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Legend of Xenia 3DView game page

Tiny first-person Zelda-like with a resolution of 64x64
Submitted by baku (@bakumoe) — 8 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#674.4144.414

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Great revision of the original Xenia! Looks, sounds and plays beautifully! :)

Great job there! :O


I wish trees and walls were a little more different, because when you're far, it gets really really hard to understand what's what. Or maybe some kind of effect to help understand distances, because everything tends to blend together.
Some dialogues are a little too long.
And as other said, once you visit the area with the locks, the game starts lagging every time there's slimes around. Also it's a little frustrating to open a door and finding another lock behind it, having a thing with three locks, clearly saying "you need 3 keys" would have felt better.

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Amazing game! the graphics are awesome for such a low rez!! Personally from view perspective only I would have prefered  a topdown view version like the previous games since this is the style I prefer but still an amazing game!

Awesome game! Hope to see a full version someday!


Super nice game. Easy introduction, cool story, what more could you ask for. 

The only thing that bothered me was the too repetitive background music.

Congrats, great entry!!

I started in on a project like this when I saw your last game, this year.
I am glad you ended up completing a 3d version. It looks really clean.


Great game! The menu was very useful.

Objects look good up close, but the graphics are incredibly noisy when looking at things far away. Maybe a fog or a smoothing effect might help.


Looks pretty cool, but it crash my mouse cursor , :(


No it doesn't.

But it does hide it whenever your cursor is on top of the game as to not interfere with the gameplay, as well as try to keep the cursor in the center of the screen (that's how first-person cameras work). Pausing the game will "unstick" the mouse, so you can move it outside the window.

Due to an oversight the intro menu also tries to keep the cursor in the center even though it is not needed at that point.


This game reminds me a lot of duke nukem or Doom style game play. The music got very repetitive. After I made it to the village, Every other area lagged very badly to where I couldn't play the game effectively.

AMAZING! Really good job!


Great entry! The one problem I have is that heavy detailed areas like yours are pretty rough on the eyes in a low resolution like this.  I'd love to try it again without the low res filter maybe. Love it either way


Brilliant game. I have to say that I generally don't think first person games work very well at this resolution as part of the fun is seeing something in the distance to explore and tends to be difficult to make out. I like how you made the sword "twinkle" to get around this. Very impressive and retains the pixel art definition. Great audio too! Works well as a demo and would love to see it further developed.


Very nicely done!  Graphics are fantastic (even more impressive that it was done in GameMaker, which if I recall is meant for 2D games?) and make great use of the 64x64 space.  The colors are wonderful.  There are some heavy framerate drops in some scenes (night and beach scenes that have a lot of slimes), which I found odd since my PC is pretty good.  Are the graphics rendered on the CPU?  The gameplay is solid and controls very well.  Music is high-fidelity, but I found it too repetitive and "poppy".  Sound effects are very nice, I especially loved the sound of chopping grass.  My biggest complaint is that the game is too short!

This is awesome! I'd love to see a full game in this fashion at some point. Well done!


Like before, an amazing submission, well done! Expect you next year too.


PS: Take a look at my submission, even tho it's nothing compared to this.

Wish I could play this, but I don't have a Windows machine (I use Linux). Still looks awesome though! :D


Excellent, but I struggle to recommend it as it is right now.

This game combines all of the best features of Legend of Xenia 1 and 2, and really shows off how far you've come since the first entry in the series. Legend of Xenia 3D really takes advantage of the new perspective. Being able to jump over ledges and sidestep around slimes gives the game a sense of freedom, and despite the tiny resolution, there was never a point where I got lost and struggled to make progress.

Though I'm a little disappointed that Xenia's back on the beach looking for the three rusty keys, there's just enough new stuff thrown in alongside subtle improvements in pacing, writing and level design that I don't mind the retread at all.

Despite all of those positives, I can't beat around the bush any longer: the haunted wood doesn't work, and that's an area of the game that's essential to finishing it. Though I appreciate the attempt to make the area more atmospheric by darkening the environment, the whole thing runs in slow motion, meaning that attacks take longer to wind up and connect, movement feels slippery and you have to push your mouse twice as far to look around.

Compare how you move and slash your sword on the beach:

to how the same thing looks on the wood level:

looks about the same, doesn't it? That's because as I went to replay the game to get the footage, I ignored the valley of locks and headed straight east and it miraculously loaded the area with no lag at all. Regardless, I highly urge you look into it.


I  found the same problem. It was a good idea to go directly east, the game is probably not unloading the previous areas.


I like it but the gameplay is  a little slow on my opinion. Other than that good job!


I didn't feel it too slow in the beginning, but when I arrived a certain area, it started lagging.


resolution could be better.



3 squares? whats that supposed to mean

Developer (1 edit)

I replied with "thinking" emojis. Since the resolution is 64x64 because this gamejam is specifically about making 64x64 games, your resolution comment seemed a little weird :P

well, its all pixelated, not very clear. but good point, i guess it would look fine on a screen the size of a gameboy or ds.


Impressive. Despite the low resolution, we can clearly see what are the objects from far away, because you know how to show the player what he has to see. The sound design is awesome too. The gameplay is neat. Too bad I couldn't finish it because the lag is really strong after a while. Congrats.

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