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Ok this game rocks… as usual with this kind of puzzley kind of RL it took a minute to fully grok what was going on, but the kind of strategy and deckbuilding that emerged from your ‘lay mana’ mechanic was fantastic.

Definitely one of my favorite entries so far. Nice work!

this game is pretty sweet. I like the concept of calculating and executing multi-turn combos.

Visuals are effective. Overall nice entry!

clever idea :D

need to stick an event.preventDefault() in your keyboard handler so the page doesn’t scroll around while i’m playing.

otherwise, it’s a simple concept, but you pulled it off! Nice work!

aha! something different! Feels like a classic text-adventure game, which is pretty sweet. Had fun with this one. nice work!

yo i love a classic RL. Nice work here. A bit chaotic to insist on VI keys for playing, but I can respect that lol. Usually i’m asking people to please ADD vi-key support.

overall nice game! I enjoyed the ‘essense’ mechanic.

This game has some pretty neat elements.. especially the art. Really well done on that front.

Gameplay was a little rough, but for a jam game that’s not the end of hte world. I really wanted some sort of feedback that I was actually hitting monsters as I fought them.

Got stuck in a weird loop after game over… I clicked the ‘new game’ button, but it just took me back to the ‘gameover’ screen. had to refresh the page to try again

This game rocks

I love games with simple and clear mechanics. You’ve added in the ability to scale complexity while still keeping everything clear for the player. Graphics style works great for this kind of game.

Great job!

LOL this game is pretty great! Seemingly simple concept led to pretty interesting gameplay! Loved it!

Yo this game has a really nice aesthetic. Cute sprites and great music. As others have said, the first area is pretty simple, but things ramp up nicely in the bog! The various spells and items I had were very useful!

Overall great entry! Thanks!

Yo this is a very impressive little game! Took a while to figure out what was going on, but once I did it was fun and rewarding to play. Crazy what you can pull out of pico-8 if you know what you’re doing :D

Very pretty game assets here, fantastic music. Cool atmosphere.

I wish it was a little clearer what I was supposed to be doing.. and I agree with W4YN3R that the controls are a little clunky. I kind of wanted it to be a more typical 3rd Person control where the mouse does the ‘aiming’ and WASD was movement… but I think i could get used to this.

Haha it’s definitely possible to get to hole 9 with enough hits to make it… but it’s tricky.

Cheesing with bombs is also definitely possible, and super fun if you ask me.

I’ve seen both of those bugs… but haven’t had time to really dig in and fix them yet.

Thanks for playing!

Lmao. Hole new way. 👏

A+ game here. Sweet creative mechanic, smooooooooth execution. overall great job.

Lol this game is hilarious. Great concept. Good fun

this game crashes my browser lol…. i’ll give it a try when i’m back at home and can download stuff.

cute graphics and a solid start to something interesting. Level generation might need a little work… it was way too easy to get stuck. Overall though: nice job!

… something is up with the scaling here.

I find it impressive what some people can squeeze out of pico-8.

Great game here 👌🏽

ok so this game lacks some polish…… but what you have is pretty sweet. The concept of digging up graves to create an army of undead is hilarious. Nice work!

Super solid entry here. Aesthetics are great. The powerups are perfect and gameplay is addicting. Really really nice work.

This game is super pretty :D

Personally I find random encounters to be really frustrating.. but the gameplay of the battles was pretty fun anyway so that kind of makes up for it.

Is this the cutest VS clone ever? Yes. it is.

Adorable lol

Solid game with a cohesive visual style. Gameplay is simple, but a bit addicting lol.

Sweet 3d aesthetic… and a solid game overall. Other commenters mentioned a lack of content… but for a jam game I think it’s alright. Congrats

Sweet classic RL aesthetic, interesting take on a ‘hacking’ game. IMO you need some in-game docs or hints to the keystrokes.. I had to keep going back to the game page to remember what I was doing…. but overall it’s a cool game.

I’m not sure I understand what I’m doing, but this game seems cool. Graphics are neat, sounds are cool, and the mechanic seems interesting…. but i need a tutorial or something 🙈

I think i won? Game seemed to freeze at the end of the 4th level.

Love the look of this game. sweet vibe :D

Perfect classic roguelike. Games like this one make me a little sad I went non-traditional with my submission. Loved playing this game.

Interesting high-concept puzzle game here. Took a minute to figure out what I was doing.. but once I did i had a good time. Nice work!

This game rocks lol. Too much fun smashing through furniture, splattering the blood of my enemies around and generally causing mayhem. The effects and gore are on point.

Love it.

Cool concept for a game here! I had a really hard time surviving.. but I’m really into the mechanic.

Nice work!

This one doesn’t look too pretty… but once I got to playing I actually had quite a bit of fun. Nice work!

Solid game here! Graphics are cute, sound design is solid and gameplay is smooth.

Nice work!

ok so this isn’t much of a game obviously… but what you have is really neat!

Movement felt smooth and intuitive. I’d be interested in a real game that used this kind of mechanic.

Yo the aesthetic of this game is on point 👌🏽

Very nice job here!

Lol i’m no good at typing games… but this is a pretty interesting twist. Very creative! Nice work!

Nice work! Overall solid game, addicting gameplay with the constant leveling up. Had fun playing it.