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Oh, the basic concept for this tool is really nice! :D

I use Affinity Designer and it does have a 'pixel helper', but it's way different than this!

Besides helping with pixel art, I can totally see this as a helper tool when working with font design (specially with pixel hinting).

Great job there! :)

P.s.: out of curiosity, are you developing it in Haxe? :D Nice job there! It's really motivating to see projects made with it, since I really want to get deving in it.

Oh, thanks a lot for playing it! :D The intro, as I said, is kinda big (and I did record a few variations of it), I'm still improving on the idea and might have a full featured game (someday, who knows :P).

You're certainly on the right path! Keep making and don't stop! ;)

Awesome work! :O Really fun and original, it's challenging and really tied up nicely, kudos for the rhythm-based behaviour of the game!

Good job!

Felt like playing a platformer inside a VERY surrealistic painting, which was really good! Simple, but trippy and fun to play. Sometimes, the character looked like getting stuck when jumping close to a ledge, but played fine overall.

That vortex sound, though, really hurt my ears (but it's probably my volume here :P).

Good work! ;)

The concept is really nice, loved the use of the grappling hook as the base mechanic is really nice, as Veralos said, an indicator for the range would be really nice, but the overall experience is really good, visuals and audio are really nice and the audio does have that "escape from the cave" feeling in it! :)

Remembered me a bit about International Track & Field 2000 too, for the button mechanics, really liked the implementation of heart rate and the target shooting! It's pretty simple, but really challenging! :) I also really liked the fact that you must coordinate the L/R presses, and not just spam the buttons. :P

Loved the visual style, kinda missed some audio here, but further development would make it really cool! :) It's pretty challenging, though! :P

Infinite scrolling Luftrausers! It really captures the feeling of the original, but the bullets are huge! :O It plays really great, and I really like how you implemented that "danger" circle! :)

It's kinda different, and really interesting, remembered me of how boring sometimes is to drive long distances without stopping or anything exciting. But it's also good for some thinking (I believe). Initially, I thought there was some kinda reference of Interstate 76 in it, but it's nice on its own way. :)

Good job. :D

For a first time making a game, this is really good! The graphics are really nice and cute, and the music you've chosen really helps get that action feeling to the game! Good job! Keep making! ;)

I initially thought it was a twin-stick, but it's totally not, but still really challenging and really well made! Nice use of Unreal Engine there, the graphics look great (explosions! *_*) and the audio really fits and gives a nice vibe for playing it! :O

NOT SNAKE, tbh. :P Nice work there, I liked the sense of humour here! After the first key press I kinda burst out laughing a bit here. XD

Kinda hard to get on a first play, but it's really well made! The graphics are beautiful and the audio gives me some "Chrono" vibe here! :O Good job implementing everything! :O

Really nice take on Another World (though, I often use its other name Out of This World), it really captures the game feel of the original, in both style and controls, for sure! :O I'm kinda missing some audio, but it doesn't take any of the experience in playing it, really nice after you get the pistol! :P

Nice! I love roguelike games and this one's really good, and pretty challenging! Use of lighting and the dungeon generation's really nice, and the UI's pretty intuitive to me also. :) To be able to swing the sword up and down would be a nice addition, since you often have to run and find an angle to attack mobs. But great work there overall!

Really well made, but as some people said, I think some tutorials could help people understand the game a bit better! The visuals are great and the use of lighting is neat too! Sound does give a nice atmosphere and the voices are really nice! I played until everything made the ship say "core offline" here! :P

Good job! ;)

Really fun, and intuitive, really nice and interesting concept! It totally feels like it would work great on mobile! I loved the art and animations, and all these procedural guns! :O The sounds and soundtrack also really do fit the game's mood and that urgency feeling!

Really well polished! Once I saw the options screen and the possibility to have different camera angles I was like WTF?! :P Really nice to have so many options, but side camera didn't work out for me. :P Nice presentation, though!

The graphics are also really nice! I mean, I'd never have thought they were all voxels until I saw the description and options! Good job! Everything's really well wrapped and tied in this game!

Reminded me of playing Sim City on the SNES when I was a kid! The soundtrack's really great, and gives the game a kinda relaxing mood, which is awesome. But what really got me was experimenting with items and buildings, it's really cool that using stone/wood + something would lead to another building, with more items to experiment! And, even with low resolution, it's really easy to find out what's on each tile, the description of items really help, but the pixelart is also really well done! :D

Does the game have any rule on placement of roads? I couldn't place some turns to link buildings with roads. :P

Sometimes, when I accidentaly double clicked the inventory, the game froze, but the music kept playing.

Anyway, it was a great experience to play it! Good job!

Thanks! I kinda wanted to make more chaos in this version, since I couldn't during LD, so I juiced that part a bit! :P The audio was kinda juiced up too and I recorded at least 4 different versions of each voice, but forgot to balance! >_<... Will work on that! :O

Thanks for playing! I really wanted some voiced cutscenes on Ludum Dare, but didn't have time, so after it was finished, this was a great opportunity to remake the game and add a bit more juice, even with a 10x lower resolution. I'll check the music problem here, I think I know what caused it.

Thanks! :D Yes! This project is a remake of the latest Ludum Dare game I made, so it follows the theme! But I kinda wanted to juice it up a bit, so I added more particles, some bots, new soundtrack and a new voiceover (which I didn't make, during LD). The idea is to force the player to spam a bit on further levels too! :P

Thanks! :P Will check out the bullet color thingy, might be because I kinda darkened most sprites because I thought they were too bright :P Kinda did the bullets with almost the same colors too, which might make it a bit difficult to distinguish shots (but increases screen chaos! :D).

I really did wanted to do some voice overs than I could in the LD, so I recorded a lot more this time! :P

Nice! More characters? Really nice! :) Also. a mobile port of this would be awesome!

Oho! This one's simple and short, but really fun to play! The animations were really well done and the music was, as people said, kinda unexpected, but really awesome too! It's also really challenging starting from the 3rd wave, I died quite a bit there XD

Good Job!

Thanks! Initially I wasn't going to put so many particles, but I started to like how it looked and thought "why not?" for making some chaos. the idea was to have even more chaos as you progress, forcing you to waste ammo sometimes. :P

I really wanted to put cutscenes and more audio on the LD version, so I kinda did it with this one! I recorded over 4 different voice overs for each sound, even the intro has 4 versions there, kinda wanted to give a more random feeling with this. :)

Thanks for checking out the game! ;) Yours was really Awesome! :O

It's really great! I often died at the second ladder (more like jumped to my doom) but it was really nice the overall experience! :) Good job there! :D

Even if you were late for the jam, it's a nice prototype you have! Reminded me a bit of the first versions of Delver, which I thought looked really cool. I really do wonder what you could've put into this game, if you had more time. I'm sure it would be even more cool! :D

Good job there! ;)

Really neat, kinda relaxing too! The soundtrack kinda reminded me a bit about Yoshi's Island, while the game style kinda reminded me a bit about Proteus. It took a bit to "get" how the game worked, but once I got it, I had a really nice experience playing it! :) Good job there, specially by using TIC-80! :O

Really did like the style and the graphics! The audio is also pretty good and does fit the visuals too! :D I die too easily, though! Quite challenging there, eh? ;)

Really polished work here! Nice work on the tiles, sprites and animations! The sound's also really good, and it does get you in the mood! The game itself is really challenging, and I still didn't beat that boss! :P

This one's quite challenging, eh? But really well executed! :) Loved the graphics and the sound, controls also are really responsive for me here. Nice concept, great work! ;)

Goodness! Combat here was really harsh, but I loved it! The concept is great and it totally made me feel like playing some lost GBC game there! :P

Oh boy, this is so cool! Really challenging and well designed! The soundtrack gets you completely in the mood for this one, and totally fits the visual style of the game! :P I did have some bugs (death + teleport, some graphical glitches), but overall, playing it was a great experience! Great job there!

This reminded me a LOT about playing Quake and Doom back then! :P The feeling, map design and style is spot on! Good job there! It was quite intuitive to play too, which I consider really nice! :)


Great! It's simple, but catchy, fun and kinda addictive. Also, the game itself is quite challenging! The tiny details in the character's animation are really nice, even if only being a few pixels, it's quite expressive. Everything's really well wrapped! :)

Oh, I also had a small bug playing the windows executable: if using a resolution higher than 800x600 when launching the game, the game text becomes huge! :O Not a big problem, just a small detail, though! ;)

You totally can (and you will) reach nice quality levels, I'm sure! :) I used my old iPad which I got pretty cheap, but could've used cheap microphones and even my Android phone here with some nice results (it's a LG Volt, or Spirit if you're outside Brazil :P). The important thing is to try things! ;)

I didn't have money to spend on nice equipment, so I kinda tried all cheap stuff I could. I always try to find some app or gadget I can record for cheap, like RecTools for iPad, WavePad for Android (records Wave in 44.1Khz, 16-bit, which is pretty nice!) or WavoSaur/Audacity on Windows.

I want to do some kinda guide for quick, amateur, home recording for gamedevs someday, if I have the opportunity! :P

Really beautiful game! :D I love how Gymnopédie was used in the soundtrack, making the game even more beautiful! Also, you got the mood totally right there and the controls worked perfectly! Also, really challenging boss there! :D

Good job!

A game within a game, in 64x64? It's awesome, and really impressive! :D It's short, but pretty fun, IZAK was quite challenging to me! :P Great work on the graphics and audio too! YAAAY! XD