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Submitted by britzl — 1 hour, 11 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#344.6674.667

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Love the aesthetic and mood of this game. I wouldn't say it was hard, but sometimes a little unclear, like the sword is really small so I was waiting longer than I should for enemies to come to me, lol. There was a few glitches, jumping up against the edge of a ledge gets you stuck, slime falling on your head gets you stuck in the ground below, odd stuff. Nothing game-breaking, I was able to find a way out, yay! Otherwise very nice, rounded game, enjoyable!


Charming little platformer. The player is a very engaging little fellow, and he moves fast and jumps high, both of which are good and contribute to a very flowing feel. He's pretty vulnerable, though; I died all the time, through accidentally walking into enemies. And although I really liked the hole falling animation and look of surprise the first time around, it's much less cute on repetition after I've died a bunch of times and have to wait through it. Also, having space for jump and X for attack is really rather awkward to control; the up arrow for jump would be considerably easier. There's a nice vibe about this generally, though; with some polish, this could be a fun little dungeon explorer game.


Great graphics. Love the woosh sound. The music is a little too quiet in the mix. Jump is a little too high or maybe you should consider having the camera perform platform snapping ( Overall, great game!

Submitted (1 edit)

Love the graphics in this game! The player character looks so cool I kept playing after dieing  a thousand times just because I like taking that little dude on an adventure. I wish there was an option for the up arrow to make you jump. That way I could control the navigation of the character with one hand and combat with the other. The jump felt too high. When jumping lava pits you lose sight of where you are trying to land. Great entry. Had a lot of fun playing it! 


I love the graphics, kinda hard, nice entry, try mine if you have time



hey i really great game! i found the jump weird and there is some bugs(when a slime come wall on you, you are stuck in the ground) but i had a great time!


Really good and well executed - I'm a sucker for a dungeonbash style platformer though! Things I would like to see improved - there was a bit of "jitter" to the sprite when moving. Not sure if much can be done about that at this res but maybe turning off the camera lerp. Also, with such a high jump it was difficult to see what you were coming down onto. Maybe a double jump mechanic would help rather than the single massive jump? Great game, really enjoyed it!


Seriously good and well polished 2D platformer :) Good job!


A couple I wasn't much of a fan of 2D platformers, but then I started playing classics and the most recent indies and got a taste for the genre. Your game is very much inside the genre and is also of my taste. My entry game has a bug to which I call "Super Jump", but I see that in your game is actually a feature. I have to state that I felt a bit of lag in certain areas, but it's nothing that makes the game unplayable. Well Done. Speaking of "Super Jump". If you have the time, please try out my entry (don't forget to rate it : ) )


Submitted (1 edit)

I think you need a restart button after the Game Over.

About the attack, the hitbox is fine, but the sword is very small. So you should make the sword sprite a little bigger. 

The jump physic is a little weird too. The jump force is a little brutal, you should try to smooth the curve.

Still it's rather enjoyable to play. Nice art and music too. (apparently you use license free asset, but still nice!)


You really need to whack a screenshot and poster on this game, looks and plays well, but easy to miss in all the entries :)


Thanks. Good point. Added!