Graphics and sounds are nice. Good work :)

Cute game.

I confirm it is nice to know which entities are weak, since Bretzel > Chips > Fries is much less logical (to me, at least) than Paper > Rock > Cissors.

I haven’t really felt like I was making impactful choices. It is a very tactical game and there is often only one good solution. It is nice to understand how to be good, but after that, I found the execution very automatic and arbitrary.

That said, I can see the you put love in the game :) The graphics, sounds and music are great.

Nice game :) I got to the end. It was far easier the moment I realized that the power-ups refresh at each hole ^^

The level generation primarly based on tile length works well. I also tried to kill the slime with the ball ._. The song is neat. The risk vs reward strategy of golf indeed mixes well with roguelike elements :)

Good job :)

Nice game. I get the chess feeling. My strategy was to have the most possible moves (and beam and bombs are strong). I didn’t quite remember what each enemy do, so I mainly just clicked everywhere until I find a safe place ^^. Good job on this feature by the way.

Really well executed game :) I didn’t really get when the dice values go up or down, or what are the stars here for. But I really like the graphics. The sounds and music are also neat. The game has Broughlikes vibes while having a bit more flexibility than just moving: it is a sweet spot for me.

Good job :)

On web. Camera is hard to get right. I find it nice to have a wide view, to appreciate the ambiance and know where to go. But when I move or fight I really struggle to see what’s happening. I mean, I technically see, but, I don’t manage to be precise enough. I easily fall or miss an enemy’s attack.

Maybe two modes with one much more zoomed in for movement and fight, and the current one to look around?

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The camera is very rude to me :( It is quite far away from the player and oftentimes behind a tower :/ It doesn’t go well with my playstyle of running rather than fighting.

I also got spawn-killed, once T.T

Good job anyway, it is quite a challenge to make a 3D game in one week. I don’t know how far I got, I had a shield, a sword and jumping boots (but died just after, trying to use them, it didn’t seem to work?). I really liked the style and the humor. And the fact that you chose Godot <3

Thank you :) glad you liked it.

<3 <3

Thank you :)

Ah I see your point. Yeah that is a good idea actually. But I would need to find a way to prevent cheesing it (repeat 1 turn freezes to build up an infinite freeze).

Thank you for your comment :)

I appreciate that the juice is effective. I put quite some time in it :p

Thank you :)

Yeah moving diagonally is key ^^. Maybe I should have shown that in the tutorial.

Aaah ok! I didn’t know how to eat corpse either. When I pick up something, it is written you yank a XXX ("1). And this “1 didn’t do anything. Is it supposed to be @1 ?

And I think I did have a magnet equipped ;)

That’s so hard T.T

I really love the concept, but the vim movement keys are a pain when you don’t know them. I code is VsCode with vim keys, but I only use half of it (and not the movement keys).

Maybe having a cheat sheet on the side. At least I had fun with Vimtutor :p

I think a link to your game could easily be showed in the vim manual as a way to learn vim keys :D

Some remarks:

  • I didn’t find out how to use scrolls :/
  • marks should be visible
  • I got blown out of the blue by a landmine, there is a way to avoid that?

Good job :) Really coherent design around a weird idea.

So beautiful! Very good work on map generation. I first though I HAD to find all gold. But no. It is actually hard to just reach the exit ^^. I’m not quite sure how to cross that lava river. I need to bring those red things one by one?

Thanks :) Yes, it is too easy once figured out. More a demo than anything as of today ^^

Thanks for the post :)

Totally, we would love to add environmental interactions.

Right now I was thinking of how to make each run feel distinct, not just chaotic and same-y. For example, adding species of Blops (generated each run), with similar DNA, to orient the player build (who better knows what he or she will find in the future).

But in testing, it causes the game to be much more repetitive. Maybe we should just add tons of genes. The different possible builds could be enough to make each run feel different. I don’t know ^^

Thanks :) Glad you had a good time.

Ahah yeah, I didn’t tackle the balancing, yet. A summon limit could be a solution.

I think onWait and onTrigger will need to go, too powerful and consistant. Or maybe become a reward for a hard optional challenge/boss.

Thanks for the comment :) Glad you had fun :)

I like the style of your games :) Simple-strategic-boardgamy.

I also find them quite polished. May I ask you what tech you use to make them?

And they seem mobile-friendly. You could add the tag on itch so that we can play on smartphone.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I look like see where this can go, too. I’m thinking about it :p

Really nice game :) Not so hard once you understand what’s happening. My method is to finish my move with zero energy as much as possible. To refill each time the ennemies move.

+1 on the softlock with the sword.

Haha. Nice one. To be completly honest, we kept it because we found it funny to find blops with onLoseLife:HurtSelf.