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Doing a simple flip changes the right handed sword wielder to a left handed sword wielder. Granted that it’s a common technique and not too noticeable.

No prob. Lemme know if that changes.

Would pay an additional cost for left-facing animations. I was wanting to leverage this for a prototype but can’t use it fully because left-facing animations are missing.

It’s an immense amount of work I know. I’m open to commissioning this work to make it worth your trouble.

I think Godot exists on Android. You might want to give that a shot :-)

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Making a fully functional code editor for Android is a ton of work.

DragonRuby is not a visual scripting engine like Construct or Bitsy. You need an application that is able to edit text/code files (such as Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text).

What code editor do you use on Android?

DragonRuby requires a code editor. There isn’t one that is integrated and gui-based like Construct or Bitsy.

what do you use for a code editor on your phone?

Hope you enjoyed the horror elements :-)

Does this game work for you?

If there are Raspberry PI C libraries that are available, DragonRuby Indie and Pro provides C Extensions

Thanks for the honest feedback!

What didn’t you like about it? Was the overall concept not clear (wrt how the game could progress if it were complete)?

I cracked up on the “Oh yeaaa!” sound effect.

Would have made more sense to find bullets on enemies I killed. Ammo management wasn’t something I considered managing (it’s a good mechanic, just needs polish).

Great rendition of a classic. I like that my fireballs shot straight out (definitely OP).

Wish more people would do studies of classic games like this.

Crazy madness. Pretty novel/fun spin on breakout :-)

Great use of PICO’s capabilities.

Great music/vibe. I was trying to find a pattern for the blinks (potentially tying to the music), but it felt like it was entirely based on reflexes and I just couldn’t respond fast enough.

Wayyyyyy to hard. Great music and visuals though. Keeping music in sync with the visuals is no easy task, so props for that.

The art in this game is absolutely fantastic. Huge map too. Had a hard time figuring out how to put out fires, but just exploring was a fun experience.

Fantastic special effects. Fluid fighting. Great audio. Great job :-)

My twitch reflexes aren’t what they used to be. Having a “slower” option would have been a nice addition.

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Really great submission. The music is so damn chill and at the same time fits the atmosphere. Reminded me of the old-school dungeon crawlers :-)


Also what lowrez font did you use? It’s pretty damn nice.

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Glad the scares were good. I was shooting for “NOPE.” closes browser… made it at times difficult to build cause I kept scaring myself.

Just tried the Mac export. Crashed immediately on startup cries

Really appreciate the kind words :-)

Fantastic game. I appreciate the simplicity of the controls and love the puzzle elements.

You’ve got a talent for “teaching to play” without an explicit tutorial and it’s appreciated :-)

Wasn’t able to play your game given that it’s Windows only :-( (I have MacOS and Linux).

Wasn’t able to play the game :-(

Browser crashed trying to load it (both Chrome and Firefox on MacOS)

Great concept. Gameplay was smooth/responsive. Collision boxes for bullets seemed to be a little off (hitting trees when they shouldn’t have for example).

Wasn’t able to try your game out given that there’s only a Windows exe T_T

Happy to see another horror game submission! Loved the galaga minigame (mad props for a game within a game) :-)

Really appreciated the super tight controls/movement. Ladders are a pain in the ass to implement (good job on making them work well) :-)

Fantastic game. The physics were rock solid and really stands out, were they hand rolled?

Wasn’t able to play the game. Kept getting “Web GL Context was lost”. I tried both Chrome and Firefox (on MacOS).

This brought back many nostagic memories from atari days. Super polished :-)

Great game. Love the special effects and music. Controls were super responsive too. I can definitely see this being expanded on to be a larger title :-)

I played against myself but even then I think it’s a cool concept and love the unique take on a lowrez baseball game. Really unique idea.

Fun gameplay that was intuitive to pick up. Controls were super tight and made me want to jump back in after a game over. Great job!

Incredibly polished game. Mechanics were interesting, great music, tight controls. Great job!

Really great atmosphere!

Game looks to be simply downscaled to fit into a 64x64 canvas (text on signs was extremely hard to read).

Solid platforming and graphics look great too.

Some of the damage to fire was a bit finicky (being too close to the edge). Didn’t see any way to attack enemies.

Unable to play game given that it’s a windows exe :-(

Unable to play game given that it’s a windows exe :-(