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Into the CaveView game page

A little metroidvania.
Submitted by Zeollis — 36 minutes, 22 seconds before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#254.7004.700

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Awesome entry! Had a lot of fun playing this!


It's a nice metroidvania game! Inclusion of a soundtrack would help a lot with the game's mood. I kinda felt some glitches in the game, but nothing too big to affect what I've played so far, having a save system was also really nice too! :)

Good job! ;)


Classic Metroidvania style. The short melee range makes it difficult to proceed. There is a LOT of hitbox glitches that make the game very broken. I also can not jump and press C to form a platform which makes it very difficult for me to climb up the area on the bottom left of the map. I love the mini-map.

There is also a bug where the C button stopped making platforms as well (The glitch has became permanent after dying and restarting at the save point.) I would really like to discuss GSM2 with you sometime.


The thing I can criticize is a lack of soundtrack! :/ some mysterious music would make a HUGE difference! Besides that the game is solid (: ! Good job!!


Another really cool platformer, the controls work very well, and it's challenging enough to grab my attention, well done!

PS: If you have the time, please try out my entry (don't forget to rate it : ) )



Smooth controls and physics, it feels great to play. I wish my gamepad works with this game!


Very nice! Great sounds. I think I need a gamepad to play this though.


Great little game - really loved the art style! A few weird buggy things - odd jumps and stuff and I soon forgot which fingers were doing what with the extra keys being used! Really enjoyed this!


Nice little entry. I love how much detail you worked into so few pixels. I'm curious how your respawn coordinates are determined, because I managed to get re-spawned in the ceiling/walls, twice. At least that's what I think happened. I couldn't see my character, but based on sound effects,  he was moving.  The way the camera was centered, led me to believe I was in the walls/ceiling. I guess the alternative was the player sprite wasn't being draw for some reason. Other than that, the game felt good.


Thanks for your comment! I just tried to reproduce it and it seems this bug happens when you die without having a save. Its supposed to send you back to the first room but I accidentally referenced the wrong room (the third room) and because there are no respawn coordinates set for that room it puts you at 0,0 by default which is in the ceiling. Oops.


Pretty charming. It'd be cool to see this turned into a full game.


Thank you for your comment and great job making it to the end! Hope it wasn't too anticlimactic. I hadn't really considered making this into a full game... there is definitely a lot more that could be added (and some ideas that didn't quite make it in).