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Very fun! I wish there were more levels. The fighting was very satisfying once I memorized the controls. The mech designs and animations are very cool and well-animated.

Awesome! The elemental attacks are really smart, and using them together is satisfying. The levels were designed well and made me think about my strategy several turns ahead. I like the addition of the animation speed setting. Great Game!

Fun and simple. I always enjoy button-mashing.

Thank you! I definitely could have refined the platforming some more. I wish I could have spent more time on the levels

Thank you so much! I really wish I could've added more levels but I spent too much time setting up the fundamentals.

Wow, Thank you so much for playing and rating!

Very fun. I really like the bird mech, and the animations are very satisfying.

Thank you for the notes it helps a lot! :) And thank you so much for playing


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Love it! I loved customizing the mech and trying out each different weapon. My favorite loadout was mainly guns on the gimbals which I manually aimed, and then 2 Cannons on the cockpit on my right click. Satisfying mech combat and awesome visuals. The particle effects remind me of cruelty squad, and I really like the aesthetic of the advanced wireframe view, and being able to see enemy part health. Lots of well designed features that work well together. It took me a few tries to beat that last group of mechs but it was very satisfying once I did. I like the enemy's occasional voice lines about the princess. Super fun Game!

Thank you! I wish I could have implemented the humans more into the gameplay; and made more than 2 levels. Dall-E is great at certain things, and can help with design concepts.

Thank you!

Most Fun I've had from the jam. I played for an hour to beat the hardest difficulty, and I might play more to get a better time. Great movement, great gunplay, great and simple visuals. Once I figured out the charge shot It helped me beat the boss on hard and get the smaller enemies faster. The harder enemies' movement is very erratic and hard to track which I really really love; It makes it feel like an aim trainer as well as a bullet-hell. Very satisfying Game!

Some notes: I had to raise my mouse sensitivity to play because the sensitivity slider in the settings did not go high enough. Also the enemies would get stuck very rarely.

Awesome! The mech controls are satisfying, the wall climbing and dashing was useful and fun. I like how the bugs can crawl all over stuff. I especially enjoy how many guns there are!

Awesome! Super cool visuals, I love the mech powering on sequence. The weapons are satisfying, and the fighting is intense. Great Jam!

Sick! Super fun, loved the story and the characters. The boss fights were invigorating and unique! The artstyle is outstanding, I loved using the enemy's guns against them. I can't believe I was betrayed, but It made for an amazing boss fight. I love Plotonium Explosive Smasher DX: Machine Slayer - Oh Yes! Edition UwU

Love it so much. I played for a good 30 minutes. Would love to see this turn into a bigger project because you really have something here. The gameplay is addicting, the visuals are so aesthetically pleasing. I love the copilot's dialogue, it adds a lot. Great Jam!!!

Wow Wow Wow! Beautiful Game! The cutscenes were amazing, the visuals are jaw-dropping, the sound design was very satisfying. I liked how the gun was pretty difficult to aim and see with, the dust and blur makes sense for a gritty dystopian survival shooter. The jumpscare of the mech powering up made me yelp haha! Very scary and cool! I love the lore and the atmosphere, the animations are great as well. 

Amazing Game, art, sound, and concept.

An issue I had is that the 'R' to restart was not working for me. I had to restart the game and go through the intro to respawn. 

I was determined so I kept doing this until I beat the game, and I'm glad I did, It was an absolutely amazing experience. Great Job!!!

Awesome! I love the lore. Using all the secondary themes was a big undertaking, but you did a great job of incorporating them. I really like the mech and Kyra's design, they're really cool and unique. The stealth mechanics worked amazingly; The enemies' vision indicators were very helpful and well made, and the rooms were designed well to hide from each enemy perfectly. I liked how Kyra infiltrated the facility on mushroomy alien planet, rather than being plopped in the facility at the start.

This is a really well made Jam, with a cool story, great visuals, and satisfying mechanics. Outstanding Game!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you so much! Haha I'll get working on HDRP :)

Darn, Thank you so much for telling me! That's like the main function of the game lol.

omg, thank you!

Thank you so much! Did you only figure out you could dig later on? Maybe I should have made it more clear.

Awesome, thank you. I need to try HDRP, i’ve never used it in a game before.


Wow, 92nd percentile, i'm flattered, Thank you!

Thanks, you too!

Thank you!

That could work. Melee and Dig could both be left click, depending on if you click a zombie or the sand.

Thank you so much for the thorough review! 

I made the zombies get difficult fast, so a block function would’ve been nice. My last jam was a melee game with a block actually lol! I just had already bound right click to dig.

Cool! The intro is funny, and the gameplay of revealing hidden rooms was exciting.

Awesome! The gameplay reminds me of Superhot, the crabs moved so crazy fast but I got them all when I took my time. I love the blood particles and the gameplay. Great Jam!

Fun! Good idea to have 3x3 and 5x5 build tools. I wish the limitation didn't force the gameplay to be so strict, but it was still very enjoyable.

Nice! My high score is 100. The roll could be more responsive.

Fun! Looks great and it's satisfying to time your jumps/slides right. 

Nice! The concept is simple and well executed, the movement is fluid.

Nice! The second key part was a bit hard to find, and the full reset upon death was a bit difficult. 

I'm honored! I've never had someone look at my past game jams. That would be very cool, I've never collabed with another dev. If you join a jam or do a project that you wanna collab on I'm Trashcan#1605 on Discord.