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pretty nice, good job

Muy buen trabajo, entre  mis favoritos en el Gameboy jam, desde las gráficas hasta los controles, todo bien, saludos

Find the Five Freddys at Night, use your left and right key to scroll the screen and click anywhere, many times it can be usefull, this video shows where the 5 Freddys are and the 2 other secrets per Freddy Page

check here on at:

Made in 3 day for the #GBJAM

Top 5 from GBJam, :), really like it

I really love this one, on my top 5 GBJ good entry, :)

Love the gameplay, good job

Pretty nice. love the mice :)

Looks pretty cool, but it crash my mouse cursor , :(

I love the graphics, kinda hard, nice entry, try mine if you have time


Pretty nice, love the graphic style and colours, good job

pretty nice, kongs!

Pretty nice, now i can´t feel my fingers, nice Graphics!

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Buddy is a breeder, not a good one, so he dies and go to heaven but not a place for people like buddy is, so he goes to hell for another oportuniy

check my entry for the #LOWREZJAM 2018

Game made in a week for #LOWREZJAM 2018 original size 64x64 pixels

Pretty nice, a daily play at jam, good idea, :)

Nice game, me and my sons were playing this, we love the characters and graphic style, a good idea

Nice one entry, congs :)

Pretty nice one entry,  good job :)

Nice graphics, love the colours, Congs

I remember this game, you improve it very well, :)

love it, nicely done

Very good looking, love the graphics, keep on

ZOmbie game, yeah, love the graphics and the zombies

Nice idea, kind of hard, it makes me keep playing

This is so cute, well done, all stars !

i get hungry after that, nicely done

Love the idea, and the style of this, very cool aesthetic, bravo

Amazing, love the animations and graphics

Cool game, i played it on Newgrounds too

I like this kind of game, 64x64 cool version, well done

Nicely done, love it,

All stars

Pretty fun, :

Pretty Nice, love the graphics and the colours, well done

pretty nice, well done, love the voices, sounds and graphics, :)

Very nice, good job

Pretty cool monsters, nice graphics

Love the graphics, but i don´t know what should i do?

Like it! well done, pretty simple, pretty good

Pretty funny, love the items, where is the rabbit foot?, ja ja, nice idea

Very nice, love the colors and artwork, good job