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Good sprite work. It felt kind of slow, I think it really needs a background to give 'context' to the movement and solve that. Keep on it

Cool entry! The stars scrolling feels kind of weird and that's a big ass hitbox on your ship. God job.

haha the snake is vicious

Took me a couple tries to figure it out, but even that was cool.

This game is though, the enemies were always getting me from the back and they can pick up the knife too!! Anyways, good job.

Pet rocks are so lovely <3

Really good entry. Both the "hydrant" and "barrell" setups are really fun to pull off.

A challenging game. I found the auto ledge-grab a bit annoying, it got me killed several times. Making it dependable on key release(for example), would add a tiny bit of depth by giving more options to the player. Good entry.

...and here I was thinking writing code was the boring part, hehe, btw I should mention that I'm not familiar with Ren'Py, Twine, Inform 7 or any other of the usual tools, but this being a one month jam that's pretty much a none issue.

I'm open to VN, twines and any form of stricter/looser simulation. As long as you don't want to go 3d and/or expect me to write some crazy custom parser I'm game.

There are some games I've done for 24/48 hrs jams at orion-black.itch.io