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I like the ruleset its based on, the art style you did it in, and everything about this. Really nice work! 

Don't react to corona, enjoy the corona. 

hey thanks for the great feedback. I'm thinking we may revisit this in order to get the rest of the game built out the way we wanted to. The ammo types make a difference but not much. We wanted to have 20 aliens but we had to leave it at 1 because we were pressed for time. Once all this Corona mess is over I'm thinking the kids and I'll sit together and we'll see how they want to build this out again. Once again thank you so much for the great feedback.

Thanks! The kids are loving the feedback, and it's encouraging them to work some more on it to get the rest of the features in.  Will probably sit with them after the jam and do some more on it. 

That was "A LOT OF" slimes, sounds, and fun. :D 

Thank you for all that excellent input!

A lot got cut at the end but I will answer as many of your questions as I can. 

" I appreciate the ammo variety, but does it really matter? "

Yes. The body determines mitigation types. For example, fire does less damage against demon-bodies aliens, physical does less against robot-bodied aliens, etc. The original plan was to include the resistance types when an alien is rolled but we ran out of time. 

"Why are the aliens stuck in a blender?" 

That is their rocketship. It says so on the ship. 

" What does a virus have to do with the aliens?"

Nothing. The only mention of a virus is to say that due to it, you are the only human not quarantined, which is why no one else is fighting them. 

 "Why does defeating the aliens magically save the world, when there is a virus pandemic, shouldn't we be fighting the virus?"

The victory text  doesn't say you've saved the world. In both text and picture, it actually says the virus is the next threat to face. 

"Not to mention that the game tells you that you can change your ammo type AFTER battle and not DURING the battle..."

Because it was supposed to originally be 20 mobs. That got dialed back, as well. 

"As it is the aliens are just as strong as the space ship the player represents, because of this the only reason why winning is possible is due to the player having the first turn."

Attack dmg is based on both a random and damage type mitigation modifiers. The aliens actually have an advantage. 

"The blender is blurry, the aliens are very messy and squiggly and the mishmash of art styles doesn't help either."

I agree on the artwork. However, the art team is comprised of a 7-year old and a 13-year old, both new to the tools they used. 

If you want to follow the development process (which might answer more of your questions), we blogged it at the link below, with videos of each of the three days. 

Continuerò ad aspettare allora. :) 

Ho aspettato che cadesse qualcosa. Non è caduto niente.

Game complete! :) A great start for a COVID-themed tower/turret defense. The color, artstyle, and sound effects all seemed to work well together. 

I liked it. I liked the art style, the concept, and even the first two playthroughs. I just didn't get where it fit into "a lot of". As a fun game made in under 3 days, though, it's some really nice work. :) 

This is one of the best submissions I've played so far.  I rate the games based on five minutes of play, and this one delivers a polished experience and a fun 'puzzle' game within that window. 

I used to be killer at Berzerk and Robotron, but this game kicked my ass. Fun game, though. Needs a bit of difficulty level tweaking. 

 "2 days, 13 hours before the deadline"  My suggestion for next jam is that you focus on making one functional game instead of trying to submit multiple games as fast as you can.   

Controls were a bit floaty, but other than that it was a fun game to play. Good music, hits the covid mark, but I didn't get where "a lot of" fit in. That last part, though, is kinda immaterial because as a standalone game it's playable and entertaining. I liked it!

A testament to how much one can accomplish with the least amount of effort possible. 

I found that I get better results if I just stare at the screen and press nothing instead of actually try to play. 

An incredibly polished and complete game for the time frame given. It was also surprisingly fun to play. Really nice work!  

Always like the ones that take a less traveled path with the theme. Almost went with "lot" as in a plot of land, myself. I like your direction better. :) 

The Graphics were consistent and worked well. The Audio was a great complement to it. Together, it made for a really good retro feel to the game. 

The mood was a bit weird because the text sets up for a dire situation, but I found the gameplay humorous from the Relentlessly Pursuing Hellfire you run from to the Butt Rock of Doom when you fail. My suggestion would be to lighten up on the text, as the gameplay already works well as it is. 

Really nice work, and a great little game that I hope you revisit to work more on again in the future. 

Hold onto this, and polish it up for Halloween. With some adjustments, it could make for a cool holiday-themed game. Nice work!

Soooo... there's an answer for that. :) First off, my apologies for the confusion there!  In the final pass, we realized the loop was checking for a win after the alien went. This would result sometimes in winning, but then the alien getting a final potshot that gave them the win. The quick fix at zero hour was to change the loss point from 0 to -700 for the player to account for those instances. 

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I keep coming back to this game. It's like an addiction.  :)   The no-jump thing seems to happen if you are not at least halfway on the platform. 

That was a lot more fun than I expected. Nice work! 

The absolute simplicity of this in both graphics and gameplay works extremely well. It definitely meets the "a lot of" criteria, and was certainly entertaining. A perfect example of successfully doing "a lot" with very little. Nice work!

I found this relaxing and fun. I genuinely lost track of time when playing it. Very simple, very engaging. 

Went to page. Nothing there. :( 

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Neat design and was fun to play.  But it felt like this was rushed to be an early entry. 

I gave it a 4 out of 5, not because I think it's borderline AAA, but because it was on theme, took a relatively unique direction in fighting games, had a sense of humor, and was published (which also means COMPLETED) before the deadline... by a 13-year old. 

That takes a level of effort and commitment that will take this young dev to great heights in their future. 

I'm sorry, but you failed at being disappointing. I found this rather entertaining. :) 

Game Dev Jams are an excellent way to get some practice, meet new people, and see new approaches to ideas. Above all, they are some of the most fun events in game development. 

For those new to game jams, especially short ones like this (3 days), here are some tips. 

  • Assets take a lot of time - grab whatever free stuff you can
  • Consider it a demo - 5 minutes of gameplay is fine
  • Avoid feature creep. Don't waste hours coming up with 3 months of work for a 3-day project.

All three boil down to KISS - keep it simple. 

Need Art and Sound Assets?

Some 2D and 3D resources

Some sounds...

"...16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence. The Sound Effects are BBC copyright, but they may be used for personal, educational or research purposes, as detailed in the license."


Need Game Ideas?

Jonas Tyroller posted a great video on how to quickly brainstorm some ideas and refine them down to something usable. 

Hope some of this proved helpful. Also, if you have your own resources and tips, please add them! 

Cool video! Getting my son into game development and asked him to take on the role of game designer for this game jam. This video will help him (and me!) a lot. Thanks!