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Mito community · Posted in Epochs?
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Hi there, yes epochs were an experimental feature. The original intent was for you to populate a new tile every epoch. Unfortunately I've stopped development on Mito, so it is left in a "sandbox" state where you can get as many mutation points as you wish. I encourage you to try playing by the original intent, or to find your own rules that make sense for you!

Glad you enjoy the game! Sorry about the bug bug. Mito is no longer being developed but the game is open source at if you would like to contribute! 

Makes sense, I did see the numbers changing! Yeah I guess I didn't really care what damage type my wands were, nor what the enemy type was. I know it was something about the color, but the only difference was "click them a bit more/less" to me?

This game is freakin sweet. I'd definitely play a mobile version of this all the time.

Great aesthetic, nice gameplay and decent UI!

Fun combat! Wands felt powerful. I could feel some of their identity but wish there was even more differentiation. The elemental damage types I didn't really notice; they weren't super clear to me.

Nice! I got a storm build going which was actually quite fun. The game started lagging unbearably after round 5-6, something to do with particle effects I think. I wish you could choose your starting deck, or get rid of certain cards so you can optimize your build.

I enjoyed this quite a bit. Captured that pokemon feel of seeing new creatures with an arguably better capture mechanic which I thought was really well implemented. I would've liked if the creature AIs played a bigger role!

Really polished and fun!

Hmm, the "play once a day" thing works for Wordle because (a) you get 6 tries and pretty much always succeed at the end, and (b) the rules are simple enough someone can pick it up without needing to learn mechanics. The limitation here just makes me frustrated.

Interesting idea! I couldn't understand when I took damage. I also found it difficult to use the procedurally generated music in any strategic way. 

Cool art! The visual shader was interesting but a little noisy. 

I liked the visuals! I wish the fish catching had more of a skill element. I liked how you had to think about the predatory fish eating your catches.

I could definitely see how the different sequences would lead to different playstyles, really fun!

Really fun! I liked exploring and how the map felt like there was content to find

I can tell there's a really cool game here! Unfortunately the camera and combat made it quite frustrating and I couldn't ever get past the starting point. 

This was quite fun! I enjoyed all the different spells. The difficulty scaled up significantly. I would love a balance patch and to try new builds!

Ha! May have tuned enemies too much the other direction. The main ways you generate more power are by levelling up your player or your engines, but I presume you understand that in general. Is there a specific terminology that's confusing?

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Just made a big visual update, what do you think?

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. That's an interesting tactic I haven't tried before. Just added a big update that does include scarier enemies later on!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! What took you the longest to get?

That intro animation is realllly fantastic. The music and animations are also very sick!

I laughed out loud when I saw the character do the physics jump and roll

Really great animations and audio!

Super into this! HOMM is one of my favorites and you captured that feel of looting resources really nicely

Great concept! It really created that feeling of "walking around" the map

Really great idea! I had a ton of fun with it

Hey LordDoge, I haven't had much time to work in it lately but will try to get around to updating it sometime soon. Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for trying it out! I think your experience was probably the norm for most people; improving the instructions and ease of play is a priority. Cheers!

Yes for sure, deleting/modifying cells is a highly requested feature. I've been thinking about save/load! Thanks for playing.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! 

Thank you between2spaces for your kind words, glad I could give you an enjoyable experience :)

a) A turn counter is a great idea; some way to recognize and reward high efficiency play (which is what I enjoy trying to achieve) .

b) You read my mind! I think it'd be great to have multi-game progression with the fruit somehow "transferring" the traits. Thanks for your suggestions.

Glad you enjoyed it!

1. Yeah it is frustrating to not be able to pick up sugar, but this is kind of intentional to model "drowning in water" so to speak.

2. Maintaining roots is part of the challenge of the game, but I agree it could be more fun/interesting; I'm looking at adding sugar transport, or maybe make roots not require energy but e.g. only hold 1 resource.

3. Yes accidentally building is very annoying, definitely want to improve it.

Agreed it gets a bit boring once the plant reaches sustainability; I'm thinking about end-game challenges that would really add to the fun. What do you think would be fun once you've reached that stage?

Yes, resource deposits are something I'm considering, probably with a slight nerf to normal tissue carrying.  I'm probably going to add sugar transport somehow, maybe as just another tile type, unclear. I would love to see a competitive plant building game! Someday... :)

Apologies! There was a bug in the sugar rendering that's now fixed - it should look like these yellow dots:

It might not show up since the website might be cached - try doing a hard-reload on the page if you still don't see it after today. 

Let me know if that's working now.

Glad you enjoyed! I do have some plans for more buildings, more variety, a few more challenges. Almost everyone complains about the transport tiles so I think we'll do something about it. The sugar are little yellow dots, are they too hard to see?

Oh wow, haven't seen that before, glad you found it. I wonder if there's a way to override that on my side...

hmm, do you have any browser extensions that might doing that?

Sorry to hear that. Which browser/OS are you using? You might not have WebGL enabled.