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The idea is really cool. The only bullet type that I didn't like was the spinning one: it's slow and doesn't explode on command like the other ones. You can see the bullet type only after firing it and that encourages a faster gameplay. But if it happens that you fired a spinning bullet in the wrong direction, your only option is to retreat until the bullets hits a wall.

A very short puzzle game. Godot really helped me to make something 3D.

I have some levels in mind already, and a few ideas to expand the gameplay and the story ;)

A simple idea, but executed very well! The sound effect and the acceleration of the dial are perfect, and the screen getting darker to show how much time remains works better than any timer would have.

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It doesn't work on linux :(  It returns "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

Edit: Ok, I made it work thanks to this ;)

Actual review: Nice game. The graphics and sounds set the mood really well. The enemies are easily exploitable, but it's fun to fight against them.

Great game. I really like how you used the intro to explain quickly how the game works. The top bar is nice but the grey borders aren't (I think this counts for the Authenticity rating?).

Nice game. I found some difficulties to predict if the ground or the character would have fallen in some levels, but fun anyway. Some animations or sound effects could help ;)

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I found out the web version is broken after I submitted the game, but the executables should be working. If they're not, let me know ;)