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So funny, dont make wasted my time any more, i working on my actual game right now, to publish somerwhere else, some place where people respect me more than here.

YOU STARTED THE HOSTIL way, I DONT WANT TO RE INSTATE MY ACCOUNT, you NEED TO APOLLOGIZE TO ME, im an HONEST ARTIST,  you loose my respect, is you ITCHIO the one who disrespect me; PLAY ALL  MY GAMES AND CHECK RULES ONE BY ONE, I KNOW IM TRUE, be honest, you offended me out of NOTHING

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CHeck my site and look for ITCHIO LOGOS

I make a nokia game just to promove my self on a nokia 3310jam, please, check, the game is featured on NEwgrounds, it starts with a ITCHIO NOKIA 3310 JAM LOGO, only 6 users play the game here on ITCHIO; now more people play it on other site, MY SELF FOOL respectful of this site, making promotions with logo, because im a TRULY HONEST ARTIST WHO LIKE MAKING GAMES IN JAMS, but ITCHIO HATES ME

Check your Logo on KONGREGATE

Check your Logo on NEwgrounds

SO you said my games are SPAM, i always been a nice votes, alwayz friendly on posting others games, my game on a jam play and vote by 5 - 10 users, check my history, on any jam i play with my sons like 30 games,  i bring my SON TO THIS SITE , i dont feel rescpectfull for my work here

i though this was a friendly site for HONEST DEVELOPERS, i dont want to play in a place im not feel sure,  so you need proves, play my games, and not only my games here get my site and check all ITCHIO logos i put, widgeds and more,  im tattally RIGHT ON RULES FOR ALL 22 JAMS YOU BANNED ME, need proves, ask proves on those you truly belive, those who report me, those real honest game makers,

My personal SITE has an ITCHIO LOGO EVERYWHERE, so i post my games here to make my self promo, i make ITCHIO PROMO ON MY SITES 

I made more than 200 games, only 30 publish here, so you said  i submit to random jams just to promote my games, here my games are played just for 6-10 users, then i publish my game in my networks with an ITCHIO LOGO, not for 6 plays like ITCHIO gaves me, for 10000s i  promote this site on my games i made from jams on this site, i make games for jams for fun, for learning, but you called me, i recive a email on yahoo. telling me theres a CHicken jam host on the site, i said cool, i made an small game with chickens and chicken jams admns report me and ADMIN LEAFO banned me from all the jam i+ve been, since 7 years ago, two hundreds of games  i made, many way to promove my art work world wide, but you think i need to promove my game in from of 6 people by posting my weekly game jam play.

So you banned me from all jams because a jam, nice place, so you check my games and found them all out of rules, even those i been 6 years ago, or just it chio belives in any hatter, i have no found any friend in this site, now i know i been hatted from any jam i´ve been, sorry for try to be a game jammer, you got the power to let me feel BAD DEVELOPER, and jam ABUSER, come on?

What happend?, what i did wrong?, why i been banned from any jam i been, i love the idea of game jam, i been pretty happy on more than 22 jams in this site, i though it was free, for every developer, and friendly, but is not,  i spend years making games, and i will, if you dont want me here, is ok, it chio say low effort post will be removed, so my games are low effort for this site

Please admins, let me know if im not welcome here, i dont waste my time if it is, i dont want to waste yours

Hello, i dont know no one here for asking help,

i been in itchio since 7 years ago, and i been in 22 jams, but since some one banned me i´m not even in past jams, and jams on the future my work is not accepted, but Why? i thought this was a friendly place for honest game makers artists, but you need to be friend of powerful admins

SO i banned from ALL JAM i ever been, Why?

Dont cry, you banned the game, because i dont know why, you got the power, dont come here crying, its just a game, it just a friendly jam, i never try to make you cry

old game boy memories, very nice


Love it all

Cute art, well done

Very nice, love the animals

Pretty NIce, good job, love cats!

pretty nice


Good Job

Pretty Nice

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Thanks for playing and comment, yes i.m finishing the game right now, the jam is on for me, i just end the gameplay, now im putting the sounds, come back after voting time

Pretty nice! 

Are you afraid of Sacrilage? Are you afraid of God?  Are you afraid of having fun with Jesucula?

Check my new parody game this time a mix between Zelda Links Awakening and Abraham Lincoln Assassination all that with characters from previos game i made and puns

Abraham Link Coln has a nightmare a day before the play at the Ford Theater in his honour , help Link Coln to have a nice day, is the last one.

Check here in Itchio

pretty nice, good job

Muy buen trabajo, entre  mis favoritos en el Gameboy jam, desde las gráficas hasta los controles, todo bien, saludos

Find the Five Freddys at Night, use your left and right key to scroll the screen and click anywhere, many times it can be usefull, this video shows where the 5 Freddys are and the 2 other secrets per Freddy Page

check here on at:

Made in 3 day for the #GBJAM

Top 5 from GBJam, :), really like it

I really love this one, on my top 5 GBJ good entry, :)

Love the gameplay, good job

Pretty nice. love the mice :)

Looks pretty cool, but it crash my mouse cursor , :(

I love the graphics, kinda hard, nice entry, try mine if you have time


Pretty nice, love the graphic style and colours, good job

pretty nice, kongs!

Pretty nice, now i can´t feel my fingers, nice Graphics!

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Buddy is a breeder, not a good one, so he dies and go to heaven but not a place for people like buddy is, so he goes to hell for another oportuniy

check my entry for the #LOWREZJAM 2018

Game made in a week for #LOWREZJAM 2018 original size 64x64 pixels

Pretty nice, a daily play at jam, good idea, :)