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Really charming atmosphere. I like it. :)
Impressive that you came up with so much story during the jam.
More of this!

Really chill game and nice art as always. :)
I lost sometimes my other marbles and tried to find them again.

I got a good chunk of confidence after playing it.
So ... thanks for this.

Thank you hpurane! :D

Oh, sorry for this ... but thanks that you tried it. :)
In the beginning there was the idea that you can control also the camera movement, but we thought that would be a bit of an overkill to control two different things at the same time and the uncontrollable camera swap has suited better to the theme.

Thanks for playing! :D Yeah, we tried it a few times with only one plant/object and thought it was too easy because with only one object there was a sweet spot where you can easily play trough the entire game without any hits. So we added the 3 plants. But yes, sometimes it could be really hard because of this.

Nice game! I guess these babies had a hard life.
In my opinion the difficulty curve is a bit too steep when you comparethe one baby mode to the three baby mode. Maybe it would be more engaging when you put one baby at start and then you increase the baby count step by step.

Thank you merlin! :D

Very simple idea and I guess it gets more depth with more complexity.  :)
You guys should update your game with a fixed version when the rating is over. I would really like to play more of your content. Got only to the 3rd level.

It's cool. Do you planning to add some kind of reward when the player survived a specific time or got to specific population count?

Thank you. :)
I was a bit inspired by the ghibli films as drew the scene. Wanted to create a similar feeling I always got from them.

Hi there.
During the Ludum Dare 46 I started to develop this game. I couldn't finish it in time, so I decited to work a bit longer on it until it's finished.
The idea behind this is the Tamagotchi concept but much simplier with a bit narration.

Working title: A Strange Taste

Story: One day a girl discovered a strange looking rock near the forest and took it to her home. At home she inspected the stone carefully and noticed that the stone makes strange noises, like her belly does it when she was hungry. As she looked closer, a green head came out of the rock. She decided to feed it and brought everything what she could find in the house to the hungry rock. Maybe at least a day could she keep it alive, because at the evening, she and her parents will move into another city and her parents wouldn't allow to take that little green one to their new home.

You have to feed the little green one as long as it bright outside. When the day is over, the game ends and you win.
But you have to keep the little one alive.  Each "food" will have a different impact on the health.

The dev process:

The first thing I've made was the prototype.

Then  I made rough sketch how it could look.

I drew me some helpful lines to create a more accurate persepctive.
I know, still a bit ortographic, but I'm happy with it.

After that I colered the areas grey I want to focus more.
It's very helpful just to blocking with grey tones to see what is important in your scene and what is not.

In this picture the background is looking as bright as the foreground.

I added just an extra layer white with a very high transparency to it and added also a soft light to the window with just a yellow transparent brush blob.
Now the foreground is slightly seperated from the background and is better readable.

Currently I'm working on the animations for the little one.
Here I'm checking the distance from the picked object to the little one. If it's smaller than the radius (the red circle on left side), then I trigger the open mouth state.

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Played it multiple times and some decision are indeed not so easy to make!
I don't know if I'm wrong but was today during your presentation a sound? Because currently I hear nothing. But I'm very unsure if my memory just fools me. xD
And is it just twine or did you used a other program too to create it?

Let's collect our weird creations here.
Mine is called Nope-Book.
And detective cactus frog  was an accidental creation ... that's why I love him at most ...

I love the asthetic very much!
It's a really simple concept but later in the 3rd level it's really challanging.
I feel how I growing older when my finger is clicking too late on the mouse button. xD
And I like the slow camera movement after you fail. Gives you a view on how far you got and what you have lost  ... TT___TT

I started to isolate the french girls in small groups. Could be maybe also an interesting part of the game that you have to manage more the swarm.
Cool thing! :D

Poor little bard, but nice little game.

My rusty WW skills brought me to 28

Yeah, could possible that I was inspired by the Ghibli films. I love their creativity and  how they show the world in slow steps.
And yes, music will definitely come in the future!

Great idea! :D
The sounds were really good but after I found the fox I got lost. I wonder how it would be if you could it play with a controller, because with it you could add a rumble if you are touching a wall. It's the reduced amount of information what a blind person would get.
I ever wonder how blind people play video games. There are few games out there wich gives these people the posibility to play these games and all because of the feedback you get from the game.
The Name Komorebi is also a interesting because it represents a kind of dilemma.

Really addictive. But I never got further than 4th wave.
And the sound of a hit feels great!

There was blood ... everywhere!
(a true horror story)

Cool game. Got me a bit to figuring out that you can buy the parents and that you can increase your attack range.
I liked especially the ape toy to lure the ducks. :D

Great thing.
Love the melancholic helpless tone.
In one playthrough I didn't do nothing just to make a protest.
Felt so good.

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117 was my highest score. It makes really addictive. :D
I just wanted to beat the red demon guy, but I always failed. I guess he is the final boss.

Aaaah, thanks. :D

Damn, I love the weapons and the character design. Especially the banana outfit. :D
But what a hard game! After a while I got more sneaky and pulled the enemies to my hiding.
And I think I got it to the final stage ... and died. Haha. :'D
It also has a cool shop system. But what confused me, was the numbers above the weapons on the ground with -0, -1, -6. Is this a downgrade of the damage?

(1 edit)

First of all, I love your choice of color. I also tried all the difficulty modes but I couldn't figuring out any difference between them. The highlights were for me the moments as the AI fails were it pushes the puck in his own gate. I think because of this it feels more human because I also did it accidently a few times. lol :D
I wonder if a two player mode would be possible with two mouses ... or on one conrtoller, one stick for every player maybe.

Cool game, it's like the Darkest Dungeon with cards.
But I had some things which got me a few problems. One thing was that I often forgot in wich room I was two rooms before and so I lost often food and health just by walking again in the same rooms I was before. It reduced a bit the feeling of progress. (but I was also bad in the game Memory)
And I couldn't really figuring out what one of these scrolls does. Some of them do something and other do nothing. And if they do something, I had forgotten which sign it had because I often clicked just randomly around of the scroll cards and sometimes I deleted the scrolls because of my vague knowledge about their abilities. (sorry)
The last thing I had was a bug in one of the rooms. I don't know what I've done to produce this bug. Down there is the room where it happened.  I was able to hover over the cards to see their informations but I wasn't able anymore to drag and drop them. (that was at my third run)
Anyway, it's a really addictive game to me. I also got in my second run to the second level! (and of course, died xD )

Thanks. Hope you've enjoyed the view. :)

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I've played this with a friend and I died ...
But right before I died I got his eye. Hahaha! (evil laugh) Love it!

Sushi time is ninjaaaaaa time! I really like the arrangement of this scene and also these dudes who are constantly (if I fail) punshing their heads on the ground (maybe they are afrait of their boss who will eventuly cut off their tiny fingers because the customer is not satisfied with his sushis (yakusa backstory!)
And did you composed this song? Feels like the beat is connected with the sushi which you can serve.

Hehe, thank you.
And I will leave it to your mind what you want to be ... dear wizard. :)
I will later add some more stuff and yeah maybe a bit more freedom later.  I also uploaded a new version where you can now sit!
Made it a few hours ago and it was something what I wanted to add for the jam but there was no more time (!) left.

Yeah that was an idea for the jam but it didn't made it into the game. I'm working currently on some additional stuff. I also uploaded a new build (seperate download option) where you can now sit! Sitting is a luxury! :D
I will see if I can add something more until the ende of the week what I had during the jam in mind.

Nice with scores now! I think it would be a great game on a mobile device because you have then to click really fast with the fingers on the screen. Was a bit hard with mouse.

Great idea to change the season times! I guess you can later plant something to fulfill the quests? If you should update your game, please give me a notification. Would like to play it again. :D

What a poor little robot! Your artstyle is wonderful. But I was a bit confused. Got I points by acting wrong or was it in terms of narration context a good thing? Because robots do not these thinks which human wants? Whas that the point? I don't know. Interesting feeling to be a robot under pressure. :D Also scarry.

Great artstyle. I also loved that the ageing influenced parts of the mechanic.
The only thing to fix would be the jumping. Was sometimes really hard because the jump didn't work and that frustrated me a bit especially as I played as an old man. But maybe this would also fit in the time theme. xD

It's not that big problem I think. Because I  figured it out by my self at the end. But maybe it helps if you just put a picture on your game page which says that you attack with the opening. (Reminds me also of the mouth of pacman :D)