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Great game! The menu was very useful.

Objects look good up close, but the graphics are incredibly noisy when looking at things far away. Maybe a fog or a smoothing effect might help.

Okay, thanks. I'd tried that before, but the bottles look like they line up as 3 8 9, or 4 9 0.

I managed to get to the end (I think). The painting puzzle was well done, with a lot of different clues to bring together.

I don't know if I've missed something obvious, but I've tried different ways to represent the positions and counts of the bottles, even binary, and none of them have worked.

The animations and the blood particles are well done, and the game is a lot of fun to play! 

My one complaint is that the platforming in the final level is too finicky; if you take your time trying to complete it, the guard below will see you and follow you forever, making the level unwinnable.

I really liked the characters and the animations!

I know the main characters are turtles, but I think they need to be a bit faster for this kind of game to work. It's hard to dodge and evade when the enemies walk straight towards you faster than you can move.

I really like the graphics, especially the lighting effects from turning off one or both lights. But I'm afraid I'm stuck in the first room, I can't figure out how to find a password for the door.

Just a tip, it's possible to walk left at the start of the game and fall forever.

Otherwise, pretty neat, the boss fight was fun.

Thanks for playing! I didn't spend a lot of time working on content, so for now, this is it.

Amazing game, captured the hectic essence well, and I don't think I've seen a more thematically appropriate use of button mashing as a mechanic. The typo fixing was also interesting.

I think it would be better if "Someone is coming!" was an alert or a notification, rather than taking up the whole screen for a couple of seconds.

Great game, the AI tanks were dangerous at first, but then I got enough power ups to destroy anything in one hit.

Cool pinball game, I managed to master the elements!

Some pinball sound effects would be a great addition, and the physics of the paddles could use a bit of a tuning.

Interesting concept, but I was having a hard time bombing the critters. They kept walking through walls. I'm sure I got at least one direct hit, but the critter was unaffected.

Good base for a survival kind of game, I really liked the colour palette!

Gameplay was a little sparse, I got to 10 cans of gas but I didn't walk all the way back to the helicopter.

Good start, took me a while to work out the controls. The building menus were a little confusing, you could make them into a sidebar or something that pops up, so that you can see the map while selecting what to build.

I'm really not sure what was going on in the story, but the game was kinda funny. There were a couple of times when the character bounced super high into the sky.

Interesting game, I liked how the controls themselves were the obstacle to overcome. It certainly made me think about how often we take intuitive control schemes for granted.

I liked the smooth and intuitive gameplay, but the level design was very trial-and-error.

Great use of resolution and UI, you were able to fit a lot of information on the screen

I like the way everything paused and slid down when you pushed a block, it gave the game an old console/arcade feel.

Very atmospheric, the animation of the main character is really well done.

I was finally able to export the game, so now you can play it

The game runs on DOS in QBasic. I also used Tiled as a level editor, and Python to help generate data files.

Okay, the server is running again