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Nice submission! Good amount of variety for a game jam so kudos on that. I really thought the golems would be the best and so I just spammed them. They failed me in the end.

This is great. Extremely aggressive sound track for a fight between emojis. Fun to explore a new world of pok.. emojikom.

Though I would love more options for a story based game (my preference). I love how you tell stories. I don’t know what you do but even in A Dark Room the vagary just keeps me wanting to play.

Good entry!

I hate the dev ;). You don’t know how many times I fell down a dark hole I had no idea were it lead and fell for what felt like eternity and yelled at myself ‘NOOOOO’. To soon find out I needed to go that way. That was until I got sent all the way back to the beginning.

Fantastic game the art utilized was amazing and the confusion I went through kept me playing and utilized almost all my lunch. This was probably due to the fact I rarely used the signs ha. Good to see what came of all of your dark magic over in the discord.

That is very much understandable. Glad to see your still at it.

Super interesting idea. I had a fun time playing. Figuring out how to make chicken bodied animals was fun.

The Good:

  • I enjoyed trying to get my breeding economy up and running.
  • Discovering how to use the Fuse-O-Matic was enjoyable.
  • The sprites were colorful and fun to look at!

The Bad:

  • I didn’t get enough time to start a proper breeding program.
  • Time limit on the delivery was a challenge, but might have been to much of a challenge since orders of more than one didn’t seem to scale. It felt like the amount of time was the same for larger orders. I am just a one man shop. How am I supposed to fulfill those orders ;).

Very cool! Hope you like the engine and can’t wait to see more.

Love the flapping hat animation!

Super interesting idea. Love how it came out and played really smooth.

The UI is pretty awesome as well, nice an crisp. Did you add different curse types as the game progressed? Like the toilet seemed to happen once toward the middle.

Glad to hear it!! Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing. So happy you had a good time!

Thanks so much! Glad you had fun.

Great job. Loved the different take on the pop games.

Thanks for playing. Ya those spikes are definitely out to get you.

Also fixed that before end of jam.

Totally not ha. One of the hook ups must be broken.

Hey we made the same game! This is so funny. Love it. Your atmosphere is amazing.

Fun stuff. Reminded me of an old Star Wars game I used to play on this pre-built game package/toy. The game as you have said can be quite difficult, but it lends it self well to your vision. There is a great eeriness created when you don’t see any incoming asteroids for a few seconds. Once they start coming you get a great adrenaline rush when you think you got this and die. Congrats once again.


I found that I could rotate the ship with A and D, but couldn’t fire with W and S. I know it does not say you can use them in the directions, but if you make me think I can use it then I want to use it ;).

Fun stuff. I love the harpoon reel in. My personal goal was to get fish on the back harpoon. I definitely found that until about 300m the game was easy and I did not have to swim or move. Though the hypnotic harpoon made the journey better. Great work for a 48 hour game!


Thank you so much for playing. Haha, I totally forgot you could die in the game over screen. I am totally keeping it ;).

I agree! Should have pushed my self to make more levels and more quality of life fixes. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing.

I will come back and play. On Linux boot and there is only a windows download.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing. I totally agree. I should have put sounds in. Glad you had fun with the game.

Thank you for the feedback! Robo is a carefree robot and still loves you :).


Welcome to the community! Hope to see your first game project in Dragonruby! We love to share all that we make in the show and tell part of the discord server, so do show it off. Game development can be rough, but the show and tell is a great way to get ideas, and supporting comments through out development. Hope to see you around discord!

Sincerely, Austin Meyer (dafoom)

I have been really enjoying it. Its super weird, but also really cool. I am excited to use it.

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Hello folks. I am Austin Meyer! I am currently in my last semester of college at CSU Chico to acquire a BS in Computer Science. I hope to break into the industry of game development either at a Triple A, indie, or personal studio (i.e. my house :) ). Other than that I will probably persue intermediate jobs in other software companies.


Top 5 Games of All Time:

  1. Crusader Kings II
  2. Knights of the Old Republic
  3. Uncharted Series
  4. Civilization
  5. Dragon Age: Origins

Top 5 Board Games of All Time:

  1. Catan
  2. Twilight Imperium
  3. Coup
  4. 7 Wonders
  5. Gloomhaven

Languages I Know (Sorted by Usage):

  1. C/C++
  2. C#
  3. Python
  4. JavaScript
  5. Java
  6. Ruby (starting now)

Just wondrous. My fiery bullets rained hell upon my enemies.