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The name's Fabio, web developer from São Paulo, Brazil. Been working as a developer for more than 10 years, mostly as a PHP developer.

Been a gamedev enthusiast for the last few years, took part in a few game jams, but never finished a proper game, which I do hope to finish as a Dragon Rider.

I'm also a music/audio enthusiast and used to be an advertising professional some time ago.


Dev Setup

  • Tower: i5-9400F, 6 Core, 8GB RAM, Radeon RX570, 2TB HDD
  • Laptop: Dell 5378 2-in-1, i5-7200U, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD
  • Keyboard: Sharkoon SGK3 w/ Kailh blye switches
  • Editors: VS Code + Sublime Text + WebStorm _(depends on the mood)_

Favorite Games

  • Tetris (DS and 99 are my favorites as of now)
  • Minecraft
  • Sonic (all of them)
  • The original Top Gear/Top Racer trilogy for SNES, specially 3000
  • Sim City 2000
  • Geometry Wars

Languages I Know

  • PHP (10+ years)
  • JavaScript (7+ years)
  • TypeScript (2+ years)
  • GML (2+ years)
  • Haxe (1~2 years)
  • ActionScript (< a year)
  • C# (< a year)
  • Java (< a year)
  • Ruby (< a year)
  • Lua (< a year)

Goals with DragonRuby:

  • Make and ship a proper game
  • Make small applications to make my life easier at work
  • Share the knowledge and whatever lib I ever make

If you've used the installer, at least on Windows, you'll have registry entries for Pixelbox.

I found some (from 2.0.0) and deleted them, and the installer just worked.

Just meant that as a warning, since I didn't want to be responsible for anyone breaking their Windows installation just because I told "hey, delete all references to this app over there".

If you're careful enough checking the keys you find, you'll be ok.

Though you might want to be extra careful, since I found some entries named "pixelbox" which didn't come from this app.

@LiveLiver, it's not the files, what I've deleted was the Windows Registry entries, though you shouldn't do that if you've never did this before, as it might break something in your OS if done wrongly.

If you're comfortable tamnpering with the Windows registry, it's just searching/deleting the entries referring to the Pixelbox installation.

So, an update here, if you get stuck during install, you might have to search the windows registry to make it work. I kinda had did it here, searched for every reference to pixelbox, deleted them and it worked.

I advise some care, though, as it might mess up stuff in your OS.

Same issue here. Stuck at installation. Thought it could be some servers I'm runnig or either my node projects interfering, but nope.

Oh nice! :D Quite simple, but challenging too! Reminded me a bit of a LD game, where you did the same thing, but this one's got way more action, which makes it really fun to play! :D


Just a comment is way fine! :D I think that's the fun of game jams, more than ratings! :D Thanks for playing! ;)

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The game kinda reminds me a bit of Outcast or some old voxel-based 3D games, and I love it! :O Also, as people pointed out, reminds me of Proteus! Looks, plays and sounds beautiful! :O

Good job there! Has a really nice modern-retro vibe! :P Some polish on controls, model animation and AI would make it really nice and, together with sound, would add some nice depth there! :D

Great job there! ;)

Oh nice! :D The combat does have a "touchy" feel! :P On a mobile that'd be an interesting mechanic! :D But great job there! ;)

I'm really eager to try Godot next time haha :P Some really great entries appearing using it! :)

Great little metroidvania! :O Feels pretty polished to me, looks and sounds are so great! I loved it! :D

I LOVE top-down racers, and this one's so good! Does remind me a LOT of Power Drive! :D Looks, feels and plays beautiful! Good job there! :)

Beautiful, and quite challenging! :D Sometimes I got a bit confused on where to explore, but it's all part of the challenge, rite? ;)

Great visuals and sound design too! Sometimes I found controls a bit slow, and I had some slowdowns on framerate, specially in fullscreen, but didn't compromise the experience!

Good job! :)

Great revision of the original Xenia! Looks, sounds and plays beautifully! :)

Great job there! :O

Visually, I really like it! The sound's also really nice and fit the game's style. Gameplay-wise, I kinda felt lost at first, specially on battles. The 3x3 grid feels pretty original, but not too much accessible in this way, if it was a touch-based control, that'd be sweet! :D

Good job there! ;)

Really well-made, it does have a NES/GBC feel, in both gameplay and visuals, and I really like some of the level design here, specially the fact that it has secrets! :D

I agree that some SFX would've given the game a better mood, but it's really nice this way too! :P Jumping made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but overall I liked it! :)

The concept is really nice! Visually, the game's really well-made and it plays nice too! It does feel like the timer is a bit unforgiving, and I really did miss sounds on this one, but really nice entry! :D

Good job there! :)

Really nice entry, quite challenging after the "turrets" start appearing! :O Visuals and sounds go really well, as well as playability. :)

Good job there! :D Also, +1 for Pico8! :D

Nice turn-based game! I kinda got confused a bit on how to play the game, but once I got it, it was really nice do play! Kinda miss some sound FX, but overall mood is really nice! The art in the game's also really well made! :)

I really did like how this game plays! And it feels pretty solid as a metroid-like proof-of-concept-in-a-small-package! :P

After some time it does feel a bit repetitive, but it does give off an overall idea, and it's pretty solid! :)

Good job there! Congrats!

The game looks and feels like a GameBoy color game, which is quite a nice thing! The concept is nice and characters feel really cute, but gameplay-wise it feels a bit stiff, specially jumping. Also, the "goal" itself feels a bit lacking.

Overall, I liked it, but feels like some polish is needed. :P

Good job! ;)

It's a nice metroidvania game! Inclusion of a soundtrack would help a lot with the game's mood. I kinda felt some glitches in the game, but nothing too big to affect what I've played so far, having a save system was also really nice too! :)

Good job! ;)

The concept behind the game is really nice, but something's missing to me, maybe some balance on how the bars work? The game's style could be really used for a more puzzle-like approach.

Having to use the mouse for clicking feels kinda strange too. Maybe concentrate everything on the keyboard and add something more action-like, something more...uh...dynamic/fast/something? :P

But good job! :D Also +2 because of Love2D! :D

The game's really well-made! I love the almost 1-bit style graphics, kinda reminded of Downwell for a second. Graphics and sound go really well together and it plays really nice too! It took a bit of time to get how the gameplay works, but overall feeling was great! :)

Maybe, like other said, you could expand on gameplay and add more levels, as it starts to repeat itself a bit. It feels like a good endurance game if played that way tho. Maybe keep some basic level layouts and find a way to increase difficulty every loop? :P

Good job! ;)

Nice nice! :D I might stop working on the full version of this and keep the idea for further use this way hahaha :P

Thanks for playing :P I'm happy that time spent on sound design paid-off! :D I also worked on some details that go unnoticed most of the time, but I'm happy that overall feeling! :)

Whoa! This game's got some great mood! Kinda abstract, surreal, kinda made me feel a bit aprehensive of a jumpscare. Also, so much red!

It plays great though! The graphics, audio, the whole concept made me feel in a short Suda51-like game!

Good job!

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Yeah, initially I wanted the dial to overshoot more, so you'd have to carefully turn, but while controlling speed. I kinda spent the most time doing the dial and sounds until it felt nice to me (I spent quite some time testing screwdrivers, bicycle pedals and whatever to get the sound).

The music was done a bit fast, so I did the first thing that came to mind. :P

That's a great idea to put it as a mini-game inside a bigger game too! :O I'm thinking of a full version of this concept also, but with more challenges and obstacles, besides the "wall's shadow" coming from behind.

Thanks for playing and reviewing! :D

Yup! It's a good score! Thanks for playing the game! Thanks for reviewing it too! :) Your entry was also really nice to play, it's a simple concept, but so satisfying! :D

Thanks for playing and reviewing! While doing it for Ludum Dare I kinda concentrated too much on the dial and sounds, to make it play nice. In fact, I spent too much time spinning it while developing it :P

I kinda wanted to try making the player feel as if the wall was coming from behing, but without turning, because I kinda suck at doing 3D, this was the best I could do. :P I hope I did it a bit right :D

That's a nice take on the 'pipe-game' puzzle game! Quite challenging, but also quite satisfying to play, and the puzzle design was really well done and thought! Until you "get" how to play the game, I also feel that some help would be nice (how you can "chain" turns, etc.), but it's pretty visible how you made the levels in a way that, after some time, you just automatically guess the right way to turn them pipes!

Great job! :O

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Pretty retro, pretty simple, pretty FUN! :O It does have that retro-challenging feel, thanks to the sounds and graphics, and it's got a really nice concept!

The way the game was built also made it pretty intuitive to me (how to play, etc.) and it's quite easy to get, even without reading the how to play instructions. :P

Loved it! :D I kinda always die when the "golden"  blocks start  falling :P

Also, you made the console/engine? That's neat! :O

Oh, I really liked the style! It does feel like one of those old school side-scrolling adventures, not only in graphics, but also sound!

The way you handled level design was great, and I really enjoyed playing from both perspectives! Congrats on your game! :D

Oh, the basic concept for this tool is really nice! :D

I use Affinity Designer and it does have a 'pixel helper', but it's way different than this!

Besides helping with pixel art, I can totally see this as a helper tool when working with font design (specially with pixel hinting).

Great job there! :)

P.s.: out of curiosity, are you developing it in Haxe? :D Nice job there! It's really motivating to see projects made with it, since I really want to get deving in it.

Oh, thanks a lot for playing it! :D The intro, as I said, is kinda big (and I did record a few variations of it), I'm still improving on the idea and might have a full featured game (someday, who knows :P).

You're certainly on the right path! Keep making and don't stop! ;)

Awesome work! :O Really fun and original, it's challenging and really tied up nicely, kudos for the rhythm-based behaviour of the game!

Good job!

Felt like playing a platformer inside a VERY surrealistic painting, which was really good! Simple, but trippy and fun to play. Sometimes, the character looked like getting stuck when jumping close to a ledge, but played fine overall.

That vortex sound, though, really hurt my ears (but it's probably my volume here :P).

Good work! ;)

The concept is really nice, loved the use of the grappling hook as the base mechanic is really nice, as Veralos said, an indicator for the range would be really nice, but the overall experience is really good, visuals and audio are really nice and the audio does have that "escape from the cave" feeling in it! :)