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Do any of my other games work for you? Is it possible that GPU acceleration isn’t enabled in Chrome settings?

(Thanks for this info btw)

No sound in the game. What browser were you using?

I think I mapped R for drifting via a controller :-)

Yep. Still experimenting with it before I commit to making it a new mechanic. I’m not sure if it’s fun or if it’s because I’m crazy

Something absolutely ridiculous to try is to try to beat a track while never releasing the drift button. It’s… interesting I think.

And no I haven’t been able to get very far doing that XD (still tried for 30 minutes straight)

Heck yea! You enjoying the game? Any feedback? I’m thinking of adding Myogi Pass next.

“I have no recollection of the event in question your honor.”

Fast fluid character movement. Burn animation packs a punch!

It was hard to tell if the game’s resolution was strict/lenient about the 64x64 pixel constraint. Regardless of that, the art is great.

Loved the minimalist sprites and how they were still able to convey movement very well.

Not sure if I would have preferred two characters with more fighting depth, or the current four. It’s a ton of work to create 4 unique characters like you did. Mad props :-)

Great narrative experience. Played it all the way through :-)

Really nice camera shake and flame thrower particles.

The pixel art is really crisp with good color selection too!

Nicely polished game. I appreciated the lighting and visual aesthetics (very well done).

Puzzle games with a single solution can be hit and miss, but I think any puzzle enthusiast would enjoy this game.

Really fantastic gameplay idea (one of my favorites so far in fact).

I’m a big fan of the Game of Go and love this take on a liberty centric game.

I also liked that I could figure the mechanics out without going through the tutorial. Great job!

The launch of Daisy was excessive in the most fantastic ways XD

Everything was excessive in the most fantastic ways, though the physics weren’t entirely clear wrt ho many times Daisy would bounce off the floor before settling.

Simple game/straightforward game mechanic and I can see that it would have fit into the 64x64 constraint pretty easily. It’d be interesting to see what kind of variety you end up adding.

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Really nice little polished experience. Congrats on submitting to your first game jam!

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As soon as the game loaded I was like “NOPE”, but I found the courage to play.

It was easy to get unintentionally lost, so I just cowered along the right wall as if I were in a maze. And then [REDACTED] happened, at which point I went “NOPE” and closed the game.

Really great (terrifying) aesthetic.


Grammar and stuff.

Definitely wanted to flesh out a stage full of enemies to slice apart, just didn’t have the time >_<. Thanks for giving the game a shot!

Lots of attention to detail on the movement and presentation of the balloon. Felt focused and complete.

Reminded me of an Earth Worm Jim level:

I’d definitely give Word Cookie a download and see if it sparks some inspiration.

Really beautiful/thematic environment.

The narrative elements kept me wanting to play (which is awesome).

The platforming/terrain traversal was compelling too. In so much that I felt that the enemies and other ways of dying took away from that primary goal of piecing together an expansive space 64x64 pixels at a time.

Reminded me a bit of Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Some of the story elements popping up broke the vibe I was getting into. It would be tricky to make it unobtrusive with a lower resolution so totally understand the reason why it had to stop gameplay.

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Great visuals and sounds.

Landing after a jump where no damage was taken felt really long relative to the speed the character moves (felt like a split between Prince of Persia and a faster paced platformer).

I was hoping to get to more interesting game mechanics sooner over a slow boil (given that it’s a jam setting).

I liked the post-stage upgrade. Maybe give one right at the beginning to hint that more upgrades will come later.

Aiming was a bit touchy. I felt like at some points I wasn’t able to tap light enough to get the right aim against an enemy.

Really fun mechanic.

I’d say skip the selection between easy and hard mode and automatically flip to a higher difficulty when they complete a number of levels w/o using an undo (and then increase it even more with a faster clock or limited undo charges).

I also wonder how it’d feel with using the mouse/touch to fill in the square as opposed to the keyboard.

Loved the visuals and usage of the theme. I appreciated the introductory narrative to set the stage. Short, sweet, and to the point lol.

The game mechanic was really creative too!

I wonder how the game would feel if the aiming aspects were removed and the fire would go straight to the plant with the same color. You could probably speed up the game play significantly and give it a ZType feel (really fun game to play):

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Really really polished game. Mad props on the completeness factor.

I’d probably speed up the progression a little bit in a game jam setting so that players can get the “hook” to the game sooner rather than later.

Beautifully rendered and I appreciate the simplicity of the controls. This could definitely benefit from a larger viewport (given you a bit more time to maneuver).

I wonder how it would feel if it were a hair slower which would give you a bit more time to react.

Even with the “trick”, I still found the mechanic surprisingly fun. I could see this working well as a different way to play Word Cookie (not sure if you’ve played the mobile game).

Visuals in the game are absolutely fantastic. Color palette is beautiful and so were all the dialog transitions.

Tutorial was a bit complicated and I wanted to get into the action right away. And of course, because I didn’t take the time to read through the tutorial, I was a little lost on how to play (though I did enjoy experimenting and seeing how the art/animation played out).

Good use of the gravity well theme. Surprisingly addictive!

Was kind of annoying when I missed the initial launch. I was also able to cheese it a little bit by jumping to the nearest letter as opposed to risking a shot to the other side of the circle.

I enjoyed the feel of the wall kick. Wall kicking in Megaman X was so painful, this was definitely not like that :-)

I’d ramp up the difficulty more aggressively (maybe with shorter climbs to the door).

Thank you! There were a little over 50 frames of animations for the full combo. That took a while O_O

The visuals and sounds are incredibly cohesive. Everything really feels like it fits well.

Super chill game with predictable physics :-)

LOWREZ Kenobi is 8 pixels high ^_^

Really glad you like the movement! And yes, the infinite jumping and freedom to continuously combo was by design. The eventual barrage of enemies and chaos will put your agility to the test hopefully :-)

Yep, I did all the animations myself. I used 2B’s attack patterns from Nier Automata as reference ^_^

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Each sample has a “run” file in its directory. All you need to do to run the sample is double click that file.

That’s the end of Akina pass :-)

My fastest time is 151.47, zero deaths.

Try to beat it ^_^

For the second corner. Try turning more. Also try turning less. But definitely turn maybe.