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I like the concept of offering your body to continue the journey with another body.
A bit sad.
The Environment was also really plesent to watch and was great introduced by the bright sound when you enter it. I had only two problems. #1 I needed a really long time to notice that I can dash in the air, which is helpful at some part.  That frustrated me a bit. Maybe you show a bit earlier that you can or should dash. It would helps the player to remembers that to dash is a possibility to overcome large areas.
And #2 was just a huge fps drop when I looked to the pink round gas plants.

Hey I would like but your link doesn't work.
I just get "This invite may be expired, or you might not have permission to join"

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Love this one.
Great game feel. Bad emotional feel.
And after testing several keys on my keyboard,
I've discovered a short cut to ... win the game
It's ctrl+w
The w stands for WIN.

Here comes also some kind of advices to you. (Couldn't find a way to text them you directly. So this text you can delete after reading it)
I saw your Kickstarter campaign a few minutes ago (because I watched yesterday the stream by Thomas B.) and I wanted to support you. But at first I wanted to play your demo to support my decisision for the donation.
So I've played it and it looked really good what I've seen but the framedrops were really high and because of this the controll was really hard for me.
I have nearly two years experiences in failing by making games and I've learned a lot. One advice for you is to test your game ever on a more worse device as the one you develop it on.
Because there are many players out there which don't have the best hardware.
For example, I had problems with the framerate of your game, but I make games which run totaly fluent on my device BUT I had in the past two years some players (during game jams) which had devices which were more bad as my device. Keep this in mind. You can prevent this by adding a menu with graphic settings.
And I don't know if it came from the framedrops but I had the problem to overcome the stone jump obstacle where you have to jump over 5 or more stones in the water.
Sometimes it felt that the jumping was not so correct and I've never finished this obstacle because I was frustrated after a few minutes (yeah I did'nt got further in your game :/ ).
Keep this also in mind that you don't challenge the player too much at the beginning. Maybe two or three stones would be enough.
I wanted to support you, because I think you can improve this but your campaign is down huh? :/ Maybe it comes back later?
Well, you should really focus on your demo because you could eventually lost players/donators for your camapaign.
I hope you can understand this bad english by me. xD
Anyway, I'm looking forward to see more of your game soon. :)

I've played your demo. The music and the art style is really pleasend.
The clouds are also well done (This was the reason why I've played your game. :D)
I'm looking forward to further development.

Unexpected philosophical ending guaranteed. :D

Oh Sey, your timing scares me a bit. You have created something good.
It was a really havy experience for me and I also felt captured by my emotions while I have played it. Maybe I've played it to the right time and maybe if I would have played it to another time then it wouldn't have had the same effect to me. I don't know.
It's strange how so simple things can push you to think about your situation and life.
Currently my favorite game by you.
Thank's for this.

Cool little game which toggles my brain on. :D
I really liked the short story about the characters. And are the sounds by you? I mean meeeeeeaaaah! Lovely. xD
But at level 7 I had the problem with the perspective. I have thrown away 4 lifes to figuring out where in the room all the pillars are.

A wonderfull tittle world that makes me feel far away. Thanks for that. :)
One question: exists more ways to use the items you can collect? I have only discovered a different dialogue with the alchimist.

Your character face scaling made my day. xD Fun little game. The sound are also very lovely.
I also taked the maximum amjount of friends one time and it was a bit hard because the bullets(bubble things) can't go through your friends and you have to go away from your friends to hit the monsters.

I downloaded you game from the play store on my samsung galaxy s5 but after the startscreen loaded I couldn't do anything. :/ I clicked on the buttons and also an the tutorial sign but nothing worked.

Well, that was a short and wonderful clap experience. :) I really liked it,  expecially the octopus. :D Thanks for that.

Really relaxing game. :D I liked the mood which was transported through the music and the great environment design and also the little cleaning animation was very pleasant to watch.
I wonder, can I interact with the aquarium? I tried to interact and I also picked a piece of wood and clicked again, but nothing happened.

More time needed?

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To all jam friends: Stay healthy. Don't forget to eat enough. Sleep enough. Make beautiful things with a clear mind and take the easy way.

Have fun! :D

You can start with the planning from now on. Only the game should be made during the jam time.
And if you have maybe some assets, which you've made before the jam starts, you can use them too.
For me game jams are more a kind of  "how can you put all things together in a possible time to create a good game ".
And do not think too big. :)

I really like these wacky physics of the camera and the boxes. :D At the first play I didn't  saw the door handle. I know there was a text but I realized this at first at my second try after I closed the game and restarted it. Your game is not finished or? Because the counter said 0 but nothing happend. Or was this supposed to be? Should I feelt that I'm a slave of my work? How devilish. :D
And I've found a secret place where I probably not supposed to be ... xD
(I pulled the door down when I stood inside)

You know your game is tough like a Dark Souls boss.
I  tried sooooo many times the 5th level. I wanted to give up but my heart said no and so tried it again and beated this damn level and I feelt so much satisfaction in me.
The following levels were than really easy to me. I would say that I'm now a master of Stuck Souls. :D

Thanks Wallace. :)

Really relaxing game. I like it. Especially the movement of the birds. And the effect when you fly over water is also really nice. You can do more such things of beautiful points for the player experience. Like whirling tiny leaves of the conifer. I also like that the clouds are reflects in the water.
But you should increase your clipping. Looks a bit odd to see a mountain growing and shrinking.
Anyway, was a really baeutiful experience for me. Thank you. :D

One of your most beautiful games . Reminds me a little bit of the game Flower. The best moment was for me when I catched up with my light friend again and have done these cool spiral rolls. The next highlight were the additional friends around me. I guess they are friends. It felt like it. :D

The one thing I found a bit odd was that at the beginning you were pushed by something and it has a kind of challange character and of this reaseon you got sometimes a giant rock in your view. Your last games had  more freedom I think. Because to explore and fly around was one of the great things at the end.  And the camera can be a bit improved in the last area. More a smooth follow maybe?

A big praise to the composer.  The sounds are fits perfect to this dreamy atmosphere. :)

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Thanks for the advice. It's now implemented. :)

And ... usually something would have been activated at the altar by the [...].
The problem has now been solved. It was just a missing tick on one of the prefabs. D:
Chek it out now. Everything should work. :D