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Wordle as a roguelike. Made for 7DRL 2022
Submitted by st33d (@st33d) — 2 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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This game is original and simple. I love that. 


Really polished and fun!


Very enjoyable, definitely roguelike, well-implemented and an interesting twist on the concept.


Super Fun! I liked the additional layer of complexity the word puzzle element added to the core hack 'n slash gameplay loop. The spells were interesting too and all were of significant use.


Discarded letters as monster generation is really clever. A fantastic entry all around.

A bug? Got skin after skim. S K and I appeared on green and attacked me right away.


This is a ton of fun. The difficulty ramps up steadily as non-word letters are introduced. Survival means you will inevitably be forced to use combat to escape, but paying attention in these frenzies to solve for the target word is crucial as the levels progress. It took a moment for me to get a handle on the ranged attack, but I quickly realized it is essential for managing your movement in these small grids. Really clever, excellent job.


Great, one more wordle to keep up with. I'm just kidding, this was super fun!
I like to think I'm pretty decent at word games, but this one trips me up. Sometimes you know exactly what the word is, but then you're fighting for your life so you can never get to put it in. It's frustrating, but in a good way. Surprisingly challenging!


Awesome presentation, very satisfying sound effects while playing. I liked the match word/rogue like hybrid. The game profited from it and it did not feel out of place. More than worthy entry to the jam!


Nice choice of small words, because it is really hard to think over the pressure of mean letters hitting the shit out of you. Loved that it is an original take over a overly beaten mechanics. Good job!

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This is a great adaptation of an existing game in a way that makes sense as a roguelike. This is the only Wordlelike other than Squabble that I've seen built around "keep guessing words until you die", and the turn-based nature of a roguelike is also a nice mechanical callback to the ponderous nature of Wordle as a game. It's kinda funny, for a game so small with such a specific gimmick, it pulls in a lot of core RL features. I love this.


A really nice fusion. And very cleanly polished implementation. Feels good. :-D Just I am not good at playing it :-(