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A topic by 08 aka Rt8vr8ttr created Aug 11, 2018 Views: 401 Replies: 9
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2 days ago I've collaborated with Kipar to make rogue-like game in Fallout style. More info coming soon!


This looks incredible!



Looks really good

Glad you like it c:

Looking forward to seeing more.


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So, our F411.0U7 is published in entries of LOWREZJAM 2018!  Here is the link.

Unfortunately we did not manage to realize many things, so in current form it's rather a prototype and an illustration of the our ideas. But I hope we can finish the game after the jam. :)

I really liked where this is going. It has a lot of promise. I hope to see future updates with more to it.

Definitly I'll not drop this project, I have some plans for its improving. And thanks!