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Arcade Badgers

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That is a good point! I forget that Apple tends to deprecate and remove things over time, whereas the 32bit Windows and Linux builds will still work.

The Mac OS X build is for 32bit Intel.. I've now specifically marked it as such to avoid confusion, since you are correct in that it no longer works on modern macOS systems.

Grim is almost ten years old now! I can't promise I'll be able to update it to work on newer systems any time soon, but I will have a look into it when I find some time.


There shouldn't be any need for a Win64 specific build, the current Windows version will work fine.

I was not aware that free games could not be claimed! Seems that, currently, the best way to do it is to put it in a 100% sale, so I've done that.

Thanks for your support, and hope that helps!

I did not expect a bullet hell shooter to get compacted down to 64x64... very well done.

I bought a Japanese 360 exclusively to play Cave shooters, so this was absolutely my cup of tea!

I love me some rogue-likes, and this is nicely simplified to match the low resolution

And perfect mobile fodder for a quick bash while waiting on something else!

The irony of a low rez jam where the viewport is too small!

As others mentioned, it took a few attempts to figure out how the controls worked, but a neat concept and worked well afterwards

This would work well as a mobile game - swiping left and right for the correct fruit.

As others have mentioned, it's not entirely resolution accurate, but hopefully it's been a good experience nonetheless!

Not overly sure what was going on... wandered around for a while, then had a happy zombie chase me.. who I assume fed off me, had their fill, and wandered away never to be seen again.. good bye, happy zombie!

Couldn't always tell there was a naughty worm behind the carrot, nibbling away, but otherwise a nice little one-button arcade game! Would be perfect on mobiles!

An RTS at such a low resolution is very impressive.

It does hurt a bit from a lack of tutorial to learn what the icons actually are, but once figured out and the relationship between them, it works well.

Had a little bit of difficulty figuring out what to do, until I remembered about advancing time with control, but got there in the end and had a little garden of my own!

We were trying to ape the old 8-bit and 16-bit golf games which used a power meter for the swing, but ended up with stretching and tweaking the one button mechanic for everything... I do like how silly the casting came out of it, though!

Thanks for Playing!

Reading the instructions help, as I didn't realise you could dash, so got past the first bit by careful wall-jumping across the spikes.. certainly fun that you can abuse the wall-jump in such a way and fling yourself quite a distance!

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Doing any kind of text-based story games in such a low resolution is always a challenge, but this one worked well, and the whole art style certainly helped provide the bleak atmosphere.

Good job!

( Browser went funny and submitted this twice.. I deleted the other one, should you have gotten multiple notifications! )

Managed to fill up all the space, and make more money than I was spending ( if only that was always the case! )

Only gripe was that I had to keep pressing the left/right arrows to move, rather than hold them.. though I was silly and decided to see how large the play area was to begin with!

But isn't that how you actually cast ? ;)

The bits on the map show where the items actually are.. originally, I was going to have them represented in the main area as well, but couldn't quite figure out a way to do it without completely muddying the screen.

It's also meant to be a badger.. think I may have modified it a bit too much from the original design this time!

Thanks for Playing!

In hindsight, I wish I added a bit more in-game help as the indicators are a bit obscure.. but I guess that's the challenge with a limited resolution!

Thanks for playing!

A fun little clicker game.. though I did find the randomness of the movement a bit rage inducing... "left a bit, left a bit, there cli-agh it's just went the other waaaay"

Will have to go sit and watch the Xenojar to calm down a bit...

Very polished game. I even loved the little splash animation at the start.

A little biome to much about with is certainly my cup of tea, and I could see myself spending ages tweaking things to see what appears. I echo the same hiccups with others in that Chrome doesn't like to lock the mouse wheel to the game, and scrolls the page, which is a nuisance, and being able to click through on the tutorial would help.

But yes, reminded me of Creatures and Little Computer People in a way!

Very well polished and certainly one of the more readable 3D games in 64x64 I've seen. Felt very much akin to Stun Runner, Sky Roads, and can definitely feel the echo from the other comment of No Second Prize and Vroom when using the mouse to control.

Slightly disturbed by the fact my spinning cube appears to bleed when the game is over, though!

This would feel perfectly at home as a mobile game, and I had strong Nebulus vibes from the way the tree turned!

Nice little golf game! I actually thought the slopes could have done with a bit more of a colour change to make them obvious, as the first time I encountered them, I didn't realise they were there, and whacked the ball way off course... though once I knew what to look for, I didn't do that again!

Lovely little game, if a little short!

Really enjoyed the first set of levels.
Muddled through the second set.
Rage quit the third set...

The random skull movement spoils it a bit, I think.. if they had defined paths, or even just bobbed about in a circle, it'd feel a lot more fair, and still be quite challenging.

I definitely loved it during the first set though - they felt perfectly balanced.

I found the pink text on the car scenes to be particularly difficult to read, but otherwise it worked well, considering it's a text-heavy game in 64x64!

I've been spoiled by DanganRonpa and The Nonary Games though.. was waiting for a psychotic teddy bear or the elaborate murders!

The lighting effects were really nice, but the enemies seemed a little bit bullet spongey at times!

It was still strangely satisfying to set things on fire, though.

The map generates one location for each of the 16 items, and between 5 and 20 other things randomly, so you can definitely catch em all... I perhaps should've just left it scattering  the 16, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

As for pulling it in with Pixel Beard.. I'd need to rewrite one of them! Pixel Beard was GMS2, this is my own C engine exported to JavaScript via Emscripten ( because I clearly thought 64x64 wasn't enough of a challenge... )

Sound is clearly my weak point, so will have to concentrate on that Next Time(tm)

Thanks for playing!

Yup, just like real fishing! ;)

When the arrow is green, it's just a case of reeling it in, and watching that the line doesn't snap ( turn red. )

Thanks for playing!

That was fun.. I hadn't read the comments on the delay, so didn't actually notice it myself until realising I was automatically compensating for it!

The screen shake almost made it feel quite pinbally to me as well, which I thought was cool.

The text was a bit hard to read, but I certainly liked the monster tamagotchi styled thing here!

That was surpisingly chaotic.. I almost didnt have a clue what was going on until the ball accidentally came down!

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I sat for a while trying to figure this one out, and there's quite a bit to this.

I did have to scroll up and down a fair bit to figure out what did what, but then at 64x64 there's not a huge amount of space to try and explain within the game itself!

My main annoyance was I think that the cursors should rotate the robot first, and then move in that direction if it's facing it. I kept having to backtrack a bit as I pressed left to "turn left" and ended up "turning left and moving one left"

I managed to get some factories working but I didn't manage to get the door open.. think I'll come back to it later and have another go when I've a bit more time to sit and think!

Oh that one hit kill is infuriating.. flashbacks of Rick Dangerous where  you had to memorise the level to not get hit on each run!

Nice little game though, even with the resolution hiccup.

That's a nice little tactics game, well done!

That was a lovely little game!

Did take me a while to realise they weren't actually going to come onto the ice and to pelt them at the sides, but got through a dozen levels once I figured it out.

Reminded me a lot of Alien Breed and it's many clones, and really enjoyed it.

I couldn't find myself on the maps when I activated them, good to know I wasn't the only one judging from the comments and I wasn't going mad!

Wasn't always clear when digging that you'd get buried, but was fun!

That plays really well, and I'm surprised how smooth that camera feels at 64x64.

Well done!

My heart sank when I saw this pop up! Thankfully it seems we both went in different paths; this one being more simulation-like, with mine being somewhat arcadey, so there's room for both of them!

I did enjoy this, and the different take on the sword-fighting mini-game was nice as well. The graphics are absolutely lovely too.

So I played it thinking it was quite constrained at 64x64.

Then I read the comments and realised you could scroll the map, tried again, and had a better time with it. Though to be fair, I'm not sure how you could show that the map can be scrolled within the confines of the game without explicitly pointing it out in a tutorial pop-up or something.

Either way, enjoyed the game!