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Thanks glad you liked it :)

Thanks yeah i was kinda inspired by it :) Yeah im aware of that bug, its fixed in the post jam version, which im updating slowly with new stuff

Thanks for the feedback on the bugs, havent heard about the selection one, will look into it.

Really fun to play, feels like a Warioware game :)

neat take on the theme, i did manage to dash out of the walls at one point, still had a fun time tho :)

Okay yeah i fixed that in the post jam version. Never seen them spawn inside each other tho! Also havent seen flying spiders :'D

Ah thats strange. if you still wanna play it the post jam version is up which hopefully should be fixed. Thanks! i thought it would work better than fixed animations :)

Oh dear! what happened? if you wanna check out the post jam one that has a couple bugs fixed :) yeah i had "lunge" which is a move+attack and lets you hit things 2 spaces away, "reposte" which is block+attack and auto attacks the first thing that hits you. Gonna work on it more o add all my other ideas. Ultimately i wanna add things like ranged dice, one time use and healing dice

Very cool mechanic and lots of great puzzles :)

Really pretty game and a neat idea, found the fixed camera angles a bit frustrating to click through but it was still fun to play :)

Very pretty game with a neat mechanic, i did just run around a lot until the puzzle was solved for the last few but was still fun :)

Thanks, yeah didnt have a lot of free time to polish it up, ive got a post jam version which should fix some of the issues people have found. What did you have a problem with?

Really cool take on the theme and very well polished. This would be so fun on mobile too :)

Im glad you found it easy to pick up! Yeah im about to push a fix to for that i the post jam version and the enemies not moving is known about :)
there is actually an end, i think i just made it too hard

Thanks for playing :) Glad it was fun what you played, yeah the dice are a bit bugged but if you end turn they just reroll so shouldnt bug again

Really cool idea, and very fun to play, would be nice to be able to see your health but it was still fun and addictive :)

Cool mechanic, reminds me of dicey dungeons, founda  couple bugs where dice descriptions were wrong and used but had no effect but i really like where this game could go :)

Made the post jam version which you can play in browser if you wanna check it out! changes between it and the submission are listed as well

Very cool take on the theme, could maybe have some more game feel like screenshake and more sounds but awesome for a first jam game!

Seems like a neat concept, i managed to lose my mouse tho so had to restart a lot

Neat take on the theme, and very satisfying to play :)

If its any help for your debugging, the part where you place the pieces and trying to rotate them was the part where it really started to struggle, as well as the rolling with click and drag

Yeah im running on a 3 year old laptop so maybe it just my computer then that it was a bit slow!

Really polished looking game with a neat mechanic, did find the move towards the mouse position a bit frustrating but its a fun idea regardless

Really cool mechanic, did just button mash a lot cos i couldnt work out some of them but i think this idea would work great as a mobile game :)

Really neat mechanic, did find the controls a bit clunky when having to be exactly over the spot but still super addictive and fun :)

No worries :) gonna upload a linux and mac build to a post jam version!

Very well polished game, lots of great feel on all the actions. Did have some performance problems which made the time limit hard but it was still fun to play :)

Neat mechanic and love the simple visuals. Wasnt sure if there was an objective and the scroll didnt work they just automatically found the best position but still a neat game, would love to see more if you work on it :)

Worked on some context based menu for the game instead, would appreciate check it out on the latest web build!

Yeah i do think that its annoying using all the buttons. I like the idea of context based options, change it to WASD to move and then have a melee, range and self context click. melee when clicking on adjacent squares, range for more than 1 square away and then have defend/wait be on clicking the characters current tile.

Great! would love to hear what you think :)

Hiya, ive just pushed a patch which should fix the crash that was happening on the web version, hopefully you can get a better play of it now :)

Hiya, ive just pushed a patch which should fix the crash that was happening on the web version, hopefully you can get a better play of it now :)

really fun game, love the whole aesthetic and omg the snakes so are deadly!

Cute little game and very addictive. Did you match pacmans original AI behaviours for the ghosts?

neat game and very cool aesthetics

really neat mechanic and love the whole vibe from the sound to the colours! I was expecting that not using all the timefreeze would mean that i keep the unused stuff to use again later but it didnt take away from it being fun to play

Really neat game like the visuals, music and cutscenes. Did find the movement a bit clunky, i expected to not move into the square of a snack that i destroy but it was still super fun to play

Ah awesome! glad you could watch it all :) Yeah the web version was a last minute thing so not surprised it broke