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hey thanks for the feedback!  There's a help screen available by pressing `?` that should have answered the stairs question (`>` goes down stairs and `<` goes up... if those keys didn't work then I need to fix that for sure).  I'm pretty concerned that you mentioned a few keys that completely crashed the game!  What keys would that be?  definitely something that needs fixed ASAP.

I agree with your overall feedback though.. I wish I had been able to give a little more time to fleshing out the management and relationship between you and your symbions.  One planned (but not implemented) feature would be the ability to level them up over time.  Other planned features were mostly just more abilities like a blink/teleport and various other attacks.

I can't complain too much with the scores, but I'm a little frustrated that you gave the game a relatively low completeness score without being able to see anything but the first level.

Thanks for playing :D

Hey this game is pretty dang cool.  Looks great, controls are intuitive.  Nice work!

Well I didn't do a very good job of posting updates...... but here's the game lol

yep those are the oryx tiles and the palette is this one

good luck!

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I've done about a day's worth of coding on this thing by now and thought I'd take a break to introduce the concept of my game and share some screenshots

Using lua/löve2d for everything.

My game is a fairly traditional, but pared down roguelike.  It's turn-based and grid-based has permadeath and dungeons yay!

The basic idea is that you are the hero, but on your own you are a fairly weak human.  In order to succeed in your adventure you'll need to make use of "Symbions" which are magical parasites that you can voluntarily attach to your body to grant you special powers.  While they're attached to you your actions slowly drain their life force.. so you need to be careful.  If you drain one all the way then they die and you lose them forever!  While they are unattached they gradually gain back their life force so that they can be attached again later.

You can only have one Symbion attached at a time, and they all have different sets of abilities so you'll need to decide which one you need at a given time.. for example you might have one that allows you to shoot fireballs, and one that greatly increases your speed... so you can use the fireball one to blast a few monsters from a distance and then switch to the speedy one to run when the monsters get too close!

I'm using tiles for a somewhat modern look.

thaaaanks ❤️

lol this game is a hoot... and really hard.  I wish there was a metronome or beat of some sort to anchor your playing on.. even if it was some abstract jazz drumming or something.

conceptually this is pretty cool... and I've worked with pico, so I can appreciate what it took to get this going... but I'm randomly poking around making random beeps and boops and have no idea what I'm doing.


Reward chests and items were the other thing I didn't get to implement lol.  I wanted to have a few special ability items that would (for instance) freeze enemies for a time, grant you extra moves, or uncover a few notes.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

thanks for playing!

I think I agree with you about the difficulty scaling... The music and patterns get much more interesting around level 10... But it does take a while to get there. 

In the upper levels the spiders can be quite a bit peskier too... But the truth is that I had planned to add a few more difficult enemies and just ran out of time. 

Thanks again!

thank you so much!!

hey thanks! The levels are pretty random.. but I spent a long time tweaking the level generator so I'm glad you noticed.  I think I agree with you on the difficulty scaling... But for a game jam I think I'd rather err on the side of too easy.... But thanks again. I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

hey thanks!!

oh no! :(

are you sure the keys were in your inventory??  IF so then it should have given you a 'you win!' message.  So sorry it bugged out on you.

YOU WIN! 🎉 congratzz

aha.. i figured out the hacking :D

things are making more sense now.   I like this game.

cool cool.. I'll definitely give it another go.

This game seem so cool!  I love the look and feel of everything, and really like the concept of the bouncing/ricocheting bullets.... but I have no idea what I'm doing, or what i'm supposed to be doing.


wow really? lol I haven't even beat it myself yet.

thanks man!

Zombie Rogue community · Created a new topic sweeeet game.

I love the theme and setting.  The "infection" clock in particular is awesome.   I _really_ wish that I could move with the keyboard instead of a mouse.

not sure if there's a point here.... just moving around.  There' s nothing to do except run over a cloud that turns on the soundtrack.

nice music and an innovative concept... not too fun to actually play though.

I never got past the point where the enemies(?) started spinning around me.. it's an interesting concept, but the difficulty ramps tooooo quickly.

desperately needs some player feedback.. it's really hard to tell if you're doing well with the patterns or not... also the patterns don't _seem_ to really match up to the music.... and you can get a decent score just by mashing the q/w keys really fast.

just seems a little random.. not sure what I'm supposed to be doing and it's not obvious how my actions are effecting the music or the environment.

Was pretty fun to play, but the music was pretty lame.   Some of the pixel art was nice, but other bits looked a bit sloppy.   Needs some polish, but overall not too shabby.