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DragonRuby Game Toolkit

An intuitive 2D game engine. Fast, cross-platform, tiny, hot loaded. · By DragonRuby

DragonRuby GTK Discord server created. Join it dammit. Sticky

A topic by DragonRuby created Aug 05, 2019 Views: 679 Replies: 20
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Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Fellow dragon riders, join the DragonRuby GTK Discord server:

Please introduce yourself here!

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I’ll go first (feel free to use this as a template for your own introductions).


I’m Amir, one of the developers of DragonRuby Game Toolkit. I have over 20 years of software development experience and have been building games full-time for the past 6 years.


Dev Setup:

  • Box: MacBook Pro 2019, 8 Core, 64GB RAM, Radeon Pro 580 eGPU, 8TB HD
  • Monitors: Dual U4919DW Monitors (stacked vertically)
  • Keyboard: Nyquist Keyboard with Kailh Bronze Switches and Mito XDA caps.
  • Editor: iTerm + TMUX + Emacs (evil-mode)

Top 10 Games of All Time:

  1. Nier: Automata
  2. DarkSouls
  3. Final Fantasy Tactics
  4. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
  5. Kingdom Hearts II
  6. Flower
  7. Monument Valley II
  8. Braid
  9. Final Fantasy VII
  10. Journey

Languages I Know (Sorted by Favorite to Least Favorite):

  1. Lisp (Racket, Clojure, ELisp, Chez Scheme)
  2. Ruby
  3. Objective-C, C
  4. F#/Ocaml
  5. ES6
  6. C#
  7. TypeScript
  8. Java
  9. Scala
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I'm Cody Poll. I'm a software engineer in Utah who's very active in the local Elixir community. I picked up DragonRuby as a way to challenge myself by doing programming outside my normal server-side/data engineering roles.

Dev Setup:

Macbook Pro 2018 (with significantly lower specs than Amir's cool setup 😉)
HP Proliant DL380 Server for self-hosting things, including a headless development environment (32 GB RAM, 16 CPU, a few terabytes of disk space) running SmartOS
Editor: iTerm + TMUX + vim

Favorite Games of All Time:

  1. Terraria!
  2. Celeste
  3. Hollow Knight
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics
  5. Golden Sun

Languages I know (Sorted from best understood to least understood):

  1. Elixir
  2. Erlang
  3. Ruby
  4. JavaScript
  5. Elm
  6. Scala
  7. A smattering of other things I've played around with (Common Lisp, Golang, Objective- C, and others)

I love Final Fantasy Tactics so much T_T. It’s a dream of mine to build my own tactics inspired game, but with PvP.

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I'm Manuel, I have been making games for around 13 years, only sharing the most recent ones, because I thought they where not good enough. I quit my job last April and I have been living my dream full time since then, I'm not making much money tho, but, I never have been more happy in my life, still manage to have savings to keep the fun going =D


Dev Setup

  • Box: i9, 8gb ram, nvidia 770gtx, 2tb hd, 512mb ssd
  • Monitors: Samsung LC24F390FHU, and an old one in vertical just to play music or read text
  • Keyboard: DasKeyboard model S ultimate
  • Editor: VSCode, Intellij Idea

Top 10 Games of All Time:

  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
  • Broken sword
  • Broken sword 2
  • Medievil
  • Super mario world
  • Silent hill 1
  • Metal gear 1
  • Cuphead
  • Neverwinter night

Languages I Know (Sorted by Favorite to Least Favorite):

  • Java
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • C
  • and a bunch of web design languages, which I hate lol
Developer (1 edit)

I quit my job last April and I have been living my dream full time since then

I will do everything I can to make sure GTK can help you make your dreams come true. I myself did this back in 2013. I wrote a 300+ page book about it actually: Surviving the App Store as an Indie.

  • Amir

I'll make some tea and read it, thanks :D

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I'm Terry Gannon and I help to write, edit and socialize WNDXLori's DragonRuby Dispatch bi-weekly newsletter.  As we like to say, setting all pretence of modesty aside, The World's Best DragonRuby Newsletter. My reason for being here relates to Lori's output-to-my-input: for each issue she hands me a bunch of URLs on Trello and it's my job to try and stitch them into readable prose if I can. Candidly, that usually requires a little research on each of them. and Discord are some of the resources I use to do that. I'll try not to get in the way or ask any stupid questions.

So far as my technical background. The Readers' Digest version of that is I wrote my first line of code on a TRS-80 Model I with Level 2 BASIC in 1977 and wrote my last one, let me think, a few days ago I believe.  Candidly, I was never much good as a coder but still have managed to make a living in IT/IT Management since 1980. Since 2008 I have been independent and now focus on helping companies like Lori's get their message out.  My unique selling proposition in that regard is I think I can string a sentence together coupled with a deep appreciation for the art/science that is code and those who write it. I also do a  pretty good job on podcasts, as well, and have a couple of shows for which I write/record new episodes as time allows. 

Thank you for what you do. It’s really difficult to cut through all the noise out there.

Any friend of Lori’s is a friend of mine. So if you ever want to take another stab at learning to code, I have a DragonRuby GTK license with your name on it :-)

Thank you for that, Amir, I really appreciate it.  Also, thank you so much for the offer of the DragonRuby GTK licence.  I very well may take you up on that!

DM me in the discord channel and I’ll get you squared away

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Hello folks. I am Austin Meyer! I am currently in my last semester of college at CSU Chico to acquire a BS in Computer Science. I hope to break into the industry of game development either at a Triple A, indie, or personal studio (i.e. my house :) ). Other than that I will probably persue intermediate jobs in other software companies.


Top 5 Games of All Time:

  1. Crusader Kings II
  2. Knights of the Old Republic
  3. Uncharted Series
  4. Civilization
  5. Dragon Age: Origins

Top 5 Board Games of All Time:

  1. Catan
  2. Twilight Imperium
  3. Coup
  4. 7 Wonders
  5. Gloomhaven

Languages I Know (Sorted by Usage):

  1. C/C++
  2. C#
  3. Python
  4. JavaScript
  5. Java
  6. Ruby (starting now)

Python and Ruby are basically cousins (except Ruby is of Japanese descent and wields a katana). You’ll love it (hopefully).

I have been really enjoying it. Its super weird, but also really cool. I am excited to use it.

Its super weird, but also really cool.

Lol! Yes that’s good!

I feel that game engines today are in a local maximum. The APIs that exist are kind of archaic, and I didn’t want to just clone those APIs “but do it in Ruby”. So I’m not surprised that things feel weird (in addition to learning Ruby on top of everything).

With regards to Ruby vs Python, I’d recommend that you write the code in a “beautiful” way (whatever you feel that looks like). It’s more subjective than Python’s strict formatting requirements obviously. But, games are a form of art I feel, so you want to use a language that shares a similar philosophy.

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I'm Hodge. I've spent the last 20 years trying to finish making a game. It's a crazy trip that has lead to many prototypes and a career in technology that somehow landed me as a game design teacher in a public high-school program. Along the way I've done studio camera work and video editing, 3d animation and motions graphics for freelance clients and internal company projects (as a result of my AS in Digital Animation for Games). At one point I was even the director of web development for a local add agency. There are many more stops along the way than that, but I'll try to shorten this up by saying that since landing in a full time teacher position I have finished my BS in Software Development, and I am currently nearing the end of my MS in Applied Computer Science; which is actually what caused me to have interest in DragonRuby. I'm determining a final program to create for my last project class and I want to make something useful for students in the course I teach. I have lots of ideas and I'm currently looking into whether or not DragonRuby is a good fit... Oh ya, and I'm still trying to finish my own game project(s).


I'm not currently active on the Internet. It's not a statement or anything, it's that the last few years of schooling have made me realize how bad of a coder I used to be. I just closed down most of my accounts, my website, and almost everything that would connect me to my old work, until such a time that I've built a project(s) that I'm proud to show off; though, I'm occasionally still active on platforms such as this. I'll update this section when I decide to relaunch my "internet self".

Dev Setup:

  • MacBook Pro 2018 (Parallels for Microsoft Dev and Linux in a VM for most of my web related projects)
  • Monitors: Ultra wide with a 16:9 on top and the laptop screen to the side + iPad mini 5 with Pencil and using sidecar to do artwork.
  • Keyboard: I don't know but it sure does have pretty lights that I stare at it for too long.
  • Editor: VS, VS Code, Eclipse - depends on the project, what class I'm in, and what the instructor recommends.

Top 10 Games of All Time (not necessarily in this order):

  1. NES: Felix the Cat
  2. GB: CatTrap
  3. PC: Half Life
  4. PC: Far Cry 5
  5. N3DS: Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
  6. Pretty much any first party 3DS title (3DS is my favorite console, I'm a sucker for the stereoscopic gimmick)
  7. Lots of other's I'm sure, but these are the ones I go back to.

Languages I Know (In Random Order):

  1. HTML, CSS, javascript, MySQL (you know, all the common web stuff)
  2. Ruby - I'm very new, but my current college course is dousing me in this and Rails. I'm kind of loving it.
  3. C, Java
  4. C# for business applications and of course Unity game creation (my current game that is closest to releasable is built in Unity)
  5. Probably other stuff that I'm not recalling.

If you ever need any licenses for your students, just email me and I’ll be more than happy to set you up for as many as you need (for free) <3

Thanks, I may do that for my class next Fall. My class is a bunch of high school seniors that have a broad range of skills coming in, but the trend has been less and less individuals interested in programming each year. I think I've identified why that may be and I'm looking for an engine that will provide immediate gratification, while also teaching usable programming concepts in a real language that is used in the business world. Unity is great, because we use C# and Visual Studio - but the trend in my students is that they just aren't ready for that and/or have interest. In the Spring I have them do rounds of week long game jams, with at least one of them being for the Most of my students fail to submit by the deadline, because they work right until the last second and then realize they don't exactly know how to and/or have the time to submit. That auto itch submission you have going on is looking pretty nice right about now.

Anyhow, I bought a license for myself to look into it. I don't have much time right now due to my MS degree hammering down on me. I'm sure I'll have some questions in the nearish future; though I do have one question now - Is anyone working on or seeing value in an editor. Not necessarily for entire game creation like Unity, but perhaps a WYSIWYG level designer? 

This summer my final MS course is a project class where I'll be on a team and we'll need to decide what we want to make. I don't know who my team will be, but if I can convince them, I'd like to make a tool for my class. If I were to roll with DragonRuby for 2d game development, all of my artists would love a visual design tool that lets them layout the visuals in a way they are accustomed. It would keep the programming focused on providing the functionality of the game. I hate saying the less code the better, but the less intimidating the better for my beginning students - many of whom are coming to my class only for exploring the art side of the job. Minimal but meaningful programming activities and concepts with a real language is my goal... And also, I just want to make something cool that people would want.



Hey guys, I'm Kota. I'm a software developer, control systems engineer, electrical engineer, and roboticist. I started a company a few years ago building industrial robots. Turns out there is a lot of overlap between video game design and robotics (just like how there is a lot of overlap between audio engineering and control theory!) so I thought I would come check out this side of the world.

Dev Setup:

  • Laptop: Thinkpad P1 with Intel Xeon E-2176M, 32GB RAM, Nvidia P2000, 2TB HD -> Dual 1080p monitors along with laptop screen (so 3 screens!)
  • Desktops (i have 2 with very similar setups): i7 of some sort.... 16GB RAM? Nvidia 9800 GTX I believe ->Dual 1080p monitors
  • Keyboard: 2x Apple Magic Keyboard with numpad, 1x Das 4 Ultimate
  • OS: Ubuntu, Gentoo Linux
  • Editor: Emacs evil-mode, vterm-mode

Languages I Know, sorted by preference:

  1. C++
  2. Rust (sort of... getting started with it!)
  3. Ruby
  4. elisp
  5. Python
  6. Erlang
  7. ES6
  8. Java

Favorite Games..?

I'm not much of a gamer (I probably play about 15 hours worth of games a year max), but I think Demon's Souls is still #1 for me. Apart from that, I used to pour a ton of time into RFactor2 and Assetto Corsa as practice (I race cars as a hobby) but startup life has drained all my free time.

Goals with DragonRuby:

  • Robot visualization (obviously 2D things!)
  • Digital instruments and sound/music making things
  • Some basic games.


    Dark Souls is freaking incredible I agree. I’m actually mentoring some local highschool kids in a FRC Robotics competitions.

    Be sure to join the Discord channel to see how I can maybe help you (and of course talk about Emacs).

    • Amir

    Demon's Souls, not Dark Souls! :) Demon's Souls was a PS3 exclusive that they made before they made Dark Souls. Dark Souls is the spiritual successor I think. They had to change the name and some of the basic ideas to make Dark Souls cross platform without breaking their contract, but I liked it a little bit better.

    The mentoring sounds like it would be a lot of fun too!

    I will definitely check out the Discord channel, Amir!