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I think we coincidentally made a very similar game. I really love the music and the tileset is hilarious. The gameplay itself is easy to understand and hard to master. Great game!

Great roguelike! I finally won! Every enemy is unique and interesting, and the game is challenging enough without being punishing (except for the one time I was spawned in lava next to a dragon)

I think this is one of the more polished traditional roguelikes I've played for 7DRL, good job!

Cute game! It's cool that you take sokoban aspects and apply it to a turn based peaceful animal collecting game. The interactions and different "AI" states the animals have make it feel like the ecosystem is alive.

Love the style, and all the details, like the waves coming up to the shore. It all looks super good! I had trouble actually killing anything but it turns out it's pretty easy to outrun them anyways  😄

Great job, it was a fun little game to play through

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I really enjoyed the game, it's a cool play on the name n-body and it's a nice polished casual game.

Very fun, love the bounce. Makes for fun gameplay

Good idea, if I could have done one thing to make it better it would have been an indicator of what missing parts were left.

Thanks for the feedback 🙂

The remote is put together automatically once you find all the pieces (remote shell found at robot HQ, button, transmitter, and batteries)

Sorry I didn't make that very clear, thanks for playing!

Helionaut sequel about finding your lost tv remote

Great game, I should have played this earlier! The weird space is really clever and well done, it adds another layer of complexity to just exploring the dungeon.

Yeah this was slightly inspired by Carrion. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

Fun little game! I like that you can sow seeds under enemies it's like hold on one sec can you move your foot I gotta plant this real quick

Holy cow this is great, once I figured out how to play it's just an awesome feeling grinding through enemies lol

> I barely got in win and lose conditions and a few tactical options. It is totally unbalanced, but the physics system makes it fun for a few minutes

I think this is is okay, I think especially for a jam it's okay to have just something fun and nothing else

This game is pretty difficult, but I had fun trying! It's a fun concept and it was well executed

This is a perfect game jam game, it's short and fun, super cool! I would love to see this expanded on a bit with items and new enemies or something like that.

Also ape ecs looks like a nice library, I'll have to try it out in a game soon

The game looks really cute! Also it's cool that you're combining gardening and dungeon crawling together, nice job!

Glad you enjoyed it  😄 Thanks for playing!