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What engine is this orogrammed in? GMS? Godot?

I progressed as far as I could, and not far at all ><. But one thing I've noticed. The characters are anthropomorphic animals, but you have to get "traps" for wild "animals". That being said, are there lesser evilved animals compared to the npcs? Or are thes just creatures and monsters? There should be a distinction for that. Also. Implement a map function early in the game as possible.  Even though the levels are small it can be hard to know where to go, like the sister sgouod say go to the west to talk to everyone..

This is still on my list once I get some spare spending money. I miss your GMS tutorials sadly ><

Alpha tester approved.

A future update will show you what spells do when you pause. The ability button also gives a description outside of a battle.

windows 7. Sound FXs play but no music.

I did draw a bit of inspiration from Bomberman for this one ;).

I let gms2 scale the viewport on it's own. I'm not advanced enough or have enough knowledge's of surfaces yet. Each block is 8x8.

The speed increase adds difficulty by causing you to pick up debuffs by accident.

The solid blocks original were not destructable. I had to change this because of tanks getting stuck in solid blocks. I used this as a work around to the blocks spawning inproperly sometimes. (A bit of a hidden mechanic.)

The other bug of blocks sometimes switching back to solid is due to differences in power level vs remaining block hp. I think it's a logic error somewhere in if checks.

I really liked where this is going. It has a lot of promise. I hope to see future updates with more to it.

yeah, the balance  curve is reversed until I can work on the AI further.

This is a very simple game with a set of complex rules. It seems to be bug free as far as I can tell. It includes a full on PDF manual with details about the game.

This game is slightly similar to the game I submitted for this same jam. The game play is very simple and easy to play.

It's hard to figure out what to initially do in this game. The concept seems fun but the rhythm mini game is extremely hard to do.

When I seen this one, it really excited me. The game play is very unique and the concept is one that I haven't seen done before. Though I wish there was a way to “raise” money if you accidentally run out.

This is by far my favorite game from the jam.

The game wasn't difficult at all for me.

This plays just like an old hexen games. The game is very hard to see though. I was able to make it through to the “end”.

Hitboxes are very glitchy on this game. It's very hard to see where the platforms are at to jump on. Also as a Bee he can't “fly”.

This is a hard game to play but reminds me a lot of the first Fallout games for PC. There is no real reason to keep killing drones unless you are attacked. There is no level up system. I only made it through 8 log files before I died. I do not know if there is a point or direction to this game as a lot of the space is just empty and not much to do.

This game make no sense to me. It's like a wario ware kind of game that serves no purpose at all,

Game crashes when trying to possess someone.

Classic Metroidvania style. The short melee range makes it difficult to proceed. There is a LOT of hitbox glitches that make the game very broken. I also can not jump and press C to form a platform which makes it very difficult for me to climb up the area on the bottom left of the map. I love the mini-map.

There is also a bug where the C button stopped making platforms as well (The glitch has became permanent after dying and restarting at the save point.) I would really like to discuss GSM2 with you sometime.

You have a magic attack that does not kill any of the enemies. There is no indication of how much health is left. I can not understand the purpose of having a magic spell that doesn't even work on the enemies in the game. Its too impossible to avoid most of these immortal enemies. The game play really suffers from lack direction. The graphics are also flickery when moving around.

Game crashes when I hit new game.

I know this is just a generation program and not really a game. The idea is nice but the 64x64 resolution makes it so hard to make out anything.

This game is very buggy and glitchy. The gravity feels too strong and the controls are not very responsive. The graphics are glitchy when moving and making the game almost impossible. The level design doesn't make any clear sense and there is no idea what you must “do”.

This game is very difficult to play. The levels become progressive very hard to progress as you play though.

This was a classic top down shooter with mouse controls. There is no “win” condition even after clearing out all of the enemies. I would also love to know how you created the mini-map from the random generation.

The music gets repetitive and on level 3 it's impossible to attack the last enemy if you move improperly. The attack pattern is in an X pattern and you can not defeat the enemy or move if they are right beside you.

Solid game play. The concept is easy to understand and follow.  The only thing missing is music.

It is a nice concept but the game becomes far too repetitive when you unlock all the cards and then there is no strategy once you get every card. At that point it's just spamming the X button to level up. Every time you beat a battle it says you unlock a card but the actual unlock rate was not one  after every battle.

I had no idea what to do initially in this game until I figured out that I can use Space to “dash”. Other than that I did not fully understand why we are bashing into asteroids.

A classic top down shooter. This game works very well but there is no indication of the players HP. I would like to see some HUD elements that denote power levels and HP.

Very hard to initially figure out what to do. There is no indication that the spear works or does anything. I could not survive long enough to distill. Bandages cost way too much to make and heal.

I could not figure out anything to do in this game. I could press U to switch to a different character. This game made no sense to me.

Very challenging but it plays very well. The only problem is if you press any buttons as you die the game auto-restarts and you can bypass the score screen.

This was an interesting platformer. It took a bit to get used to the default controls. There is no health pick-ups. The game is very challenging and feels like it could use a bit more content in it. I really liked the vehicle level idea. This game reminds me a lot like Shadow Blaster or alien storm from Sega Genesis.

I love the fallout style but there's nothing to really “do” in the game. It is too repetitive and I can not figure out what the fuel does. After a point the houses stop working right.

A solid puzzle game. I had difficulty figuring out how to progress through level 9. The game play is mostly smooth except for the white blocks, they act a bit odd.

Interesting gameplay but very strict timer. The text does not advance and the game over screen does not reset.

This game is very hard to figure out how to play effectively. The learning curve to figuring it out was way too high.