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Delightfully nostalgic. Suddenly I am a kid in 1986 again!

This is great! A few months ago, I was wondering how to turn aspects of Blood on the Clocktower into a single player puzzle game, but it seems you are way ahead of me. I’d gladly pay for a full-sized puzzle game based on this concept.

You need to do some marketing. This recent GDC talk was pretty good:

I finished the campaign. Fun was had along the way.

Haha, I redid the movement buttons really quickly late on the last day of the jam. Good eye to spot the misalignment!

I agree that the action to activate the altar is too unmotivated and easy for a player to get stuck.

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing the game! I agree with the issues you raise in your feedback.

The theme interpretation is really great - it’s a fun concept for a game. The 3D environments look nice, the mood is nice, and voice-over was an unexpected but nice surprise.

The user interface could use some polish, and when dying I didn’t see any way to restart other than killing the process and starting it up again. Did I miss something?

Good work overall.

Nicely done. I gathered all the materials and left the planet.

The game looks good, and the enemies are nicely animated. Good work on that. (And I know you didn’t just use Mixamo, because it won’t do skeletons rigged like that!)

Know that I say this as a fellow animated movement enjoyer: the movement between cells should be like twice as fast. It feels pretty sluggish right now.

It would be good if you were told how many / what materials you are missing when you go back to the ship. It’s a little too vague right now.

Good job overall though.

Yeah, the abilities are often obvious now. I wanted to add more powerful abilities which required more dice, but time is always short in the jam. I think keeping the existing basic abilities, but adding additional abilities which are both more powerful but more demanding on the dice rolls would possibly give you more trade-offs to make.

The reactions to the ‘one’ puzzle/riddle have been mixed.

Thanks for the kind words!

You’ve got all the basics here. It’s a fun little game. Good work.

When your torch is running low, it gets really dark and hard to see. I understand that is kind of the point, but I wonder if the monster damage penalty is enough, and instead you could shift the light to a darker and more blue color, but still allow the player to see the level somewhat. I think this might be an improvement, but it is kind of subjective whether or not that is the case.

The mouselook and colorful textures are a nice change from many entries in the jam. Sticklers will complain that the mouselook doesn’t auto-snap to 90 degrees, but it didn’t really bother me.

The combat feels a little janky. It took me a while to realize that I couldn’t just hold down the mouse button to continuously attack, but instead I had to spam clicks to actually do damage. It is particularly misleading, I think, because the attack animation loops and it felt that I just kept missing or something. The solution here to allow holding down the mouse button to attack and do damage for each cycle of the animation.

Nice! You’ve got all the dungeon crawler staples implemented and some chill beats to go with it.

I totally dig the lofi horror aesthetic you’ve got going. Good stuff!

I feel the user interface made it unnecessarily difficult to get from starting the game and attacking with the sword. I died three times before I figured out all the steps - getting a body, getting the sword, going to the inventory and equipping it, and using ‘control’ to attack. Auto-equipping on pickup when you don’t have a weapon would probably saved me two of those deaths.

You’ve done a good job at implementing the basics of exploration.

The combat needs more feedback in terms of when you are being hit and when you are hitting enemies. Sound cues for those events would be nice.

The animated creatures look nice.

I couldn’t really figure out how the combat works though. An in-game tutorial for the first combat encounter would be nice.

The visuals look nice.

It’s fairly unusual to have the ‘S’ key turn the view around. I expected it to move backwards.

Here’s looking forward to future jam submissions from you.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with your ideas for improvements.

Yeah, with more time we should have added a minimap. Thanks for playing though.

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Thanks for playing.

It is possible to move beyond the altar. It is a minor puzzle - perhaps a bit too obscure though.

Read the text when you click on it carefully, and consider your options.

Nice twist on the roguelike formula.

Wonderful idea. Delightful pixel art. Well done!

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I ran Sea of Dead Men yesterday for three players - two of whom hadn’t played a TTRPG ever before. Great fun! Everyone enjoyed the experience.

I’m looking forward to the standalone game.

Great game! The weapons feel like they have so much ‘punch.’ I love it.

Fun game.

It could use a little more ‘dead zone’ for the gamepad controls. Often when I recentered my left stick, my character was still moving across the screen.

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Thanks for the asset pack! We used some of the models in our submission to Dungeon Crawler Jam 2022:

The enemy design and classes hint at a really interesting world. Good job here, I really think this is a strength of this game. I laughed out loud when I called the attacking tree a “Loser”.

The combat system seems to have a lot of options and thought put in to it. I like the idea of duo abilities. But unfortunately it is hard to understand what the abilities do, so I felt like I was mostly just choosing which ability to use randomly, rather than having interesting tactical choices. Putting in text for each ability which explains the mechanics would help a lot here - I suspect there is a fun combat system under the hood, but it is hidden away from the player.

The game is certainly dark and moody, and I like that, but maybe it is too dark, visually speaking.

I would like to revisit the game after some improvements are made to make it more accessible (understandable) for the player!

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The game looks and sounds nice. The idea of finding the enemy’s weak spot is an interesting innovation.

The controls could be improved by making them a little more standard - QE to turn and AD to strafe is more common in other dungeon crawlers I believe. And escape to exit a menu instead of backspace. I would also like to use the mouse to target a spot on the enemies.

I did encounter a bug - I moved simultaneously as an enemy, and we ended up in the same space. I couldn’t move away or attack at that point, and even after I died and respawned, I still couldn’t move.

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Sorry about that. I can confirm that it does work on Chrome, Firefox and Edge, so if you have access to one of those browsers you could give it a try.

What version of Safari are you using? WebGL 2.0 is required and Safari added WebGL 2.0 in Safari 15. If you are using an older version of Safari, I suspect that might be the issue, but I don’t have a Mac for testing, so I am not sure.

Hi Duskey,

I am organizing a team for this year’s Dungeon Crawler Jam, which starts on April 8. We are looking for a 3D character artist / animator. If you are interested in joining us, please message me on Discord - Apostatic#9058

You can see previous jam games I’ve worked on from my profile.

The planning for comboing several upcoming spells feels great. Nice design!

Neat visuals. I am curious how you did it - did you use Unity’s regular rendering pipeline and do some post-processing to ASCII-ize it, or did you write a custom ASCII renderer?

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Clever combination of two genres in a fun way.

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If you are still looking for programmers, drop me an email.

Here is my solo entry in last year’s 7drl:

(You can also see some other game jam games on my profile.)

Things I have some amount of experience with: C, C++, Python, Rust, C#, Javascript, Typescript, Godot, Phaser, Three.js, Raylib, OpenGL, Direct3D, PICO-8. Code samples here:

If needed, I can do mediocre pixel art or 3D models too. I modelled and animated these characters (based on pixel art done by another artist):

My email is matt dot kimball at gmail dot com.

Yeah, I think a tutorial would help a lot, too. I wanted to do one, but didn’t have time to do it before the end of the jam.

I agree an attack animation would be nice. I might be able to do that in the post-7DRL update after judging is over.

I’d like to understand more about what your web site is doing first. I don’t see discord / twitter links in your profile. If you’d like to discuss further, you can email me at ‘matt dot kimball at gmail dot com’

Thanks for checking out the game!

Thanks for checking it out, and for the kind words.

If there is enough interest, I will continue to improve the game.


Nice. I didn’t enter the Jam this time, but I had fun playing through this to the end. Cute sprites, nice music, good level design.