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Mix between snake and a miner game
Submitted by renato_grottesi — 2 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#454.6004.600

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There are a few little "bugs" (like falling on a "fruit" will not eat it, even it it's in the same spot as your head), and the difficulty curve is a little weird (I feel like the hardest level is in the middle, then you get the one when you need to eat all the red stuff at the bottom which is pretty simple), but this is a very good spin on snakebird, and the digging mechanic added some fun puzzles!


Love it!! Great little wormy puzzle game. 

It needs sound effects, crawling and eating noises etc. 
Try LarbChirp, I use it mostly to generate sound effects for jam games.


Thanks for suggesting larbchirp! I usually use bfxr, but with a 1 year old son, this time I didn't manage to find 30 spare minutes to generate some sounds in 14 days... :-p


Gameplay is interesting, even if digging is a bit tricky it's cool to play ! 👍


Wasn't always clear when digging that you'd get buried, but was fun!


I liked the core mechanic, it remembers me of Snakebird. Having to dig is interesting, but sometimes it feels unfair when a column goes down. A couple of graphical improvements could help to make the game clearer, and background music along with sound effects can set a proper atmosphere. I see this as a good starting point for a puzzle's game (which is one of my favorite genres). When the game is at full screen, the texts look blurred.

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You already played our game: Blind Bird, so we can't do anything but thank you. 」( ̄▽ ̄」)


Named for a velvet worm. This is rather like Snakebird, but with mining. I like the idea. It’s hard to properly understand why one gets buried, though; this is a problem which would, I think, be solveable with better graphics. I think the rule is this: if you’ve dug a hole so that a contiguous block of mud above you is completely separated from a block below you, then that block falls and crushes you. But it’s hard to tell because there’s no animation; digging the final piece of that hole immediately transitions to you being dead. If I could see the block above me fall, then it would be much clearer what was going on, which I think would help a lot. This prototype does suggest that there’s an interesting game here, though, and I’d like to see more of it once it’s completed with animation, maybe some improved graphics, and sound!


I named it after a worm because it was a snake-like with digging :) Just like snakebird is snake-like game where birds are involved...

As you and more people noted, the game misses the animations of 1 pixel resolution (the game has only 4x4 blocks) to show when the soil collapse and when the worm falls, but I really had not time to implement them with a small son to take care of :-p

More things I would like to add are sound (of course), falling bonuses to create more complex puzzles and a better font.

The current rules are: first the worm move, then the soil collapse, then the worm falls (all in an instant)

And the soil collapsing rule is that soil that is connected to rocks (the white ones) by a 4 connectivity won't fall.

Thanks for the review! :)


Nice game. I found some difficulties to predict if the ground or the character would have fallen in some levels, but fun anyway. Some animations or sound effects could help ;)


Nice concept! It's nice to see classics like Snake still in influencing games in 2018. Well done.

PS: If you have the time take a look at my entry,



Well done !

The idea is good, with some polish (sounds and better graphics) it could really be a great game.