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im scared I just got 666 coins after a round and I see a demon outside my window help

adorable i love it some of the dialogue made me laugh like the bear one

this is clearly not everhood but the gameplay is that of everhood end game

great game a good challenge the only thing I truly wish was there is a nice end scene pixel art of you and the final boss looking down the mountain with maybe your level, death count, kill count, and time and also more gameplay was nice but the amount their is turns out to be fine because it takes a while to learn the boss patterns but still a really great game bravo

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beat the game and feel proud. also right now healer+snowball should be meta ngl it carried me through the start

very rewarding

I enjoy this game a lot it was fun creating my character build and the boss at the end was a fair challenge it felt very refreshing and rewarding to play great job