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Python and Ruby are basically cousins (except Ruby is of Japanese descent and wields a katana). You’ll love it (hopefully).

I have been really enjoying it. Its super weird, but also really cool. I am excited to use it.

Its super weird, but also really cool.

Lol! Yes that’s good!

I feel that game engines today are in a local maximum. The APIs that exist are kind of archaic, and I didn’t want to just clone those APIs “but do it in Ruby”. So I’m not surprised that things feel weird (in addition to learning Ruby on top of everything).

With regards to Ruby vs Python, I’d recommend that you write the code in a “beautiful” way (whatever you feel that looks like). It’s more subjective than Python’s strict formatting requirements obviously. But, games are a form of art I feel, so you want to use a language that shares a similar philosophy.