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Matt Kimball

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Great game! The weapons feel like they have so much ‘punch.’ I love it.

Fun game.

It could use a little more ‘dead zone’ for the gamepad controls. Often when I recentered my left stick, my character was still moving across the screen.

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Thanks for the asset pack! We used some of the models in our submission to Dungeon Crawler Jam 2022:

The enemy design and classes hint at a really interesting world. Good job here, I really think this is a strength of this game. I laughed out loud when I called the attacking tree a “Loser”.

The combat system seems to have a lot of options and thought put in to it. I like the idea of duo abilities. But unfortunately it is hard to understand what the abilities do, so I felt like I was mostly just choosing which ability to use randomly, rather than having interesting tactical choices. Putting in text for each ability which explains the mechanics would help a lot here - I suspect there is a fun combat system under the hood, but it is hidden away from the player.

The game is certainly dark and moody, and I like that, but maybe it is too dark, visually speaking.

I would like to revisit the game after some improvements are made to make it more accessible (understandable) for the player!

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The game looks and sounds nice. The idea of finding the enemy’s weak spot is an interesting innovation.

The controls could be improved by making them a little more standard - QE to turn and AD to strafe is more common in other dungeon crawlers I believe. And escape to exit a menu instead of backspace. I would also like to use the mouse to target a spot on the enemies.

I did encounter a bug - I moved simultaneously as an enemy, and we ended up in the same space. I couldn’t move away or attack at that point, and even after I died and respawned, I still couldn’t move.

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Sorry about that. I can confirm that it does work on Chrome, Firefox and Edge, so if you have access to one of those browsers you could give it a try.

What version of Safari are you using? WebGL 2.0 is required and Safari added WebGL 2.0 in Safari 15. If you are using an older version of Safari, I suspect that might be the issue, but I don’t have a Mac for testing, so I am not sure.

Hi Duskey,

I am organizing a team for this year’s Dungeon Crawler Jam, which starts on April 8. We are looking for a 3D character artist / animator. If you are interested in joining us, please message me on Discord - Apostatic#9058

You can see previous jam games I’ve worked on from my profile.

The planning for comboing several upcoming spells feels great. Nice design!

Neat visuals. I am curious how you did it - did you use Unity’s regular rendering pipeline and do some post-processing to ASCII-ize it, or did you write a custom ASCII renderer?

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Clever combination of two genres in a fun way.

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If you are still looking for programmers, drop me an email.

Here is my solo entry in last year’s 7drl:

(You can also see some other game jam games on my profile.)

Things I have some amount of experience with: C, C++, Python, Rust, C#, Javascript, Typescript, Godot, Phaser, Three.js, Raylib, OpenGL, Direct3D, PICO-8. Code samples here:

If needed, I can do mediocre pixel art or 3D models too. I modelled and animated these characters (based on pixel art done by another artist):

My email is matt dot kimball at gmail dot com.

Yeah, I think a tutorial would help a lot, too. I wanted to do one, but didn’t have time to do it before the end of the jam.

I agree an attack animation would be nice. I might be able to do that in the post-7DRL update after judging is over.

I’d like to understand more about what your web site is doing first. I don’t see discord / twitter links in your profile. If you’d like to discuss further, you can email me at ‘matt dot kimball at gmail dot com’

Thanks for checking out the game!

Thanks for checking it out, and for the kind words.

If there is enough interest, I will continue to improve the game.


Nice. I didn’t enter the Jam this time, but I had fun playing through this to the end. Cute sprites, nice music, good level design.

The ambient audio gives this just the right mood. Good work.

I enjoying playing through this. I got 26 gems, and escaped my room.

The art is great. I like the hieroglyph style a lot.

I like this concept. It’s original, and works well.

I had some trouble at first, because I didn’t understand that the triangle/square had to match the side of the track. I was assuming I only had to match the color to the ticket.

Nice. Difficult for me to discover crafting recipies beyond the knife recipe I can see in the screenshot, though.

The timer adds a nice tension to the gameplay which makes this more enjoyable. Nice!

The idea of a mother mushroom protecting the baby mushrooms is super cute. Nice!

The art, music, voice over is super nice for a minijam game. Thanks for including the tutorial, too. That helps make your game stand out.

I couldn’t figure out what to do until I visited the game page – but after that, I was able to survive for a while. Good use of the theme.

Great adaptation of the theme and concept!

Like Crypt of the Necrodancer, but with chess pieces. That’s a cool concept.

I agree that music and an easier difficulty curve would be improvements.

Nice. Simple, but fun. Sort of like a rhythm game, but with slimes.

No, I didn’t. I’m not sure I lived long enough to do that.

I had fun kiting around the enemies.

Nice game. Super hard though.

Interesting idea. Sometimes I was able to double-jump, and other times not. Am I supposed to always be able to wall jump? Was there some technique I was not understanding?

This was fun to explore. The music sets the right mood. Keep it up.

The writing is hilarious. I had many literal laugh-out-loud moments. Good times!

Nice atmosphere and music.

Using a flashlight as a bogeyman zapper is a cool idea. Nice.

Interesting idea to turn the clock hand into a platform. I like it.

I love the characters. It’s my first time dancing with a bunny. The core game mechanic is fun, too.

I wish it got a grade on my rhythm after the dance, so I have a reason to go back and do the same dance again.

Overall, great work though.

Thank you for the tiles. I used them in my entry for Mini Jam 57: