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i think you’ve got your difficulty levels a little messed up…. BUT cool concept :D

i think you’ve got your difficulty levels a little messed up…. BUT cool concept :D

Hey thanks! So glad you enjoyed it!

nice :D it worked.

In my game I got around that by just making the player character and most of the enemies like 4-6px lol

Yo this game looks realllly nice. Impressed with the graphics most of all.

Gameplay is also solid.. overall great job!

The Yeti is cute :D

Fun little game!

Really sweet game here! Loved the grapple mechanic and the great art-style. Really nice work!

Love this game… saw it on a stream and had to go try it myself. Quite a bit of a learning curve for each of the heroes, but once you figure it out, it’s a great puzzler!

This game is sweet! So much focus required lol. It strikes a nice balance between stressful and rewarding :D

finally got around to playing this one after seeing it on a stream :D

really cool little game! Gameplay is entertaining, and the overall atmosphere and music is top-notch.

Great job!

Well this game is just delightful! Congratulations on such a beautiful and fun experience!

Don’t really have anything negative to say here.

Superrrr clever here :D

I was toying with the idea of doing a roguelike with every entity being 1 px…. but you have pulled it of so much better than I would have by a looooong shot.

Glad I got to play it :D

this is a really neat concept for a game! I wish there was MOREEEEEEE.


yeah I know how to make a smoother camera… the biggest issue with doing so is that since our resolution is so tiny, and my little guy moves so quickly, it becomes really easy to get yourself too close to the edge of the screen where you can’t see any of the enemies that you are moving toward!

I futzed around with this for a couple hours early in the jam and just decided to stick the camera centered on the player to avoid wasting time lol.

I do have plans for smoothing it out a little post-jam tho. I’m glad you enjoyed the game and thank you for the constructive feedback!

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This game is hectic! Had too much fun with it. Music was perfect for the mood… simple and stark color scheme improved the looks. All around great entry.

I enjoyed this one! A lot of content for a pico game!

Yoooo this is great!

Cool concept, great execution, beautiful graphics.

I have no complaints. Nice work!

lol i had no idea what was happening here until i read some of the comments. Really neat concept for a game!

As others have said.. this game is hard, but I spent some time with it and was able to get around pretty well. Nice work on the graphics for sure!

really neat concept for a game here!

I really like the idea here! Remembering spells and being able to preload them to fire at will was strategic and fun.

You could almost make this a typing instructor.. there were a couple times i was smashing those spells in quick.

I won!

yay me!

Neat concept… i found that the best tactic was to just camp in a corner where my gun couldn’t push me around much… so when you keep working on it, maybe think of a way to discourage that kind of behavior :D

Also.. event.preventDefault() on the spacebar so it doesn’t scroll the screen.

Otherwise… nice work here! cool art-style and cool concept.

Yo this one was surprisingly fun to play! It seems simplistic, but the challenge of the danger zones popping up all the time made it pretty entertaining!

Nice job.

Side-scrollers like this make me nostalgic for my NES days <3

Nice work on the aesthetic on this one!

Side-scrollers like this make me nostalgic for my NES days <3

Nice work on the aesthetic on this one!

Your main character is super cute lol. Love the little cane animation. Nice job :D

smooooth pretty colors make for a really distinctive game ;)

you nailed the aesthetic on this one. Doesn’t really feel like you had to compromise for the low resolution. Nice work.

Nice music too

I really dig the minimalistic/abstract style of this one :D Nice work!

Won’t repeat what everyone else has said about the camera and the platforming.. but I will say, this minimalistic abstract style works really well for such a lowrez game. This doesn’t really feel like it’s only 64px, which is a pretty good achievement.

You mentioned the web build was buggy… but I suffered through it long enough to get a feel for the game lol.

It’s pretty fun! Really cute art! Chill experience.

beautiful game!

love the music and the atmosphere and the triiiicky platforming. Great work.

beautiful game!

love the music and the atmosphere and the triiiicky platforming. Great work.

Procgen platformers fascinate me.. and this one works pretty well! Nice job!

The speed of the character made it a little hard to control.. but that kind of added to the difficulty, which might be intended.

Had fun playing it!

Nothing wrong here :D.. it’s straightforward, but good for what it is.

Standout element is the art.. really nice work on the pixel art here.

yoooo this game is awesome. Took me longer than it should to figure out the swapping mechanic, but once I did I loved it. Great concept. Great puzzler. Nice work.

hey i really liked this one! I like puzzlers like this, and as pretty much everyone else has said.. I kind of want to play it on my phone :D

Lemme know when it hits the appstore ;)

this is really neat!

I was impressed by the terrain height and the way you displayed it showing your ship’s shadow! Really creative!

also LOL at the space invaders :D


really enjoyed this one. Literally made me lol. Fun puzzles too. 5/5