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Arcade Badgers

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ooo thank you very much :)

You probably wanted to keep those shields and swords to take back up to sell, but I appreciate you only have a couple of minutes to give to each game! Food for thought in my future games to make sure the first few minutes are more YouTube friendly.

Once I figured out it was the left and right mouse buttons to click ( stupidly, I was clicking the left and right sides of the play area... ) I got on a bit better from 2 to 114 ;)

Perhaps worth it alone for the fact the entry page has the button labelled "Visit Poop Country"

But yes, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on, yet I still sat and watched them bumble about for a good five or ten minutes....

Perhaps more of a runner ala Canabalt, than a clicker/incremental game.. but a nice little one nonetheless.

Made it to the end too!

The giant rats are easy, to try get you used to things and powered up a bit... the flowers and flame blob things on level 3 down will hurt you if you haven't picked up anything by then. Looks like I messed up the experience and you gain per hit, rather than per kill.. oh well.

On the plus side, you can abuse the browser's zoom functionality. Click down the three dot things in Chrome and adjust zoom there, or the "burger" menu in Firefox. I was primarily developing it on a laptop with a teeny screen, so even at it's current size, it takes up half the space. That'll likely be the first major thing to fix post-jam.

(Damn, I'm a wordy sod, aren't I?)

Yes, I was going to double the size of everything but forgot.. the layout was effectively a test layout ( as the right hand side was originally going to have up to six enemies, each with their own attack and defence items.. ) that with me only starting this Thursday lunchtime, ended up being the only one! So the floor number is stuck in an odd place, as well as the up/down/exit buttons.. and everything's a list, so when you add/remove things from slots, everything shuffles along... room to improve, for sure.

I somehow want to see a kitchen timer that goes off when the food is done so you can leave it idling in another tab.. then if you're not quick enough, the food burns! Especially since those fried mushroom things take so long..

Looks like I had hungry sailors, as I had trouble keeping my fish stock up, then they must've turned on themselves!

Reached light speed!

One oddity I noticed was clicking outside the game seemed to hang it, and I had to refresh the page. This started from the beginning, but with my stats saved..though it was somewhat satisfying seeing the starting races go past so quickly, after battering the mouse button to get past them originally.

Nice and simple :)

Nice and relaxing and gave my finger a bit of a rest playing duck hunt with the birds for a bit, before launching birdygeddon with the final upgrade :)

That's some evil level design there ( that falling one.. ouch ) but yes, reminds me of a low res super meat boy and good fun!

That's quite an amazing little game there! Easily a close to a full game with some minor gripes ( I too didn't quite catch the hold Z and press, and got a bit annoyed when I was pressing a direction then Z instead ) but other than that, wow.

That was utterly chaotic, and in a good way!

... you know, I never thought of that.. adding a little crosshair or something for the direction... while I did try and make the diver's head indicate where you were going, it's not overly obvious.

Thank you :)

In regards to the controls, I think perhaps if I actually rotated the character with where you were heading, it'd make a bit more sense and people would've figured it out better... but I couldn't get that to look good within the limitations ( of both the resolution and my art skills! )

Nice little beginning to a Zelda/Isaac-like dungeon crawler :)

That 4th level is quite evil.. 1-3 aren't too bad and then you hit that.

Agree that the camera's bit zoom happy as well, but yea it's nice :)

Nice little reaction game that would certainly work well on mobile!

Fast, brutal and very pretty.. hope you get more eyes on this as this is quite the hidden little gem!

Clever puzzle game.

Took me a while to stop just randomly placing them about and understand the cues properly, but that's the point!

That perspective change is very clever and adds a fair bit of visual oomph, as it were.

I quite enjoyed that.. ramming into asteroids instead of shooting them for a change, and they're not your slow drifty fellas either.

Lovely boulderdash clone :)

Ignoring the slightly ominous overtones, it's quite a competent little maze runner, and those police and sure trick you - "oh they're just running in circles" - and then the home in and chase you.

Drove for quite a while and was starting to expect the road to get all twisty and nightmarish - especially with the trees seeming to loom over more and more... but nope, I didn't drive forever, only 74km apparently, before I started ramming into the backs of things on purpose.

Good atmosphere though!

"ooo a Thrust-clone", says I.

"I'll just get close to this rock to activate the tractor beam", thought I

"CHUNKY BITS!" my ship responded as the rock careened into me.

Lesson learned, read the description better ;)

Very nice take on it, and hope you go further with this!

That's a nice maze generator there, and I agree with the others that some extras would help round it out a bit.

I also have a slight issue with that scrolling as it's based on a timer rather than player interaction, so it felt a bit off as I wasn't particularly sure if I was about to run into one of the red guys or not at times... still, maze games are always fun to see what twisted mess comes up!

That is very pretty and I did the exact same thing as Gawain in ignoring the manual, plowing straight into a wall on my first go before actually having a look at it.

Got a bit disorientated half way through the first one and smacked into the floor, or ceiling, or probably just the side.. wasn't sure which way was up at that point!

Loved the art! And the fist waving drivers when you accidentally hit them!

Simple little shooter game... I did get bored after reaching 2000 so perhaps they should speed up a bit more as time goes on.. and some nice chunky explosions wouldn't go amiss! Good start though - certainly a nice bite-size mini game :)

Nice relaxy little fishing sim and agree that some sounds or ambient music would've definitely sold it.

That third level is evil! Ironically, I thought the movement was a bit slippy as I kept misjudging and falling down on the third level... then when I did get to the top, I got eaten.. typical!

That was rather nice.. sort of like an interactive screen saver.

Yea, I struggled with what to do with the controls, to be fair... having it just 8-way directional seemed far too easy, and while the tappy-rotational ones I implemented is a bit weird, it does feel better after playing for a bit.. certainly makes you a bit more careful than just ramming into something as it can (quite rightly, I suppose) cause a problem to turn around!

I like the fact that they shrink when they lose hit points as it can almost give you an edge to get revenge as you're harder to hit yourself!

I quite liked the two sets of controls.. granted it was meant to be multiplayer but I found it quite strategic to move the platforms with W and D into a better position. Could be something there! Could do with some speed up though!

Probably spent more time showing off and rolling and shooting than anything else, but certainly enjoyed this!

Windows Download version is still available, at the bottom of the page.

@misato - yea I was aiming for a Gameboy-like aesthetic as I thought that would fit the low resolution well, and also force me not to make things overly complicated for my low art skill! I did break it slightly with the bubble particles, which do alpha, as without the alpha they looked quite bobbins...