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Oh yes, I like the design of Joy too. She is indeed a very interesting character. I will write more about her in the coming weeks as well. :)

Update - Characters

This week I finished the last remaining characters for Townframe.
It feels very very good to reach a goal and to get a big step closer to finishing the development of the game.

And I'm pretty happy with them. I will definitely talk about them all in more detail at a later date, because some of the names and designs are influenced by some really cool stuff.
And yes, I always draw sketches on used, cut or torn pieces of paper. I just take what's next to me.

Here is a video of the ones I have finished this week..

What's next? Now that I have finished one thing, I will hopefully finish another thing next week. My main goal is still to finish all the puzzles this month. That's what I'll do next week :)

Thanks! :D I'm glad you like it.

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Update - Puzzles & Sound

Aside from the background themes (above), I've also made some progress on the puzzles this week. This one below is one of them.
There are now 9 completely finished frames and 3 more are visually finished, but mechanically not yet.

I might reach my goal of making all the puzzles by the end of the month, because my goal is to have at least 15 of them.
15, because that's been my favorite number for years, and also because that's a good number to reach AND have time to polish the game.

I want to release townframe this year, so I had to limit my scope from the start.
The puzzles are all interesting in their own way.
To give the player a good 1-hour game rather than a stretched 2-hour one is just better.

Aaaaand I made a video of one of this week's finished puzzles because I want to show the sounds too. I made them a few weeks ago.

This may seem a bit spammy now, but if you haven't added the game to your wishlist yet, you can do so here:
Every wishlist helps. Thanks. :)

Update -  Background Themes

I tested today  some gentle background themes for Townframe.
The current blank background seems a bit boring to me. Maybe it's just because I've been looking at it for months ...

I also noticed from the gif that an animated background would also be something nice.
Maybe there should also be an option to turn it off.

But for now I'm saving these possible backgrounds for later, because I have to finish the remaining puzzles at first! :D

Thanks! There will be a new one at the end of next week. :)

Hey! Thanks for the interest, but unfortunately this game will be a commercial one and right now I don't have the financial resources to pay a musician, so I'm using only royalty free music for this game and just name the one in the credits for who made it..
But your music on soundcloud is very good! :)

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General Update

Hey everyone. :)
I'm back to continue the development of Townframe.
I had taken a month off for traveling and other things.
So let me inform you how the progress of the game is so far.

The game is in a very advanced state so there are some things that are also finished now, like: 

- 60% of the puzzles
- the shopsystem - all tools (they were very time consuming ... uff)
- the worldmap - the most of the sounds - the feedback (juiciness)
- all puzzle ideas

Things wich are still in work are:

- 40% of the puzzles in coding and art
- some character designs
- the tutorial (I have a functional one that is still not perfect)
- the startscreen - the options menu
- the help/about menu
- some sounds
- and saving (very important)

In this month I want to get done with all the puzzles in the game, towndesigns and characters.
I think that's realistically achievable.

And here is the game's steam page
(the game will be on itch later too)

The game felt good and hit the theme but unfortunatly I got stuck after the 5th wave. :P
Sometimes it's pretty hard.  A crosshair would be nice.
The uprades are cool but maybe making them random would be more interesting. I always have to buy something I don't really need at the moment just to get to the next upgrade that I may actually need.

The option to choose between stationary or movable robots and different weapon types are very interesting.
Sometimes I took the stationary ones and placed them near a work shop.
But I took often times just the movable robots because I wanted to collect all the money and had to move around.
I died sometimes because I got stuck between a horde of enemies or because I got stuck between my robots and the enemies. The second reason was indeed the most unforgiving death.
I also think it would be more enjoyable if the time slows a bit down or stops when you choose a weapon in the shop or if you want to change the behaivior of the robots. Because that's really the strategy part of the game and the rest is more reactive and giving the player enough time for their choice just feels more fair.
I played the game 4 times. But never beaten it. :P Maybe I will try it later again. 10 Minutes for one playthrough was a bit long for me. But that's just a players taste.
Anyway, very solid and polished entry! I would like to see a post jam version of this. :)

What a relaxing game and the art style combined with the sounds are super charming.
I also liked the interaction with the sea anemones.

My own set goal was to spawn a lot of fish until my PC can't not handle the amount any more.
As I reached my goal I had a lot of fish. They are just so cute.

What a weird game, but in a good way. Good use of the theme.
Sometimes I didn't really understand what the cryptic words were describing, but overall a very fun experience.

Very relaxing and cute artstyle.

In my first run I didn't fed any animal because I clicked a little bit too fast through the tutorial. So I endet up having my Burden Bot buying a lot of food that I didn't know how to use.
What a burden, but was a very funny situation too. xD
I changed his task to buying animals and this was indeed the only option of the 3 that I found very helpful. So I could focused very deeply to get all the animals to the right time.

Update - World Map (part 2)

I improved a bit the transition when you choosing the townframes.

I'm also thinking about adding walk lines on the map between the towns. Would be cool to see where you started and in which order you solved the puzzles.
But it could also be an unnecessary feature. So I add this idea to my "If I have time left I will do this"-list.

Thank you! I try my best to make the graphics looking good but also let them not to be too complex so that I can work faster on the game. :)

An explanation of what each dice stands for would be good. :) I started over several times and tried different combinations. Once I got to the end but then I got an error.

Cool game. I made it to round 18. :)

Update - World Map

I worked on the world map this week. The transition to the next city is still a bit unspectacular, but I can improve that next week.

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Thinking - about World Map

I'm thinking of adding a map to the game. At the moment you can switch between townframes by using the arrows left and right near the frame. But It gives you not so much context about how do you get to the frames and why you can switch to them. So I think a map would gives you a much deeper connection to the way you get to the townframes.
"You are a townframer and you travel through the world and solve town riddles by people" <- sounds cool and gives also a touch of exploration because you unlock new lands to travel by solving puzzles.

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Update - Inspector Tool

I have finished the work on the inspector tool.
It's basically a giant magnifying glass that allows you to discover hidden things in the towns if certain conditions are met.

These conditions depending on the puzzles the people will give you. Some hidden things are part of your puzzle solution and some will be completly optional.

I'm also started to update a little bit the steampage. There is still no gameplay trailer but I will maybe make some to the end of this month.

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Update - Thoughts about the release date

I thought very deep this morning about how big the game should be.
I'm still working on the mechanical parts of the game and haven't put that much content in the form of puzzles into the game yet.
So I put a restriction on myself.

One month!

What I have after a month, I will polish as best as I can. And that's how big the "main game" will be.
And if there are some cool puzzles left and I have the time, I'll add them to the game as well.

I think this will also help me find a release date that is still in my budget.

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Update - Photograph Tool

That's the photograph tool.
You can now make resizable screenshots of your towns which will become also part of the puzzles. The screenshsots will be saved to the file where the game is inside.

I'm also thinking about to create a kind of ingame photo album with all your shooted town pictures. But I won't try to implement this now. I will probably do this later when I'm far enough with all the other important things.

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Update - Description, Mouse & Wind Slider

I've added a little description text for each UI Button, including for the tools. I hope that this makes the game more accessible and you understand what you can do in the game just by watching it, even if you "do" nothing in the game. I hope that makes sense. :)

Update - Wind Maker Tool

The windmaker tool is one of the big tools which is now full implemented. It makes a lot of fun just to play around with this thing.
And I'm also a bit proud of myself because I wrote for the trees and grass my own animation system that just takes images and set them visible at specific times.
Anyway, during the whole process of making this tool I had a lot of cool puzzle ideas which I can now try out. 
I will  work on some of them now and then I will probably continue to work on the other townframe puzzle tools.
There are still 3 left to implement.

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Here are some other mockups for the game. I'm currently working on the implementation of the worlds, characters, UI elements and of course the puzzles.
All of the visuals could change if I see a need for it. At the moment I just want to have all of the concepts in the game to test them and then I decite if I want to change something or not.

And yes, these are the same screenshots as on the steam page. I update all of this later when the game visuals are finalized.

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Hi, I'm Patrick, a solo game developer from Germany and now I'm working on my first commercial game Townframe.
It's a small town maker puzzle game where you recreate town's from peoples memories.

How the game works:
In the game you got a lot of different windows of different towns and from each town is a person from (the picture below is an example).
These people gives you the request to recreate a town how they are describe it. These requests are formed as riddles you have to solve.
You have different tools you can use to solve these puzzle. At the start of the game you just have a town generator tool and your mouse which you use to change the buidlings. If you solve a riddle you get a coin which you can use to get new tools which allow you to discover even more hidden things in these towns.

Other tools in the game will be for example a wind tool which allows you to change the direction of the clouds and speed of other things.
(I don't want to go too deep into the tools because they are part of the puzzles)

But all your tools are working in every townframe. So you can even explore hidden things in towns where the riddles are already solved.
I just want to make a puzzle game where the puzzle places are not thrown away after you solve them. So these places gives you some more deep insign after you got more tools. It's kinda like a metroidvania.

(early concept art)

The current state of the game:
At the moment the basic gameplay of the game is working.
That means:

  •  you can generate a town at once
  •  you can click on each building and create a new one randomly (maybe you will have later an option to create the buildings in order)
  •  you can solve a basic puzzle, get a coin and buy a new tool
  •  you can make screenshots (yup, that's probably one of the tools)
  •  you can close the game & change some settings like fullscreen on/off

What the final game will have:
I want to "finish" the game in the next 2 -3 months. So I want to keep it small but very polished. Polishing time could also be a few extra weeks.
At the end you will probably have at least 10 - 15 different frame puzzles you can solve.
Some of them will be harder than others and some of them will be easy.
I want to design the game in a way that you can complete the "main" game and still have the option to make one of the harder puzzles too.
The language of the game will be in english. Maybe german too, because that's my mother tongue. Other languages would be nice but at the moment I don't have the resources for more translations. Could also be something that can happen in the future.

Where will the game be available:
The game will be comming to and steam.
At the moment I don't intend to release it on consoles. But who knows what comes in the future.
I also have a steam page. If you want to support the project you can wishlist it there:

Every wishlist helps.

And that's it for now.
I will continue this devlog in the next few weeks. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to put them down here.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! :)
Yeah an settings menu is on the list of things I want to add soon.

Very polished entry. I only got one time to the last level ... and then I died. xD
The only enemy attack I found most painful was the archers arrows.
Freezing was one of my favorite attacks because it blocks enemies.
My basic tactic was always hide in a corner and defeat all opponents one by one.

Very unique 2x2 grid roguelike puzzle. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I never got past half of the levels. :D
Sometimes I had the start condition that an element has absolutely no weakness so I restarted the game until I had a more balanced spectrum.

Very well made! I liked how many different interactions you can have in this game and how well they fit together. The dragon's breath is great and scary at the same time!
And the idea of collecting gold to reduce anxiety is very funny.  :D
I enjoyed it a lot.

Yeah, cool idea to use emojis for your visuals.
But there was also a hole emoji where you get an item from. At first I thought this is a kind of trap and enemies or I could die from it by walking into it. Could be an interesting puzzle mechanic because enemies also follow you and can also be blocked by rocks.
I also wanted to replay your game but the wait timer is set a bit too high.
Is there a reason why you made a timer?

I like the effect of the offset fields around you. The dungen generation is also well done.
But what exactly does knowledge and another chance do?

Oh that's interesting. Thanks for charing!

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I escaped but got not even one coin.
But I discovered the hidden paths.

I will probably try it again later. :D

The step counter is cool. And with the boots together it gives the game a much more strategic puzzle feeling.

Very well made. :D I like the humor.
And Spidey was so fast ! ! ! !

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Cool game! :D I wonder are these mazes procedurally generated or hand made?

Hi. I made a  set of printable paper miniatures with 12 characters.

It includes 6 classes with a male & female version.
Use them for your fantasy themed RPGs, board-games, war-games or just place them around the house.

Get them here:

And here is a trailer if you want more live action details.

Print and have fun. :)

Great little game. The mechanic introduction and the puzzles were very good. :)

A part which I found sometimes difficult was the jumpig. I think a more jump friendly leveldesign would be for a puzzle heavy game better. You want to fail and learn when you try to solve a puzzle but I guess not when you just want to navigate through the world.


Very charming robot designs! How many levels are there? I played to the 12th but then I lost the motivation to continue ...