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So simple, yet a lot of fun. Really nice work on this!

Thank you! 


A nice game combo. Pretty impressive that you got some multiplayer (base game, not here) in such a short dev window. Nice work! 

From the voices, to the tape rewinding, to the total anachronistic tech time machine that this game is... fun and entertaining every step of the way. I think this silly game is my favorite so far. 

Dude, this game cracked me up. :) 

Reminds me of Ultima 2. Know what keys that game used? ALL OF THEM. :)  

You've got a lot in this. Very nice work. Not easy to get that many features done in such a short time span. 

I like the graphic style! Good job on the animations, too.

The gameplay difficult, the graphics really well done, the atmophere was perfect. You did a great job for your first jam. Nice work! 

I just noticed that Cone Of Negative Energy is CONE. And on a related note... congrats on releasing your first game! You did a pretty darn good job considering the time and pixel constraints. 

That was nuts. :) Liked the music, the difficulty,  and the gameplay. 

Swashbuckling mice, best mice. :)

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The musak while loading was funny. :)  The line of sight view really works well for this type of game. 

This was the most bizarre game I've played so far in the jam. :)  5/5 for the gameplay on this. Simple, fun, and a lot of levels. 

I like the character art. Good detail in such tiny sprites. 

Made in 48hrs? Nice work! :) 

This was a fascinating use of the space given. Good job!

It's a 40x40 map with a 2 tile border. You start in the bottom left corner. I believe 3,38 were the start coords.   The three notes lead the way to the big room. Yeap, the big room is where the ending location is. Designed it that way to 1) make it harder for the follow-the-wall folks to find the Throne Room, and 2) lead them to the Alchemy Lab. ;) 

Very nice work! That must've taken a good bit of time.  :) 

Interesting! Was also pretty cool to come across a 280k lowrez game in a sea of 5-180Meg lowrez games. :) 

Did you draw all of this? 

Agreed. A dodge or flee option would be good to add in the next pass at this. Thanks! 

Thanks! Seems unanimous - next time around,we get a minimap in there. :D 

Gamepad needed, so I was a bit SOL, but I was able to fly into the ceiling a lot with the LMB! :D 

I spent too much time painting a virtual world green tonight. :)

It's amazing how something as simple as a white outline can really make a character standout. Very polished look and feel to the game. Nice game!

The cracking up mounted head cracked me up. :) The world needed a new Splatterhouse with an Evil Dead theme, and you delivered!  

Whoa! Very cool! A nice take on the Tetris theme. 

That bridge... warn people before they lose by walking there. :)  

Aside from that, it was a very fun, rewarding game.  

Just realized I forgot to rate this so came back to do so. Music was great. Gameplay was kinda tough for anyone that read Old Yeller, which is why it was great, too. You added a level of emotion/attachment. And.... you created an alternate "Cujo" ending for Old Yeller. 

Anyways, you gotta shoot anything that acts unnatural, and don't fool around about it. It's too late after they've already bitten or scratched you.

My initial "Flee" was to backtrack the player randomly about 3-5 spaces and then rotate to face a random direction. I found that I was getting myself lost after fleeing. Since time was running short, I just scrapped it instead of redoing it.  


"I'm not sure I succeeded." I see a completed game. Looks like you did. :) 

Personally, I got a kick out of the fact that when the game starts, it is default to "Ultra" graphics settings. And on that note, the graphics were spot on. Large enough to tell what something is and small enough to fit a whole arena into play. That it's a two-player game is even better!

A lot of cool things about this game. Game length seemed to be spot on, not too long, not too short. You kept the game simple and entertaining. You also managed to keep graphics minimal yet add in those cool little extras like the soda splash and balloon pop when you hit things. The meter on the left is great because the player can see their progress  toward the end. It also helps during replays to gauge how close you are to a new high score based on score and distance traveled. 

Most fun I've ever had being a falling can of soda!

Very basic graphics, yet they worked great, and the color scheme gave it a very uniform/polished look. Platformers are always fun, and yours did not disappoint. I like your game! 

Clever! Your 'multiplayer' seems like an idea you can probably build an entire game around. Think about it... Prince of Persia became the massive hit it was all because of the feature of hitting the rewind button anytime, anywhere.  

I feel so bad for how I beat the heck out of that poor car. I over-steered like a ... like a whatever over-steers too much. :)  Clean, simple graphics, fun game. Nice work!

OMG how did I miss this before?!?! This is cool. :) Crazy fun, fast, and HARD (for me, at least). Adding to my collection to play again later. 

Good luck!

I used the signs as landmarks, but I agree that given more time a mini-map of sorts would have been a helpful addition. :) 

Most of the older CRPGs were like that. We would bust out the graph paper and map it ourselves. :)