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Each sample has a “run” file in its directory. All you need to do to run the sample is double click that file.

That’s the end of Akina pass :-)

My fastest time is 151.47, zero deaths.

Try to beat it ^_^

For the second corner. Try turning more. Also try turning less. But definitely turn maybe.

Hey everyone,

Here is a free license to DragonRuby Game Toolkit that you can use for the Jam and keep. It has a 7DRL starting point which will give you a jump start on your game:

Hope you give DragonRuby a shot!

PS: I got permission from Darren Grey before posting to the forum.

It is definitely possible to beat. Promise!

I’ll add windowing features (full screen mode) to the list of things to add 👍

The web based documentation was the major change that was made along with removing the .md file (sorry for the confusion on that).

What engine do you currently use? Do you have any other feature requests?

We’ve released quite a few version updates in the past couple of months. Mind giving it another shot?

If you ever need any licenses for your students, just email me and I’ll be more than happy to set you up for as many as you need (for free) <3

Its super weird, but also really cool.

Lol! Yes that’s good!

I feel that game engines today are in a local maximum. The APIs that exist are kind of archaic, and I didn’t want to just clone those APIs “but do it in Ruby”. So I’m not surprised that things feel weird (in addition to learning Ruby on top of everything).

With regards to Ruby vs Python, I’d recommend that you write the code in a “beautiful” way (whatever you feel that looks like). It’s more subjective than Python’s strict formatting requirements obviously. But, games are a form of art I feel, so you want to use a language that shares a similar philosophy.

Python and Ruby are basically cousins (except Ruby is of Japanese descent and wields a katana). You’ll love it (hopefully).

I love Final Fantasy Tactics so much T_T. It’s a dream of mine to build my own tactics inspired game, but with PvP.

DM me in the discord channel and I’ll get you squared away

Make sure you are not using symlinks. GTK is designed to live within the game repository (it’s why the binary is so small).

When running the publish command, make sure you are at the root directory (and not in the mygame) directory. Also make sure that your metadata.txt file is fully specified.

DM me on discord and we can troubleshoot together.

Thank you for what you do. It’s really difficult to cut through all the noise out there.

Any friend of Lori’s is a friend of mine. So if you ever want to take another stab at learning to code, I have a DragonRuby GTK license with your name on it :-)

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I’ll go first (feel free to use this as a template for your own introductions).


I’m Amir, one of the developers of DragonRuby Game Toolkit. I have over 20 years of software development experience and have been building games full-time for the past 6 years.


Dev Setup:

  • Box: MacBook Pro 2019, 8 Core, 64GB RAM, Radeon Pro 580 eGPU, 8TB HD
  • Monitors: Dual U4919DW Monitors (stacked vertically)
  • Keyboard: Nyquist Keyboard with Kailh Bronze Switches and Mito XDA caps.
  • Editor: iTerm + TMUX + Emacs (evil-mode)

Top 10 Games of All Time:

  1. Nier: Automata
  2. DarkSouls
  3. Final Fantasy Tactics
  4. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
  5. Kingdom Hearts II
  6. Flower
  7. Monument Valley II
  8. Braid
  9. Final Fantasy VII
  10. Journey

Languages I Know (Sorted by Favorite to Least Favorite):

  1. Lisp (Racket, Clojure, ELisp, Chez Scheme)
  2. Ruby
  3. Objective-C, C
  4. F#/Ocaml
  5. ES6
  6. C#
  7. TypeScript
  8. Java
  9. Scala

Can I email you? I have a question/favor to ask ^_^

I started playing this game and I said to myself "My goodness this is so well done. It reminds me of the game from LOWREZ Jam that I helped trouble shoot, and that won first place." Lo and behold, you're the same person.

You do amazing work and I hope that you find success in this industry. 

I hand drew everything on my iPad ^_^

Did you beat the game? If so what ending did you pick?

She had a 390 IQ and addressed the world to deliver the bad news (in multiple languages no less). So not only Astrophysics smart, but the pillar of hope. 

I hope you feel horrible :-P

I left the ending open ended. You have all the pieces you need to create the “epilogue” in your head. 

That and I totally ran out of time XD

Alright I have a full stack trace plus any data I was able to capture from the event. Do you want me to email it to you? My email address is

Just curious why you chose Sasha and not Aanka (the nine year old genius)?

Heck yea. I’ll dig into it and see what’s going on. 

Holy crap what a beautifully animated game. All the little details of the player were noticed (the dust lifting from the ground when she moved, the flowers reacting to being walked through). By far the most beautiful LOWREZ game I've played in this jam.

The game crashed when I woke up grand ma T_T (I tried a number of times). I'm still in awe with how beautiful this game is.

Great aesthetics. I liked the movement of the camera a lot. The jump mechanic from the ground started to feel good after trying it for a while (basically you can "chamber" the jump so you only have to worry about releasing). Wall jumping was quite difficult however.

Awesome sound. Awesome graphics, color choice/pallet, animation. The jump effect felt a little "sharp" and I would have been fun to have more usages of the duck functionality.

Solid shooter. I really liked the auto shoot. Wish more games did that. Polished after image/blur effects on the ship (especially when moving larger distances). Old school sound et al was very fitting.

I'm a puppy? And I can hack? And I can pretend to be solid snake? But as a puppy? What more do you need?

All the animations were on point. Explosions, trotting of the fox. Aesthetics of sneaking around. Top notch job!

I got confused a few too many times between pressing z and x (yes even with the visual AB keys). You could probably make a typing game out of this now that I think of it.

Good lord that was a challenging game. Super polished, fluid controls (worked well even when I used my trackpad). Now I want a super lowrez Mariokart. 

You need to add drifting to the shapes XD

Beautiful light effects. Solid controls and camera shake. Good implementation of collisions. Straight forward premise with regards to saving the miners.

The "fall" of the rocket could be a touch slower which would give me more time to reorient the thing.

Straight forward one button game play. I cracked up the first time I cast the reel XD

Don't think the digital clock you made went unnoticed. That was a fun little aesthetic that went well with the LOWREZ theme (with each pixel representing a "light" on the clock).

The minimap was a little confusing. I wasn't sure what the blue/black areas meant. Got the hammer and octopus (and broke my like like 3 times).

The dog "studio logo" at the beginning was cool too.

Really awesome art work. The building was my favorite drawing. Did she get stuck in the computer? She was stuck in the computer wasn't she? Post apocalyptic cyberpunk?

Music was legit.

The LOWREZ letter G in the font made the game literally unplayable :-P (thanks for telling me about FontStruct).

Solid start to the clicker I know and love. I liked all the fade effects of the font and the one upgrade I bought gave me the same "woo hoo" progress feeling when it went from +1 to +2. Get them upgrades in!!

Absolutely amazing lighting effects and blur effects! Music was bad ass, but I'd expect a more western theme. All the animation/art overall had an insane level of polish (you've done so much with so few pixels).

Nice pixel art! I walked around the entire map to see all the little pieces of landscape you created (also noticed the darkening effect you added to the top left). The mouse cursor was cool, and though it probably wasn't deliberate. It was kind of funny when the hands detached when I clicked in random places XD

Oh man I can totally help you get this one mobile. DM me on discord!!

The aesthetics of the game are adorable end to end. Music is light hearted and pairs with the art style and the general premise of the "fairytale" story. It may be better for dialog to trigger without the need to click on things (may just have it happen when you walk up to them).

I also appreciate that you added mouse based controls/touch controls.

Yep. This game is addicting AF. I'd play this on my phone will pooping if I could. The challenge is really nice given that their are multiple timing elements involved (not just avoiding obstacles, but also making sure that you're heading the right directions before launching).