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Ezra Mason

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Worked on some context based menu for the game instead, would appreciate check it out on the latest web build!

Yeah i do think that its annoying using all the buttons. I like the idea of context based options, change it to WASD to move and then have a melee, range and self context click. melee when clicking on adjacent squares, range for more than 1 square away and then have defend/wait be on clicking the characters current tile.

Great! would love to hear what you think :)

Hiya, ive just pushed a patch which should fix the crash that was happening on the web version, hopefully you can get a better play of it now :)

Hiya, ive just pushed a patch which should fix the crash that was happening on the web version, hopefully you can get a better play of it now :)

really fun game, love the whole aesthetic and omg the snakes so are deadly!

Cute little game and very addictive. Did you match pacmans original AI behaviours for the ghosts?

neat game and very cool aesthetics

really neat mechanic and love the whole vibe from the sound to the colours! I was expecting that not using all the timefreeze would mean that i keep the unused stuff to use again later but it didnt take away from it being fun to play

Really neat game like the visuals, music and cutscenes. Did find the movement a bit clunky, i expected to not move into the square of a snack that i destroy but it was still super fun to play

Ah awesome! glad you could watch it all :) Yeah the web version was a last minute thing so not surprised it broke

Thanks for playing it :) thats fair, hmmm ive watched someone play the whole thing and not crash, might be a browser version then. Will see if i can reproduce it tho

Thank you! yeah I get the sounds are a bit jarring. I think the controls could be improved yeah, what in particular about the controls were stiff?/what could be improved on them

Really cool game, love the art style and the exploration gameplay. Did find it hard to fight stuff and 3 hp made it extra difficult, other than that a very nice entry :)

Very aesthetic game! Would have liked from more sound effects for like eating the pumpkins and maybe interacting with the scenery/ people other than that it was a great little autumn experience :)

Thank you! Wow thats very kind of you to say, im glad it was that fun :)

Very cute game and i like the simple art style :)

Thank you I'm glad you liked the game! Aha yeah I know about that bug😅

Thank you :)

I'm glad it was satisfying :)

I can watch you play my game, do you have a schedule for the order to the games you will play?  

Wow very flattered you mentioned my game :) will definitely check out the others you listed too!

Thank you :)

Wow thank you that's very kind! Yea it was kinda the point but I understand that it was kinda too much for some people

Thank you im glad you liked it :)  I can understand that, could you say what specially about the physics made it hard to get a grip on?

Im glad you liked the art style :) Its partly meant to behave chaotically so it wasnt just a precision golf game but i understand that can be too annoying for some

Im glad you liked it :) I think trouble with the text is only if you dont fullscreen the unity player, or was it the font itself that you didnt like?

Thank you, I'm glad you had so much fun :)

Thank you :)

Thank you, I'm glad you found it fun!

Thank you! I'm glad it was satisfying :)

Nice core mechanic and good amount of juice in the attacks, performance got quite bad when there as a lot of projectiles but other than that it was fun

Neat idea and cool graphics. The rune system seems interesting, if it was expanded and a full tutorial this could be a very unique roguelike :)

Neat take on the theme and good amount of juice on the destroying the mice! Did find the controls a bit slippy which was frustrating when trying to aim the mice, also its probably worth putting somewhere on the page that the music is originally by rezoner, other than that really cool game :)

Would love for you to try my game about whacking your skull through the dungeon :)

Will of course check out yours!

Thank you, glad you had fun :)

Wow thank you so much, that's really kind! I'm glad you liked it so much :)

Very fun game and nice take on the theme, i did find it hard to control but was still enjoyable knocking everything over :)

Wow thank you so much, thats very kind :) Im glad you had fun and liked it so much!

Really neat puzzler! Simple but fun to play :)